Seville is the ciudad where you can make thousands of plans, therefore you will not gain bored, since it has ns special color. Girlfriend will enjoy its art y its infinity that history y the varied monuments that compose it, because it has uno very characterized personality. 

In Seville you have the right to make assorted plans such as a free tour, visit the de verdad Alcazar, that is Cathedral, ns relaxed andar through ns Triana community or climb los famous Girarla. Friend can also enjoy its impressive Plaza de España or stroll along los Guadalquivir until you reach ns Torre del Oro. However that’s not all, you deserve to visit un marvel of baroque design of ns eighteenth century, los Church of smo Luis después los Franceses. 

This church is an original jewel of the Andalusian Baroque, i m sorry is developed by the Church of san Luis, ns Domestic Chapel y the Crypt. Come visit this church you have to accessibility the street of san Luis, i m sorry is located in los famous Macarena neighborhood.

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2 parts of ns Church

History of the Church of san Luis de los Franceses

The church that San luis was part of the Novitiate the was constructed on the traditional website of ns Palace of los Medinaceli family.

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Today, it is decorated con saints and devotions the this order. 

This holy place was draft by the architect Leonardo ese Figueroa. This temple was called san Luis después los Frances y was named delaware the French King, cousin of san Fernando. This surname was given due to the fact that of los conditions of the family that donated the land. 

In 1767 the Jesuits were expelled so that ns confiscation of ns nineteenth siglo did that the worship of los Church was preserved.

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Los novitiate structure has had several uses gastos generales the years, the was ns Franciscan convent, asylum for priests, it was also a hospital and, in addition, until los sixties of the twentieth century it to be the central hospice.


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