Entradas Para La Alhambra Y Generalife

A good method to obtain to know Granada and its background is by taking un tour. There are several interesting free and private tours available by Civitatis:

Free tourism of Granada

What far better way to gain to know the hisotric centre of Granada than on uno free walking tour con a localidades expert guide?!

Private tour of Granada

Discover ns hidden treasures y secrets the Granada exclusively just for you and your partner, friends, or family.

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Alhambra tickets have the right to be purchased one year in advance, something an extremely appreciated by tourist who like planning your holidays fine in advance. Friend can also buy them on los same day of your visit (if any tickets left), approximately two hours before los allocated tiempo for ns entrance to los Nasrid Palaces.
Alhambra tickets are nominative, so friend MUST show your national identifier (UE nationals) or passport to it is in granted access to los monument. Here we define how to buy official tickets for the Alhambra, los different types the ticket, locations included, prices y discounts, how to do changes, regresar policy and many other tips.

Types the Visit to ns Alhambra

The Alhambra supplies 6 types of visit: general Alhambra Entrance, Generalife and Alacazaba, Nasrid Palaces Night Visit, Generalife Night Visit, Alhambra Experience and Combined Visit.

All these visits are not guided. If you desire to get un better insight right into its history y architecture and discover things you wouldn"t probably find in any kind of book you have the right to reserve Alhambra Guided Tour.
If Alhambra normal entrance tickets room not obtainable or if you like to see the Alhambra y the Generalife at night, you can buy another escribe of main ticket, which walk not encompass a día visit to los Nasrid palaces (night visit, generalife gardens, etc.).

It is the most popular entrance and the many complete, includes everything: los Nasrid Palaces, Generalife y Alcazaba.
This entrance includes accessibility to the gardens y palaces of ns Generalife, los Partal y its Palace, and the Alcazaba. Does no include the Nasrid Palaces.

Night Visit to the Nasrid Palaces: ocho euros.
This visit includes only the Nasrid Palaces, does no include the Generalife or the Alcazaba.

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Night Visit to Generalife: cinco euros.
Includes only los Gardens y Palaces of los Generalife. Does no include the Alcazaba or the Nasrid Palaces.
It is the trabaja visit come Alcazaba, Gardens y Palaces of ns Generalife y the night visit to the Nasrid Palaces in dos consecutive days.
It go not incorporate daytime entrance to the Nasrid Palaces.
This visit includes the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Alcazaba and the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation.It is a general Alhambra entrance + Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation.
The just visits that consists of everything (the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife gardens, Alcazaba, etc.) are ns daytime General admission Ticket (Alhambra General) y Combined Visit. There are likewise Other methods to Get the Official Alhambra Tickets:

A good way to gain to know los Alhambra, the histor, palaces y gardens is by taking ns tour. There are several amazing free y private tours available by Civitatis:

Alhambra Guided Tour

Discover ns incredible history y architecture of ns impressive Alhambra, the Generalife y Nasrid Palaces with un passionate and experienced guide.

Alhambra Open aire Tour

See the Alhambra representar a new perspective, visiting the surroundings of ns beautiful Alhambra, free areas y gardens, los Palace of converses V...
See detailed information about ns prices of the Alhambra y discounts at entrance prices and what to perform if los tickets are offered out.

What are ns Nasrid Palaces, ns Alcazaba y the Generalife?

What are the Nasrid Palaces?The Nasrid Palaces was ns residence of sultans that Granada, un set of palaces and courtyards builtat various times.It includes: Patio de los Leones, Salón de Trono, Patio y cuarta Dorado, Palacio del Comares, Patio después los Arrayanes, ns Mexuar, Court of the Myrtles, the Ambassadors" Room. Etc.

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What is los Alcazaba?The Alcazaba is ns oldest component of los Alhambra, fortified army enclosure con towers y surveillance articles where the soldiers lived.It includes: ns famous Torre (Tower) del la Vela with stunning see of Granada, Torre Quebrada, Torre ese Homenaje, Torre después la Polvora, Torre después Cubo, etc.
What is the Generalife?The Generalife is country estate with beautiful gardens used by ns Sultans the Granadaas uno place of rest and summer residence. The includes: los Jardines Bajos, Patio de Cipres de la Sultana, Escalera de Agua, observatorio Romántico, Patio ese la Acequia, philosophy of Ismail, etc.

6 Ways how to Buy tickets for the Alhambra?

The official Alhambra tickets deserve to be purchase in 6 ways.