Horario del valle de los caidos

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The holy Cross of ns Valley of the Fallen

Winter hrs (October to March). From Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 rápido 18:00Summer hrs (April come September). Representar Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 —apoyándose 19:00 crate office closes one hour earlier Weekly closing: Mondays

Dates closed in 2021

no January 1: closeup of the door entire trabaja January 6: closeup of the door entire trabaja May 1: close up door entire día September 12: closed entire trabaja December 24: close up door entire día December 25: close up door entire trabaja December 31: closeup of the door entire trabaja

Special openings 2021

May 3November 1December seis

Duration of ns visit

Approximate duration of the visit without guide: thirty minutes. Up
an easy Admission 9 € travellers that cannot benefit representar the decreased or free admission no diminished Admission cuatro € citizens between 5 and dieciséis years the age. Accreditation by way of identification map or passport from catorce to dieciséis years of age. No Persons over sesenta y cinco years of age. No Accredited students increase to veinticinco years the age con updated país or internacional student’s card. complimentary Admission 0 € children under 5 years the age. 18 May, internacional Museum Day. 12 October, National holiday of Spain, without distinction of nationality. large families con accreditation by the Official Family publication or tantamount of los EU y Latin american countries holders of residency or job-related permits the those nationalities. No Members of los ICOM (International museum Council), by way of accrediting card of the organisation. official Tourist Guides with Official Tourist guide card. Professors with teaching employee card. Persons with disability with accreditation. Los accompanying person likewise has free access. Persons in jurídica situation of unemployment that accredit this situation by means of Employment demand Card or equivalent file issued by the competent organisation. No Wednesdays y Sunday desde 15:00 to 19:00 h. (Winter 18:00h), complimentary admission for citizens of los European Union, residents and holders of work permit in that territory y Latin american citizens, adhering to accreditation of nationality (national to know card, passport or driver’s licence) or residency or work permit. The free offer is límite to los tour there is no guide. Just in ticket office

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Tourist no Agencies 6 € teams of official Tourist Guides. Ns Price to apply will be that which corresponds according to the condition of each member of the grupo or company Price.

Address: Highway desde Guadarrama to ns Escorial. 28209 Valle de Cuelgamuros —apoyándose MADRID

From san Lorenzo ese El Escorial: Bus: Line seiscientos sesenta in los Plaza de la mujer numérica de gracia s/n (Autocares Herranz) no Car: M-600 no no From Madrid: Motorway: A-VI, revolve onto ns M-600 no no Up

The phones presented on Google Maps might not match ns official ticketing call of país Heritage for this museum.

Single crate office of accessibility to the Valley

Accessibility to ns monument

currently there is alguna access for persons con disability. No Up no

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best capacity has been created to accessibility each that the país Heritage monuments. Internet tu, vete of tickets will be thought about preferential. . No At the box office, just card payment will certainly be accepted. the guided tour will certainly not it is in allowed. No All ns public will maintain ns distance of 2 meters in between people, with the only exemption of minors or yonesi getting dependents. For factors of capacity, some rooms might be excluded representar the tourism of los visit. the use that masks will certainly be compulsory for tourists six years of age y older, at all veces of the visit, from the entrance to ns site or monument until its departure. ns left luggage servicio will no be available. It will certainly not be possible to access los monuments con objects bigger than 30x20x20 cm. This packages have to be transported in ns front of ns body, throughout ns entire path of the visit. accessibility with comida or drink is prohibited. nacional Heritage may develop permanent or random temperature controls, which will be non-invasive and will no require call with ns visitor. In ns event that a body temperature compatible with los symptoms that COVID 19 is observed in any kind of visitor, accessibility to ns monument will certainly not it is in allowed. No Hydroalcoholic systems dispensers will certainly be situated in los access areas y at los points of call with the public (ticket offices, information ...), for usar by visitors. No Audio guides, electronic grupo guidance devices y brochures will not it is in available. As an alternative, visitors have the right to download the aplicaciones of the different monuments, to download them on their own mobile devices. ns use of elevators will certainly be límite to strict necessary situations Up