The Mestalla stadium, the oldest stadion of any kind of of the fútbol americano teams in ns Spanish an initial Division, is los stage on i m sorry the historia of Valencia FC has been played out. This is whereby the fanes of this team have trembled with nerves and excitement whilst witnessing los players in their different coloured kit sweat it out on ns pitch, and football background has to be written. Located between ns Avinguda de Suècia y the Avinguda d’Aragó in los Valencian capital, los Mestalla stadion has, because it to be inaugurated on 20th might 1923, to be expanded, and currently has capacity for 55,000 spectators.

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Would you like to find el fin about ns secrets y quirks of this almost 100-year-old club? We’re going come share uno few here, but we likewise suggest that you pay un trip to los stadium and sign up to ns Mestalla Forever Tour. you will do it see the press room, los changing rooms, and you’ll also get to arise onto the pitch through ns tunnel, whilst being regaled with los history of Valencia FC, y all the best anecdotes.

Daily tourism of los Mestalla stadium

There are tours of ns Mestalla stadium every día of the week. From Monday come Saturday, you can choose in between morning tours (10:30 am to 1:30 PM) or afternoon tours (3:30 pm to 6:15 PM) of ns inside of the stadium. Top top Sundays, over there are just morning tours. As soon as there room matches on, lock still operación tours, but ns timings can be changed y you i will not ~ be taken to los changing rooms, for organisational reasons.

Free cancellation

Thankfully, the home of Valencia FC recovered quickly and not only got back to normal, but even walk on to present electric light to the zona during los Falles festival of 1959. During ns 1960s, los stadium was practically unchanged, but that wasn’t los case for the neighbourhood, also called Mestalla, that began to change quickly. The wasn’t largo until los stadium began to host big European matches. Nottingham woodland was los first international team to confront ‘che’, a nickname for Valencia FC, in an official enhance at Mestalla. That was on los 15th September 1961.

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Di Stéfano on the bench

At the beginning of los 1970s, the local team to be the home of none other than Alfredo di Stéfano. Los Valencian team make its début in ns European Cup and the UEFA Cup. In mil novecientos setenta y dos the club’s head office was inaugurated, with ns trophy room presided gastos generales by los club’s initial flag. In 1978, Mestalla to be remodelled when again, with sights set on the World taza of 1982. It was at that time that Valencia FC had ns player among its ranks that many think about to be los best footballer in the world: Mario Alberto Kempes, that helped ns team win the taza del Rey, los Recopa and the UEFA Super cup titles.

Mestalla was likewise chosen as the setting for Spain’s an initial World taza in 1982 and has actually been graced through players as iconic as Maradona y Pelé, as well as Kempes. Numerous tournaments and international matches have been played el fin on Mestalla’s pitch, i beg your pardon has likewise hosted numerous finals the La Copa.

But Mestalla is, above all, the página de inicio of Valencia’s supporters, at least until the nuevo stadium, the “New Mestalla” or “Nou Mestalla” is built. The plans space for it come be erected on los Avinguda ese les Corts Valencianes.

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Mestalla is one attraction that’s nearly cien years old, ns stadium that has actually housed one of los most relevant clubs in the history of Spanish football, y it is well worth paying it uno visit.