Excursiones A Sa Calobra Desde Palma

Guided round trip, MALLORCA

"La regazo Isla de siempre" is ns guided tour in stages, we will pick you increase at your accommodation, journey you in the bus with uno guide, admitir you part dream routes and bring you regreso to los starting point. Comfortable, easy y unforgettable.

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A 1-day pilgrimage in Mallorca, sobre steis to reap with los family, con children, as a couple or alone.

Discover ns true essence of the north of Mallorca, riding un century-old train y a legend streetcar y sailing along the stunning norte coast the Mallorca in un comfortable watercraft that will certainly take you come La Calobra and Torrent de Pareis.

After gift picked up by the guide, you will head towards Palma del Mallorca and from over there through ns Serra después Tramuntana to La Calobra and Torrent de Pareis.





On the guided island tour Mallorca you don"t have to worry around anything, we take care of everything.

On this tourism you only have to worry around being at ns pick up apuntar a at the specified time, we will take treatment of los rest.

Relax y enjoy los wonderful suffer of this excursion where you have the right to enjoy los fantastic landscapes you will cross, breath in the charm of ns city and port that Soller and of course ns majesty of the Serra ese Tramuntana while you take it our boat to ns beautiful Calobra beach


First us will travel on los century-old SÓLLER TREN, one authentic wooden train representar the final century. Throughout this initial journey through hora we will enjoy thelandscapes y tunnels that cross the "Serra ese Tramuntana".

Let los rattling of ns tracks move you inside los valley that Sóller, enjoying los unique views of ns Serra del Tramuntana.

The ride takes about sesenta minutes.

Travel espalda in hora on the centenary wooden train con which you will certainly travel through the doméstico of Mallorca till you with Sóller, located in ns Serra después Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO

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Once in Sóller, the siguiente big attraction of los trip is not largo in coming.

We take los emblematic streetcar that connects Sóller y the harbor of Sóller, with the center of los town and then v orange y lemon groves to fin the ride on los seafront promenade, while every 2nd an immobile see is revolutionized into a unique y unrepeatable scenic combination of colors y sounds.

The duration of los ride is approximately veinticinco minutes.


Experience the sensation of touring los Valley the the orange Trees while ns invented wind of ns tram caresses her face.

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BOAT trip ON THE norte COAST

The harbor of Sóller, a typical fishing port, becomes a magnificent enclave to take the próximo transport. Us go to the dock to tablón a comfortable double-decker boat, fitted with un store y a bar wherein you have the right to buy snacks. Ns boat expedition will take united state to ns beach that sa CALOBRA y TORRENT después PAREIS.

A boat ride along cliffs and caves, all the splendor the the phia băc coast of Mallorca, when on the other side a hard horizon connects the sky and the ~ ~ in ns thin lin

The expression of the trip is about sesenta minutes.

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Once you arrive at her destination, you will certainly have tiempo to sunbathe, walk for ns walk, eat in the wonderful restaurantes in ns place or swimming in the crystal-clear waters that Sa Calobra beach.

Enjoy los breathtaking views offered by ns excursion to La Calobra y discover ns crystal clear waters during ns short walk to the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis, where you can take a refreshing dip.Undoubtedly one of the most privileged areas on Mallorca.


At the end of the day, ns coach will be waiting to take it you to your accommodation or, if not, to the nearest pick-up point of her accommodation. This is the end of los guided tour, but not prior to you have actually driven through ns Tramuntana mountains on one of the most distinct roads in Europe.

The roadway to La Calobra is ns work of design that winds through los towering hills of Mallorca, with spectacular see of Puig Major and the Mediterranean as a backdrop.

A road developed 100% by hand, including los famous nus ese corbata, or "tie knot", where the road passes under itself in un 360º curve, crosses ns Gorg Blau, ns reservoir well-known as a natural monument, y passes v villages of an excellent beauty such together Lluc y Inca.

NOTE: All routes (bus, train, streetcar and boat) deserve to be excellent in reverse.)


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What carry out you require to recognize when you publication this tour?

Once girlfriend make the purchase of your guided island tour and have entered ns area and the name of your hotel, the system will automatically admitir you los PICK-UP POINT and the days on which los excursion will certainly take place.

Once you have actually selected ns DATE, the system will instantly give you ns departure time desde the formerly assigned PICK-UP point where you will need to wait for the bus on the día of los excursion.

This PICK-UP apuntar a can be your own hotel, another hotel surrounding or a punto near your hotel.

On ns selected day of the excursion, the tour bus with guide will certainly pick you up at the hotel or pick-up señalar that suits you at los specified time.

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The overview will ask friend to offer him un copy of her booking check pager.

Depending on the enteramente number of client on the trabaja of the excursion, the excursion deserve to be done in both directions, or you deserve to take the bus come the ellos eran Reus protect against (on ns outskirts of Palma) to take ns train come Soller first, followed by los streetcar and the boat, or in the opposite direction, first take the bus to Sa Calobra, then los boat, the streetcar and back through train from Soller to ellos eran Reus (just exterior Palma) and from over there take ns bus regreso to the pick-up point.

Online bookings have the right to be made up to dos days prior to the trabaja of ns excursion. Choose up clues Mallorca