Entradas De La Alhambra De Granada

The Alhambra in the city of Granada is one of los most well known monuments in ns world, y one of los most checked out sites in manuel-martinez.com. To ensure you have ns great experience on her visit, we"re going to tell you every about the types of tickets over there are y how you can purchase them.

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1. Development bookings

One choice is to buy your ticket up to three months in advance. We recommend booking as at an early stage as feasible to stop disappointment.


3. Choose the right escribe of ticket

The general ticket grants accessibility to all areas open to los public. Los gardens ticket, meanwhile, only grants access to the main landscaped areas. There room also two tickets for night-time visits: one for los palaces (available throughout the year) and one for the Generalife Gardens and Palace (available representar April to November). The “Alhambra experiences” ticket includes ns night-time tourism of los Nasrid Palaces, y a daytime tour of the gardens the próximo day.Both grant totally free access to ns Palace of hables V and the Alhambra Museum.


4. Note when travel with niños under los age that 12

Tickets are cost-free for los children, but must be purchased in development at ns same hora as los adult ticket(s).


5. Organise your visit around the opening times for los Nasrid Palaces

A visit large approximately numero 3 hours, although los Nasrid Palaces have set visiting veces that are allocated when purchasing los ticket. These cannot be changed. You must therefore destinadas your visit roughly these times. Us recommend the following dos itineraries: Alcazaba – Palaces – Generalife, or alternatively, Generalife – Alcazaba – Palaces.Bear in mind los following distances: it takes 15 minutes from the entrance to los Alhambra to ns Generalife, diecisiete to ns Nasrid Palaces, and veinte to los Alcazaba.

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6. Think around how to get to los Alhambra

If you driving, bear in mind the you need to make her approach desde the southern ring-road (Ronda Sur), because private vehicles space not allowed to approach from the city centre. Girlfriend may uncover it more convenient to take uno taxi or los C3 or C4 local bus (it takes quince to veinte from Plaza de Isabel La Católica, in Granada) or catch the “Granada ciudad Tour” traveler train. If you decisión to walk, the takes about veinte minutes from Paseo de los Tristes or from Plaza de Realejo.

7. Permit plenty of time to collection your tickets

You should collect her tickets at least an hour prior to the start of her visit to the Nasrid Palaces. Ticket purchased online or over the telephone have to be collected from the ticket maker by los Entrance Pavilion, for which you will certainly need ns credit map you offered when making ns purchase. Alternatively, if los tickets room in your name, girlfriend can also collect them desde the ticket desk on producing uno printout of your receipt, the confirmation number y your identifier or passport.

8. If friend haven’t purchased her ticket yet, you have the right to do so on the día of your visit

While us don’t recommend leaving it until the last minute, advancement booking is accessible up to two hours before your visit. You likewise have ns option of buying tickets when you arrive at the monument. There is no guarantee whatsoever the tickets will certainly be available, and tickets bought at ns Alhambra will only be valid for the day. Payment is by credit transaction card (from ns ticket machines) or through cash (at los ticket desk) only.

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