How To Get To Montserrat From Barcelona

When me gustaría was planning for my expedition to Barcelona, Spain i learned about one of los best día trips desde Barcelona.

After seeing a lot of barcelona andGaudi in one day, i wanted to escape the city and travel from barna to Montserrat Mountains. I researched plenty of practicalities prior to we set out to this small hamlet in the mountains.

Nevertheless: points didn’t go together planned. In order for you to learn desde my errors, I’m sharing with you my 9 mistakes come avoid once you travel from barcelona to montserrat by train.

Check fuera my web historia about my access time to montserrat from barcelona here.

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Hiking in montserrat Mountains

Frequently asked questions for your day trip to Montserrat desde Barcelona

In short, here are part questions, and answers, to los most commonly asked questions about this great day trip by train to Montserrat desde Barcelona.

Do identificación need come buy a ticket for los train to montserrat in advance?

No, friend don’t have to, due to the fact that there room ticket equipments at the train station. But identificación do recommend you to buy her train ticket in development online. This way, girlfriend won’t miss ns train wait in hilera at ns ticket machine.

You deserve to purchase your tickets via the official barna Tourism Office:

Do me gustaría take ns Cable car or ns Rack Railway to Montserrat?

This is entirely up come you. Los Cable car is cool, the ride is quick, but only un few world can go at los same hora so friend might fin up wait in los queue, depending on how busy it is.

I loved the rack railway as it meanders through the mountains to montserrat Monastery on un historic railway route. You obtain spectacular views and usually, there is sufficient room come have uno seat.

The price is los same, but remember, if you acquisition your tickets, you must go up y down los mountain via the same mode of transportation. There is cuales combination ticket. When you choose the cable car, the is your mode of transport both up and down. The same uses to the rack railway.

What if identificación really want to try both ns rack railway y the cable car?

It is possible but that will price you adicional money. On your Trans montetat ticket or TOT-Montserrat ticket, the regreso journey up los mountain is included. If you desire to go up via cable car and down vía rack railway, friend can constantly purchase one soltero journey and experience both!

Can me gustaría stay overnight in Montserrat?

Yes, friend can! If you miss the last train abajo or just want to experience montserrat when the crowds are gone, then remain overnight in Montserrat.

There is los Abas Cisneros Hotel that provides twin rooms y single rooms in Monsterrat. Inspect for your rates y availability here.

For families, it might be more suited come check out the Abat Marcet Apartments. Castle offer fully fitted one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. They room usually fully booked, therefore make her reservation in advancement via this link.

Another option would be los Alberg Abat Oliba. They offer hotel rooms con private bathrooms. They have actually twins, quadruples with bunk beds, y family rooms (with twin beds y bunk beds) that deserve to sleep increase to seis people at los same time. Examine for los rates and options here.

Other options for continuing to be overnight in the area room in Monistrol, for this reason you’d have to take ns rack railway abajo to ns village.

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When is ns best hora to go to Montserrat?

You have the right to visit montserrat year-round. Obviously, it have the right to get colder in the mountains (the monastery is at 1,236 meters above está dentro level (4,055 ft)). However you have the right to still visit montetat on a day trip from barna in winter.

Montserrat Monastery is extremely important con Catalan people y it deserve to get really crowded top top weekends and public holidays. Check ns calendar for Catalan y local holidays here.

If you great to see los boy’s choir rehearse, inspect their schedule to make certain they practice on the day of your visit. Usually, castle have hora off in los month the July.

How largo does ns journey to montserrat take representar Barcelona?

It takes about 1.5 hours to go from Plaça d’Espanya in barna to montserrat Monastery, relying on how busy los cable automóvil is. Usually, los rack railway takes 1.5 hours. Trains run roughly every hour but schedules might vary escape on the time of year y special holidays. Check ns schedule prior to you go.

How much time do me gustaría need come visit Montserrat?

I’d say together much hora as you deserve to spare. Walk as early on as possible y take your hora to yes, really soak up ns atmosphere that Montserrat and enjoy gift outdoors. Calculation at least cuatro to 5 hours in Montserrat. When you add up the 1.5-hour journey to arrive y return to Barcelona, you’d require a completamente day.

If friend don’t have actually that much time, friend can also consider ns quick half-day expedition by bus, either in los morning or afternoon. Or take uno combination tourism with ns works of Gaudi y a visit come Montserrat.

If i don’t like hiking, will identificación still gain Montserrat?

In my opinion, yes! You can stroll around, visit los Monastery that Montserrat. Attend the boy’s choir rehearsals or discover the museo with los famous functions of Picasso y Caravaggio.

You have the right to take ns funicular up los mountain y take uno picnic there, and then regreso with the same funicular down without climbing or hiking.

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