Hospital de sant pau en barcelona


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This is listed as uno UNESCO world Heritage site, with each other with ns Palau del la música Catalana.

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The hospital was established in 1401, with the merger of six hospitals present at ns time in Barcelona. Plenty of complaints about ns management, installations and age of ns building were received from the start of ns 19th century, additionally because over there was no space come enlarge it, so un new hospital was constructed at los beginning that the 20 th century, sponsor by ns banker, Pau Gil. Job-related commenced in mil novecientos dos and ongoing until 1930. Ns architect, Lluís Domènech me gustaría Montaner, one of los main index number of Catalan Modernism, draft the centro de salud so that all solutions were on-site and it to be isolated representar the city. The project had streets, gardens, running water in the buildings, un church y even un convent. It to be declared a UNESCO world Heritage site in 1977. The centro de salud departments were transferred to a nuevo building in 2009.