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Opera casa name:Gran Teatre después Liceu Barcelona.

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The gran Teatre deI Liceu was built in 1847. Barna had long had an opera house, ns Teatre después la santa Creu, change the name Teatre Principal. This structure was página de inicio to ns great opera house but to be itself really small, y by ns middle of the 19th century, when barna became ns major industria city, ns larger opera house seemed necessary.

At the time, cuales state subsidies can be expected, y so the Liceu was a strictly personal effort: ns thousand shares to be sold, y each shareholder received ns seat in the theatre. The grande Teatre deI Liceu opened on cuatro April 1847 with a mixed programme: a play, y a cantata performed by Mario Obiols. The first ópera was gift on 17 April: Donizetti’s Anna Bolena. In its an initial year, ns Liceu’s stage was ns venue too for concerts, plays, ballets and, often, zarzuelas.

A rivalry quickly developed between ns Liceu y the viejo Opera: ns two homes competed with one another over the price of seats. The Liceu would have won had it no burned debajo in 1861! ns shareholders stepped up, and the architect, joseph Oriol Mestres, needed just one year come rebuild los theatre, which reopened on 20 April 1862, with Bellini’s i Puritani. Los Liceu then collection about expanding its productions that operas y ballets. Every season un large number of operas would certainly be staged, mainly desde the italiano repertoire.

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The French and German collection arrived much more gradually, especially after the conflict aroused by the first power of Wagner’s Lohengrin in 1883. Un few years later, Wagner had ended up being very generalizado at the Liceu, and Barcelona to be recognised as southerly Europe’s Wagnerian bastion. Ns Wagner combinación was founded in 1910 (among various other things, it released Wagner’s librettos and scores in Catalan). The estupendo Teatre del Liceu additionally helped Catalan composers by presenting plenty of of your works, regularly, every season. Plenty of internationally renowned Catalan singers also began your careers at ns Liceu, such as Josefina Huguet, Maria Berrientos, Conchita Supervía, Francisco Vinas, Graziella Pareto, Hipólito lázaro ... And, after Spain’s civil war, Victoria de Los Angeles, montserrat Caballé, Giacomo Aragall, Eduardo Gimenez, Vicente Sardinero, josé Carreras, juan Pons y Dalmacio Gonzáles. We should likewise mention Spanish singers choose Maria Galvany, Elvira de Hidalgo, Michel Fleta and Pedro Lavirgen.

In 1917, in the wake of los arrival that Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, los vogue for Russian música led to an ext Russian operas gift performed. In the years that followed los Liceu’s repertoire broadened greatly; top international singers carry out on ns stage, from Fedor Chaliapine come Toti DaI Monte, Giacomo Lauri Volpi, Tito Schipa, Renata Tebaldi, Fiorenza Cossoto, Mario ese Monaco, Maria Callas, Birgit Nilson, Kirsten Flagstad, Joan Sutherland, franco Corelli, Giuseppe Di Stefa, Leila Gencer, Mirella Freni, Luciano Pavarotti, Alfredo Kraus, Carlo Bergonzi, Placido Domingo, Piero Cappuccilli, Agnes Baltsa and many others. In mil novecientos ochenta y uno a consortium was set up to guide the Liceu’s artistic policy and take los theatre come an internacional level.

It was headed by the president of los autonomous federal government of Catalonia, H. Jordi Pujol, y the mayor of Barcelona, Pasqual Maragall; ns consortium represented the most important Catalan institutions as well as ns Liceu’s shareholders. Ns theatre to be renovated, ns performances to be enhanced, and the season was extended representar late September into early July, with international-quality opera y ballet performances. In addition, the orchestra y chorus were developed; ns theatre currently mounts its own productions, y they are performed successfully on tours throughout Europe.

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In January 1994, uno fire severely damaged ns theatre, destroying los auditorium and the stage. Ns fire’s emotional impact on Catalan society was substantial and radically dubbed into question ns theatre’s an extremely existence. In order to rebuild and improve this emblematic edifice, the grande Teatre del Liceu foundation was developed in 1994, and the estupendo Teatre ese Liceu empresa transferred its property to los government in 1997. Starting with los Reform and Expansion project of Ignasi Solà-Morales, the theatre was rebuilt, and the nuevo Liceu, expanded y equipped con modern framework while continuing to be faithful come the old building, opened up its doors on 7 October 1999.