Game of thrones san juan de gaztelugatxe

Hello again! Today identificación want to talk to girlfriend about un place that"s become an extremely famous gastos generales the final few years. It"s san Juan de Gaztelugatxe, uno small island which is connected vía some stone bridges the make access possible.

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The isla that has actually inconsistent soil underfoot, has a shrine at los top. There"s ns legend that claims if you touch the campana in this shrine tres times and make a wish, it"ll come true.


For some factor this place has actually become really well known. It"s located in Bermeo, in the Basque Country. Its reputation is as result of it being ns location to film various scenes in los famous serious Game the Thrones. It surname in the serie is Dragonstone. Whoever has been to smo Juan de Gaztelugatxe, have the right to identify los original characteristics of this location when watching los series. To have the ability to adapt this ar to ns big screen, ns editing turned los tiny shrine into a huge castle, ignoring ns small detail of also incorporating dragons flying arout los island. Even so, they controlled to continue to be faithful to the reality of this rock walkway that you need to climb up to gain to los highest point. What stands el fin about this walkway is that is zigzag shape that important characters such together Tyrion or Khaleesi would caminar up. Bearing all of this in mind, it"s no at every strange to see uno lot the tourists the visit right here are game of Thrones fans.


I couldn"t find a better minute to recite los following phrase: reality is much better than fiction. Smo Juan ese Gaztelugatxe is important much far better in person, live y direct. The photos y videos aren"t loyal to reality. Not even this small shrine collection in a elegante world where dragons, giants, white walkers and witches exist can ganar the real y authentic version.

I to be lucky sufficient to have the ability to come when i went espalda to Galicia by car delaware travelling to smo Sebastian. Los weather wasn"t great that day. The clouds were un dark azul colour, that rained and we to be wearing coats y long trousers. The was ns beginning of September. Even so, I think that smo Juan ese Gaztelugatxe in reality looks far better in poor weather. Ns imperfect walkway up to ns top where you"ll find ns shrine, the Cantabrian ser crashing wildly, the rocky landscape about you and the eco-friendly nature that envelopes ns whole scene all shine un lot brighter in this wilder environment. Ns thing identificación like most about this ar is the at one fin of the island, the piedra forms dos little arcs that the ser violently flows through. It wouldn"t be man to say that some of these landscapes repeat you the some parts of Iceland.


I to walk all the way increase whilst me gustaría got drenched by ns rain. Identificación arrived nice tired and soaked, but it didn"t matter. The views to be worth it: an infinite horizon. Also, many thanks to los bad weather there were ns lot much less tourists there y we were los only persons who continued to be there, the ones that didn"t care about un bit that rain.

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To get to san Juan ese Gaztelugatxe, we parked our coche in a automóvil park that"s a long way before the shrine. You need to walk ns lot and the mistake we made was to permit Google Maps guide us. Together you know, Google Maps doesn"t understand all ns possible routes to take, so that took us on foot to a really long road, and we took eras to gain to where we want to be. Los most frustrating thing was we lost un lot of time. Delaware visiting it and touching the campana three times, us realised the there to be a type of directly hiking route, every uphill with loads of world going up and down it. A shortcut the Google Maps didn"t recognise. You have to pay fist to find it since if those world weren"t walking abajo this path, we wouldn"t have actually realised where it was together it was extended by trees. It yes, really shortens the trip and leaves you appropriate where you parque the car. Ns only bad part is that with rain, ns ground transforms to mud y our pair of shoes (mine were brand spanking new, and white), when they had actually completed your objective of taking me up Dragonstone, they were prepared to be discarded. Therefore, los advice the I"ll provide you onwards is that if you go, usar this shortcut as you"ll have plenty that time and the ground is uno lot better.


When us arrived, that was currently late, around 5pm. Us were yes, really hungry so us went to uno restaurant near there come order something come eat. Lock told united state that los kitchen to be closed so the wasn"t possible to make united state anything. FInally, they offered us part pintxos (Basque tapas) that they had actually left over, y some desserts that they had currently prepared. Then us swapped ours boots for part they had actually in their cellar. After such an exhausting trip, we required to to fill ourselves up.

In short, me gustaría loved smo Juan de Gaztelugatxe y I hope to go back, sooner quite than later. The views representar this place y of it were amazing. Los way increase is ns bit complicated so if you"re no in shape, identificación would recommend acquiring in some great cardio sessions to practise y then do this winding walkway. You"ll need to climb un lot that steps y there are components towards ns top where ns pathway is fallout’s away. If girlfriend want, take it your tiempo with it. Don"t walk when los day"s at its hottest, so you can enjoy this place ns way it have to be enjoyed. In conclusion, another incomparable landscape that makes you want to visit ns rest of del norte Spain. I believe los phrase "you don"t must go far... " more y more every time.

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And that"s it for today. You deserve to leave me a comment about her opinions on los content, photos, place, etc. Identificación hope you chosen it. Say thanks to you because that reading.