warning Bus stops 8 and 16 are temporarily closed. Los Purple course is suspended until more notice. Ns bus times are subject to change.

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Palma offers ns rich mix that history, culture y nightlife. We"ll drive you through the fascinating sede area, where you"ll be able to take in the beauty of ns narrowed streets y ancient buildings along the way. Just tolva on at ns beginning of los tour in ~ Antoni Maura y get prepared to see some exceptional destinations. Tolva off at any of ns stops along the route y hop espalda on at her leisure with your veinticuatro or 48-hour ticket!

uno Antoni Maura dos Plaça ese Mercat 3 La Rambla / Carrer dels Horts seis Av. Gabriel Alomar me gustaría Villalonga (Porta muerte Camp) siete Passeig Marítim (Els Molins) ocho Poble Espanyol nueve Castell del Bellver 16 Es Baluard (not serviced top top Mondays)


Multi-language audio commentary to tell girlfriend Palma’s stories.24/48hr endless Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour con 360° panoramic views of Palma del Mallorca height sights.Create your very own itinerary about Palma ese Mallorca.

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24hr/48hr hop-on hop-off bus tourStops close to all los major sightsAudio guide in ocho languagesFull restroom measures

Start your adventure at the boulevard de Antoni Maura and we"ll take it you straight to Plaza del Mercat in ~ bus protect against 2, whereby you"ll find ns famous frostbite of los Prime Minister, Antonio Maura. Plaza del España is maybe one of the most beautiful places in Palma del Mallorca. It"s uno big square located in the ciudad centre y is enriched con culture and vibrant energy! surrounding by trees and greenery, you have the right to take uno nice largo stroll along the grounds. Tolva off at bus stop 8 to take it in ns beauty that the pueblo Español, un hidden gem of ns village whereby there are plenty of replications of famous buildings desde all over Spain.You"ll find los Plaza mayor nearby i beg your pardon is un big sede square con lots of outdoor restaurants for you come tuck in some tasty tapas. If friend love art, then ns Joan Miró museum is absolutely worth un visit, just brincar off at bus stop 12. It"s surrounded by pretty landmarks and the environment is for this reason idyllic. Ideal at the end of the bus tourism we"ll journey you through the bulevar de Juame III, one of the most famed streets of the city, lined up by high trees and elegant buildings. Book your ticket today and start planning her visit come Palma ese Mallorca!