We to be lucky enough to it is in in just uno party that four, with an fantastic guide called Christian. Good comms from the organiser prior to we walk on los trip, and enjoyed the aspiradora dam beforethe key event. Extremely recommended

Experience awe-inspiring views of part of los United States" many incredible scenery. You"ll visit ns West rim of los Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, and meet members of los Hualapai tribe on this full-day tour from Las Vegas.

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Experience awe-inspiring see of some of los United States" most incredible scenery. You"ll visit los West pickled in salt of ns Grand Canyon y the Colorado River, and meet members of the Hualapai people on this full-day tour representar Las Vegas.

Visiting los Skywalk no
Eagle apuntar a in grand Canyon West no
boat trip down the Colorado river

Grand Canyon West Rim trabaja Trip

After being picked up representar your hotel, you"ll set off top top your trabaja trip to los Grand Canyon. During your road trip towards the West Rim from Las Vegas, you"ll it is in entertained by her driver-guide"s fascinating narration as you sit back y relax on los luxury air-conditioned bus.

First, you"ll drive towards los Grand Canyon through ns ancientJoshua Tree Forest, patria to this unusual species native to los Mojave Desert.

Having reached los Grand Canyon West Rim, rise up to ns rockpile on Guano punto for incomparable panoramic views of los Colorado flow snaking through ns Canyon below. Increase on los Point, you"ll additionally be able come see ns remnants that an viejo aerial tramway that stretched gastos generales the gully to un former guano mine dubbed Bat Cave.

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Your next stop will be at los stunning Eagle Point, a rock formation that has taken los shape of one eagle con outstretched wings. Here, you"ll dine at los Skywalk Cafe, wherein you"ll suffer breath-taking views gastos generales the canyon as you gain your very delicious lunch.

At Eagle Point, you"ll additionally have the opportunity to visit Hualapai Ranchand to fulfill members that the Native americano community that live here. Ns Hualapai people will tell you every about los history y geology of the Grand Canyon.

After approximately four hours trying out West Rim, you"ll it is in taken trasero to las Vegas where you"ll it is in dropped off at her hotel delaware an i can not forget day.

Complete her experience

Skywalk Ticket

TheSkywalkis one of the Grand Canyon"s recent attractions and an amazing nuevo way to experience ns awe-inspiringWest Rim. The 4000-foot-high (1300 m) glass-bottomed walkway provides unbelievable views over the canyon below.

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Helicopter y Boat Trip

Fly deep into los Grand Canyon by helicopter, landing beside los Colorado River, where you"ll tablero a boat and enjoy uno relaxing twenty-minute cruise through ns valley. An amazing experience of ns Grand Canyon representar two nuevo perspectives.

Important information

Hotel pick up is obtainable at many hotels ~ above the los Vegas Strip and Downtown: please choose your hotel representar the list when making her reservation. Choose up times will start from 5:30 am.Children up to 23 months viejo go totally free on this tour.