Entradas loro parque y siam park

Enjoy dos fun days el fin with 1 ticket. Buy ns Twin Ticket to Siam Park and Loro Parque and enjoy dos world class parks at one impressive price.

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If girlfriend buy ticket to Siam Park and to Loro parque separately, it will price you 37€ per each and finally 74€ for dos parks. With un Twin Ticket you will conserve 10€ per person y will visit both Siam Park, los newest and most spectacular water parque anywhere, also as ns famous Loro Parque, that will amaze you with all ns wonders that the naturaleza world.

The best way to visit los two parque is vía our transport service representar from los Americas, ese Cristianos, Adeje and Los Gigantes to Loro parke in Puerto del la Cruz. Los journey will certainly take approximately 1 hour 20 min.

At los time, once our representative will be issuing her tickets, she or that will provide you con all ns details and information about the Pick increase point, etc.

Languages & Schedule
The parks opening hours are:At Winter season desde 1st of November: 10:00 am – 5:00 PMAt Summer season desde 1st that May: 10:00 am – 6:00 PM

If girlfriend buy an option con Express-Bus Transfer, so you will start at approx. 8:30 AM y will be espalda to her hotel at about 6:30 PM (depend on pick Up point). There’ll be un guide in los Express-Bus, i m sorry speak at the very least English y 2-3 various other languages.

Exact Times and Dates will be spicy in her Tickets, delivered for friend to your hotel by ours representative.

To book ns Entry Tickets, please, send us:

– your Name y Surname

– Desired days for visit of 1st parque (from this day you will have catorce days come visit these dos parks in dos different days)

– call mobile phone call nr

– E-mail

– variety of visitors and their age

Once we got your booking message, we will certainly send you Payment request for the lleno amount by e-mail (depend on the number the adults y children). Los Payment inquiry is payable online with ns debit or credit card y must be payment in ns next 24 hours.

If ns Payment inquiry is no paid within 24 hours your booking is automatically cancelled!

Tickets distribution & Payment
Right after Payment inquiry is paid you will acquire your Entry tickets by e mail to print it y take con you to donar it at ns desk of the first park you’ve determined to visit.

Starting from the Ticket validity date you will have 14 full days come visit both parks – each park in a different day. You select days by yourself.

Twin Ticket:

64€ – adult.43,50€ – boy 6-11 y.free – for uno child 0-5 y.

The price incorporate entry tickets with access to all the atractions the Siam Park and Loro Parque.

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Twin Ticket + Express-Bus to/from Loro Parque:

77,50€ – adult.53,50€ – kid 6-11 y.19€ – for ns child 2-5 y.free – for ns child 0-1 y.

The price encompass entry tickets with access to all the atractions of Siam Park and Loro Parque and Express-Bus transfer desde zone Los cristianos – costas Adeje to Loro Parque.

* If her hotel is located in zone der Gigantes – playa Paraiso, climate +9 EUR to ns price with transfer.

Book Now

Tour Duration
2 days, a trabaja per one park.

Pick increase Point
Usually in 1-10 minutes walk from your hotel.You will get ns Pick Up apuntar a information in our Booking Confirmation.

What come Bring
CameraSun glassesSwimming apparel to Siam ParkLight jacket at winter come Loro ParqueSun defense cream in ~ summerComfortable breathing shoes to Loro ParqueSome cash for drinks, meals or souvenirs

Tenerife organize offers friendly24 h / 7 days supportfor every our Customers.

Please, include our phone nr:

+34 618 786 749

to her contacts.

You can call us or usar WhatsApp for complimentary text messaging.

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Be safe and feel comfortable with our support throughout your remain in Tenerife.

Easy Booking
SEND united state MESSAGE
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38660 las Americas

Tenerife —apoyándose Canary Islands

Phone: +34 seiscientos dieciocho 786 749




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