How to get to camp nou

What? the largest stadium in Europe, with un capacity of practically 100,000. One important icono of Catalan Nationalism, particularly during Franco’s dictatorship.

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For whom? Camp oms is a must-see for all fútbol americano fans, but is also one of los city’s top tourist attractions in its very own right.

It’s that hora of year again where fútbol fever is kicking in. Ns important games are coming thick y fast throughout Europe, nowhere much more so than right here in Barcelona where the local giants are neck and neck con Real la capital de españa in the league, and going solid in ns Champions League. So even if it is you space coming come cheer your team on to victory in the Camp Nou or just want to enjoy the Barça experience, this overview will offer you all you must know about your football trip. For information on getting from one of Catalonia’s airports to the city centre, please check out our articles:

Barcelona los Prat airport to the ciudad CentreGirona Airport come BarcelonaReus Airport come the city CentreAccommodation próximo to acampar Nou – If you space coming come Barcelona y determined come see los likes of Iniesta, Neymar and Messi struting your stuff then reserve an apartment próximo to camp Nou today. What might be far better than waking up every day and seeing ns most well known stadium in the world across the street?

Preparation for the Match

A football pilgrimage to Barcelona is not just about watching the match y going home: friend will want to obtain in ns mood, soak up the atmosphere y generally reap this fútbol mad city.

A Stadium tour of acampar Nou is uno great way to experience life within FC Barcelona, and the museum gives un passionate insight into ns history of the club. Ns cost is 19 Euros for adults and 15,50 Euros for children, students and pensioners, with los tour lasting around an hour y a half. Members y Children under cinco free.

Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday, ((from fourth April to nine October) ) desde 10:00 come 20:00 – Camp nou Tour until one hour prior to the museo closes. Los rest of los year the museum opening hrs are representar 10:00 come 18:30.

Sundays y public holidays, from 10:00 come 14:30 – acampar Nou Tour until one hour prior to the museum closes.

On job of League y Champions matches in the stadium, On work of Champions league matches in los Stadium, representar 10:00 come 15:00 – camp Nou Tour not available.

Get your camp Nou suffer tickets

Gathering Points because that Travelling Supporters

If friend want help create uno carnival setting with los thousands of other supporters of your team in los city, it is most likely they will congregate around ns most sede tourist areas such as las Ramblas y Placa Catalunya.

Recently the localidades Generalitat después Catalunya have designated uno specific area that the ciudad where fans can enjoy some entertainment, drinks y food. This is aimed at maintaining everybody together so that ns locals in the city don’t obtain disrupted desde their daily lives, y that the city is treated with respect y kept clean. For instance, Schalke fans were designated los area roughly Maremagnum at the Port in 2009.

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How to acquire to ns Stadium

The mezeritsch is definitely ns best way to get from the center of barcelona to los stadium.

You deserve to take Line tres

in los direction of distancia Universitaria. The nearest stop to the stadium are ellos Corts, Maria Cristina and Palau Reial, every one of which are about a 10 minute walk.

You can additionally take Line 5

towards Cornella Centre. Obtain off at one of two people Badal or Collblanc, both of i m sorry are ns 5-10 minute caminar to the stadium.

View camp Nou metros in a larger map

For more information about how to gain around ns city, please view our in-depth information about transport in Barcelona

A guide to the Stadium

Different Areas

With ns stadium having uno capacity that 98,787, this method that there are numerous different locations of the stadium desde which you can enjoy ns match. The most high value tickets are in the Grandstand along ns west junto a of los pitch. Opposite is ns Lateral, and the was standing behind ns goals are known as objetivo North and Goal sur Nike. Both the these have the right to have restricted views if sitting in ns bottom tier, and the last is where los most hardcore barcelona supporters room located.


Away pendant Section

Away supporters space housed in the normal seats at los top of objetivo South. This is usually just los first section for league games together Spanish pendant don’t usually take trip to far games, yet for Champions liga games ns capacity can be increased and then los section stretches around the top tier until near los half method line. This is cleverly excellent by Barça as it means that far fans, also with a large number will really struggle to make much noise come encourage your team.

Food & Drink

Refreshments are readily accessible in the stadium with un wide an option of hot and cold drinks such together coffee, soft drinks y non-alcoholic beer. Comida available includes Hot dog priced in ~ around 4 Euros, assorted baguettes and sandwiches and FC barcelona crisps.

Disabled Facilities

Disabled people should always enter the stadium v access 1 to 14, gate 62. Inside the stadium there are 2 ramps designed because that wheelchair users. If coming with an assistant then the person it s okay in because that free. Because that availability, contact los clubs seating department.

How to buy match Tickets

Admission Prices:Ticket prices vary desde game to juego depending on ns category of los match. In La Liga, ns cheapest tickets range from around 20 euro in ns least essential games to 52 Euros for los most in need matches. Tickets because that Champions league games can be higher again, with the latter rounds starting at 75 Euros, while matches in the group stages often tend to empezar at roughly 30 Euros.

Away pendant Tickets:Supporters of various other teams can purchase their tickets desde their own club. These are located in los top tier of los stadium and therefore the cheapest prices.

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Where to buy tickets?

Telephone – 902 1899 00 or +34 93 496 treinta y seis 00 (only representar outside Spain)Any Carrefour or FNAC store

Please Note: The sociedad operates an i would policy as soon as selling Champions league Tickets, particularly when there is likely to be a large travelling support. This is come prevent entusiastas of visiting teams from buying “home” tickets once los away team allocation has actually sold out.

We hope that this write-up has helped you prepare for your football trip to Barcelona. It is a wonderful ciudad to enjoy y when it pertains to football, nothing rather compares to uno visit to acampar Nou. Ideal of luck come all supporters travelling here, we wish you y your team ns best of luck!