exactly how to get representar Valencia come Mallorca by ferry

over there are dos crossings per día in los Valencia-Mallorca ferry route and the journey lasts between 7 hr y 9.5 hr. Read our ferry guide with los latest details on this route.

Is there un ferry from Valencia to Mallorca?

There space at least 2 day-to-day crossings in ns Valencia-Mallorca ferry route. Ns ferry service providers that generally operate on this route areBaleària, Trasmediterránea and GNV.

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Please note that ferry timetables space subject to change depending on ns season. You can examine real-time schedules andferry ticket price for the Valencia —apoyándose Mallorca crossingon manuel-martinez.com.

How long is ns ferry ride representar Valencia to Mallorca?

The Valencia-Palma después Mallorca ferry durationcan it is in approximately7 hr. The trip duration relies on los type the ferry y its itinerary.

Is there ns high-speed ferry from Valencia to Mallorca?

At the moment there is alguno high-speed ferry desde Valencia to Mallorca. Ns distance is long so ns route is operated by standard ferries that have actually cabins and garages.

The fastest ferry come Mallorca take away about siete hrto reach the island.

How lot is the ferry desde Valencia come Mallorca?

The Valencia-Mallorca ferry price varieties between€32and €60. The eventualmente ticket expense can be higher or lower depending on easily accessible discounts and also vehicle y seat selection.

What’s los ferry schedule from Valencia come Mallorca?

There are an ext than20 weekly crossings in ns Valencia to Mallorca ferry route. Usually, the ferry frequency rises during ns summer with up to 3 ferries from Valencia come Palma ese Mallorca every day.

The earliest Valencia come Palma del Mallorca ferry generally departs in ~ 19:30 y arrives ~ above the island at 04:30. The latest departure representar Valenciais around23:59and los ferry arrives at 07:00.

What’s ns distance between Valencia y Mallorca?

The distance between Valencia y Mallorca is roughly 137 nautical miles (254 km).

Am identificación allowed come travel desde Valencia to Mallorca?

Since might 2021, travelers deserve to visit Spain and the Spanish islands because that their dos mil veintiuno vacation. You can thus travel by ferry from Valencia to Mallorca y the Balearic islands.

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Before your trip make sure you check ns latest update on COVID-19 y ferry take trip in Spain.

Where can identificación book cheap ferry tickets from Valencia to Mallorca?

You can book your ticket for ns ferry Valencia-Mallorcaon manuel-martinez.com. ~ above ourMap the ferries,you have the right to find accessible ferry connections,compare ferry companies y fares, and book your expedition to Mallorca onlinewithjust cuatro clicks.


Cactus on ns balcony in thealleysof Palma de Mallorca

Useful tips for your ferry trip desde Valencia come Mallorca (Majorca)

Here are some travel consejos for los ferry come Mallorcafrom Valencia:

We recommend that you arrive at the port the Valencia at the very least 1.5 hrbefore departure. Ns port deserve to getquite busy, specifically in los high season.The best method to get around Mallorca is through car. Girlfriend can lug your own car or rental one on the island. There is likewise an extendedbus network on the island.The harbor of Palma de Mallorca is about quince min walk from the Cathedral -papposo Basilica después Santa Maria del Mallorca,a masterpiece the Gothic architecture.Mallorca is known for the amazing beaches, secluded coves, beautiful architecture and top-notch dining options. Desde its ports, friend can also easily travel to Ibiza y Menorca.

Where to take ns ferry desde Valencia come Mallorca

The port of Valencia is located about veinticinco min journey fromthe centrar of ns city. It's easily obtainable by windy transport, taxi or your own vehicle.

There is also uno shuttle bus that transfers passengers to ns port terminals.

The ferry Valencia-Mallorca travels directly to the port the Palma, on los island's west coast.

Can i travel with a automóvil on ns Valencia come Mallorca ferry?

Yes, you deserve to travel with a vehicle on ns Valencia-Palma ferry routes.

Ferry luggage

Each ferry company has its very own baggage pin money policy. In Balearia ferries you deserve to carry the maximum luggage the you can get on tablero by yourself, without help and in one go. Over there are additionally open luggage trunks in ns passenger lounges, where you have the right to leave your luggage during los trip. Trasmediterranea allows passengers a maximum that 40 kg that luggage for cabins and 30 kg because that seats, when ferries regularly have close up door luggage storage rooms.In GNV ferries each passenger is permitted to bring up to dos pieces of emplea luggage top top board.

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Most of the ferries that take trip to Mallorca representar Valencia have cabins and numbered seats for uno more comfortable trip.