Iglesia ese San Luis del Los franceses (Church of st Louis of France)

One of ns finest instances of Baroque design in Seville, smo Luis de los francés (known just as san Luis) is an extravagantly decorated circular church in los Macarena district.

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Located in the calle of los same name, ns church the San nombre de niño was perfect in mil setecientos treinta and is committed to rey Louis IX that France, cousin of rey Fernando III of Castile y Leon (aka san Fernando that Seville – his frosting is in Plaza Nueva). It newly underwent substantial 10-year renovation, reopening to the public in 2016; los private chapel y crypt can also be visited.

Part of ns Jesuit novitiate (complex of buildings where novice monks live y study) that also included uno residence and school, los church has a baroque façade the brick y stone, decorated con carving like uno retablo (altarpiece), and also featuring solomonic (twisted) columns, dos towers y a dome. Originally ns plaza was going come be built in front of los church, so that ns façade could be appreciated rápido like Plaza del Salvador - but this never ever materialised.

Inside, los deconsecrated church is a Greek cross form with ns cupola and dieciséis solomonic columns (so that successfully it feel circular). Your attention is automatically grabbed by 4 extravagantly carved and heavily gilted retablos, inset with paintings – rey Louis IX’s image is topped by a huge crown. Ns effect is 360-degree dramatic y theatrical - typical Sevillano baroque.

The Sevillano architect Leonardo del Figueroa, that designed smo Luis, was likewise responsible for such renowned structures in the city as Palacio san Telmo, Hospital de la Caridad and Hospital ese los Venerables, as well as the façade of ns Salvador church, while ns retablos are by Pedro duque Cornejo, of los Roldan sculptor family.

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San nombre de niño was constructed on floor donated through Luisa ese Medina, on problem that she would certainly be hidden in ns chapel, y that ns church would be specialized to she patron saint, san Luis.

After ns Jesuits were lastly expelled representar Spain in 1835, San nombre de niño was offered as ns seminary, convent, hospital for venerated priests, factory, hospice, and venue because that theatrical performances. Then ns church was closed because that decades, only reopening delaware a major refurbishment in 2016.

Cupola (dome)

Don’t miss los beautiful ceiling murals in the centrar cupola (dome), which lug messages aimed in ~ educating ns trainee Jesuit monks, y also defending los religious order against criticisms. In addition los Jesuits were seeking to build a relationship with the Spanish monarchy – unsuccessfully, together they to be expelled representar Spain soon delaware the church to be completed in 1731, y then definitively in 1835.

Use the cleverly-angled mirror to look at at los dome’s decoration -papposo infinitely more comfortable than craning your neck come look upwards. You deserve to see castillo Ignatius Loyola, founder of ns Jesuits, y in the theme of continuity of worship, the old is stood for by ns Jewish Ark of los Covenant y seven-branched candlestick, and the nuevo by los angels.

You can also visit los private chapel, decorated with macabre reliquaries (saints’ bones) in glass boxes; Velazquez’s Adoration of the Magi was painted for this), too as the crypt.

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San luis 37, tel 954 550 207

Opening hours

10-14h, 16-20h Tuesday to Sunday. July y August 10-14h y 18-22h