Illa De L'aire

Imposing lighthouse positioned on the highest señalar of the Illa de l’Aire, un small uninhabited island in ns far south-east of Menorca.

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The lighthouse

This imposing lighthouse is situated on ns highest punto of Illa ese l’Aire, un small uninhabited isla (34 ha) lying just over a nautical milla offshore desde Punta Prima in the far south-east that Menorca. This is ns tallest lighthouse in Menorca, y its 38-m-high tower is painted with black y white bands. It stands cincuenta y tres m above ser level y its lamp, which can be seen 18 nautical miles away, flashes every five seconds.



Built between 1857 and 1860, this was the tallest lighthouse in los Balearic archipelago until los Moscarter lighthouse was constructed on Ibiza in 1977. Even so, it is still los tallest lighthouse made representar stone y inside there is uno spiral staircase with 165 steps. In 1911 its original oil-fired desk lamp was replaced by ns kerosene lamp, i m sorry was in turn replaced in 1974 by an automatic gas lamp. This intended that from 1976 onwards over there was alguno need for uno live-in lighthouse-keeper. In 1995, the luz was adjusted again, this time for un system making use of photovoltaic energy.

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Illa del l’Aire surroundings

L’Illa de l’Aire is a coastal isla with uno fascinating biodiversity. Six of los seabirds the breed in the Balearic islands perform so here, when in feather this isla is provided as ns stop-over apuntar a for numerous migrant birds heading phia băc from africa to their breeding quarters in continente Europe. It also holds the densest populace on Menorca of the Balearic lizard, which on this island is characteristically black. Los island’s vegetation is low y consists mostly of salt- y wind-resistant plants, back there room also ns few bushes of Mediterranean buckthorn y planted tamarisks. The island is private y is not defended in any kind of way.

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How to acquire there

The only way to gain to the isla is by boat. Desde the island’s minute quay, a path leads to los lighthouse.