Excursion gran cañon desde las vegas

Here you will certainly find uno complete list of tour alternatives to visit los Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

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Grand Canyon país Park deserve to be reached con excursions desde Las las vegas by land and by air. Therefore, your an initial choice will certainly be between:

The cool Canyon stretches because that over cien miles in direction East-West. Due to the fact that it deserve to be challenging to understand where the main locations are located, we have reported them on a map.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours from Las Vegas

The grand Canyon national Park deserve to be reached by bus desde Las Vegas. Los route to acquire to los Grand Canyon town on the sur Rim is approximately doscientos ochenta miles long. Through bus, that takes over 3 hours every way. Bus tourism offer a direct connection representar Las vegas Downtown to the Grand Canyon, therefore saving time y making los visit together on a one día trip possible.

1. Bus tour to cool Canyon sur Rim from Las Vegas


The sur Rim of los Grand Canyon is ns most ancha spot to with to enjoy ns panoramic check out of los Canyon. ~ above the del sur Rim, girlfriend will find some facilities, y it is where los Grand Canyon village is located.Several trails start representar the south Rim, in ~ elevations between 6,000 feet and 7,400 feet, touching countless viewpoints together as grand View point (the highest), Mohave Point, Pima Point y Yavapai Point.

Most bus tours representar Las las vegas go come the del sur Rim. A day trip to grand Canyon sur Rim desde Las vegas is los cheapest way to visit the national park from Vegas. Standard bus tours space priced starting desde $79.

2. Bus tour to grand Canyon West Rim representar Las Vegas


The West pickled in salt is one more famous area in which you deserve to appreciate panoramic views gastos generales the grand Canyon. Los West rim is renowned for its Skywalk (see below), plus numerous 360-degrees viewpoints, such as Eagle Point and Guano Point.Bus tours affix daily los Vegas to the West pickled in salt of ns Grand Canyon. Los price is also quite low, starting at $119.

3. Bus tour to West Rim with Skywalk included


The renowned Skywalk, un glass construction that allows you walk gastos generales the cool Canyon, is put on the West Rim. Some bus tourism include ns ticket to los Skywalk, which has actually an admission fee. Therefore, los price of the excursion is higher than los standard bus trip to the West Rim, around $30 more.

4. Bus tour with aspiradora Dam visit included


The flotar Dam is a massive dam located simply outside las Vegas, where ns Colorado river opens into the lago Mead. The hoover Dam is on the route from Las vegas to los Grand Canyon, making un stop for un visit convenient. Many bus tours stop there because that 15-30 minute to enable travelers to take pictures, while others include un guided tourism of ns dam and the hydroelectric strength plant.

5. Grand Canyon Bus tourism + Colorado River boat tour


The Colorado flow dig the Grand Canyon along the centuries. Looking at ns Canyon representar the approach is absolutely astonishing, but visiting that by watercraft is not less impressive. Several bus tourism include los combo come visit one of ns Rim of the Grand Canyon, to add touring by watercraft along the Colorado River.

6. Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Tour


If you look for adrenaline, white water rafting on the Colorado flow is your answer! travel to the Grand Canyon from Vegas by van y embark on a thrilling water adventure i beg your pardon takes girlfriend through cuarenta miles along the river.

7. Bus tour to grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon is one of los most fascinating rock formation present in los world. Los way exactly how the sun rays enter into ns fissures of ns stones is impressive. You will caminar inside ns Canyon y take amazing photo shots. If you room in ns Vegas, it have the right to be your chance to visit los Antelope Canyon together with ns Grand Canyon.

The Antelope Canyon is located in Arizona, about ciento cuarenta miles eastern of los Grand Canyon. In general, tours that include los visit to both Canyons último two days, but there room some faster alternatives which include los two parks on ns single trabaja trip.

8. Grand Canyon Horseshoe bending & Antelope Canyon Tour


The Horseshoe Bend supplies one of the most an effective perspectives over the cool Canyon. The is situated East from the south Rim and farther away representar Las Vegas. The Horseshoe bending is substantially close to ns Antelope Canyon, and this is the reason why many minibus tours representar Las vegas stop both at ns Horseshoe Bend y the Antelope Canyon.

Since the Horseshoe Bend y the Antelope Canyon room not therefore close to las Vegas, very often this tourism takes dos days.

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9. Tourism to cool Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Zion Park, Bryce Park y Monument Valley 


Zion Park, Bryce Park y Monument valley are located in Utah, y they would complete your visit to los South-West of ns United States. With each other with los Grand Canyon y Antelope Canyon, they offer ns most to mark landscapes the you can uncover in los South-West of ns United States.


The 5 parks space spread follow me hundreds of miles and, therefore, they can not be went to on un one day trip. However, over there are very convenient 3-day bus trips leaving desde Las Vegas. They incorporate bus transfer, admission tickets to all ns parks, overnight remaining in hotels, meals or added outdoor activities. If girlfriend have 3 days available, taking this tour will certainly be one of ns most memorable experiences of your life!

10. Camping Tour to grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Zion Park, Bryce Park y Monument Valley 


This andar tour is uno variation of ns one above. Friend will take trip in a small group y visit the parque in Arizona (Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon) add to the parks in Utah (Zion, Bryce and Monument Valley), but, rather of remaining overnight in hotels, friend will acampar into ns wild!

11. Hummer tourism to grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Credit to GetYourGuide

A hummer tourism is not ns bus tour, also if los size of ns vehicles is similar! Hummer tours are an unusual method to explore ns Grand Canyon by land, though a thrilling experience! you will start your journey desde Las Vegas and travel off-road through the Joshua Tree till you reach the West Rim, in which girlfriend will have actually plenty that free hora to explore ns area.

12. Grand Canyon Overnight Tour from Las Vegas


Traveling through bus/minivan to the Grand Canyon from Las las vegas takes ns few hours, y the whole trip will último a full day. If you want to enjoy ns more tranquil trip y see ns Grand Canyon in ~ sunset or sunrise, destinadas to use two days y spend one night at the país park with this overnight tour.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours representar Las Vegas


Hop aboard ns helicopter for uno sightseeing tourism to the Grand Canyon. Soar over the flotar Dam, lake Mead, Colorado River and the huge Mojave Desert as you fly desde Las vegas to ns Grand Canyon in a helicopter. Enjoy ns in-flight explanations y learn every about ns history of ns Canyon, while girlfriend take imágenes of los breathtaking view.

Make certain to note whether her helicopter tour has landing or not. Some tours incorporate only ns flight, and they are shorter, while rather land on the West pickled in salt of the Grand Canyon and give you tiempo to explore, eat, visit several philosophies or doing additional activities.

13. Cool Canyon West in salt Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas


Most helicopter tourism leaving representar Las vegas lands on the West Rim. This is los “standard helicopter tour”. Ns famous Skywalk is situated in ns Rim, in ~ Eagle watch Point. Make sure that los tour that you pick is landing if you want to have hora to trail the Grand Canyon or do other outdoor activities. Los cost of un helicopter tour representar Las vegas starts from $330.

14. Grand Canyon south Rim Bus tourism + Helicopter Flight


This tour has air-conditioned coach transport from Las vegas to the sur Rim of los Grand Canyon, plus ns helicopter drive through los Grand Canyon’s Dragon Corridor of around 25-30 minutes.

This choice is interesting due to the fact that it’s cheaper ($50 – $100 less) compared to ns standard helicopter vuelo from Vegas, however it lets you experience the adrenaline of being on ns helicopter spring at ns Canyon desde the sky.

15. Cool Canyon Helicopter tours at sunset


If friend are uno fun of acquisition astonishing película or enjoying ns romantic moment con your partner, well, there is alguna better way to train your skills than by a helicopter tour at sunset.

You will empezar your helicopter flight in ns Vegas about 2 hours before los sunset. Fly while it gets darker, land and gaze at ns Grand Canyon during the sunset. Travel regreso by helicopter in ~ twilight.The price of a helicopter tourism at sunset is roughly $500.

16. Cool Canyon West in salt Helicopter tourism + Skywalk


The Skywalk is located on los Eagle View señalar on the West Rim. The helicopter tour will depart representar Las Vegas and land on the West Rim. Friend will have plenty of time to explore los West Rim y walk on ns Skywalk. Her journey trasero to las vegas will be by helicopter as well.

17. Grand Canyon Helicopter tourism + flotar Dam


Start her tour con pickup at your hotel in ns Vegas y travel to the aspiradora Dam for a 30 minutes foto stop. Afterward, you will certainly be carried out to the heliport to empezar the helicopter journey to the West rim of ns Grand Canyon.

18. Grand Canyon plane Tours representar Las Vegas


Airplane tours are an alternative to helicopter tours. Scenic flights space cheaper than helicopter tours because they carry much more people. On los other hand, lock are much less flexible. In fact, several aircraft tours don’t protect against at ns Grand Canyon (unless the option is selected), yet they fly gastos generales it, departing desde Boulder ciudad (near las Vegas), approaching the West Rim and traveling back. Aircraft tours have the right to be together cheap together $149 if los landing option is no selected.

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19. Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight y Colorado River watercraft tour


There is cuales better way to experience the Grand Canyon than by aire and by water! enjoy astonishing views representar the sky y from the bottom of ns Canyon. Tablón on uno helicopter tour from Las Vegas, fly gastos generales the aspiradora Dam, lake Mead y Mojave’s Rocks, land on los bottom of ns Canyon, whereby you start your watercraft ride. Afterward, ns helicopter will lug you to ns West Rim y land there for un while, prior to returning to vegas by air.

20. Cool Canyon Helicopter tourism + White water rafting


This is ns best adrenaline combo! Depart from Las Vegas y fly in uno helicopter gastos generales the grand Canyon, landing on los West Rim. Trek down to the bottom of ns Canyon y embark on ns white water rafting tourism on the Colorado River. Have actually fun!

21. Grand Canyon North Rim atmósfera Tour + ATV 


The norte Rim is los wildest y least visited ar of the Grand Canyon. The is open only half ns year, representar April to November. Start your journey from Las Vegas y fly on an airplane gastos generales the cool Canyon come the norte Rim. Land y admire ns panorama. Sign up with an off-road quad ride to experience ns wildness the this part naturaleza park. Steering an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) will certainly be un rush that adrenaline!

As you have actually seen, there are plenty of tourism to select from. Make certain to visit ns Grand Canyon throughout your permanence in las Vegas. You will certainly have great memories!