Entradas basilica de san pedro y capilla sixtina

Head over to St. Peter's Basilica, y enter one of ns most magnificent churches ever developed that holds un pride of place at the Vatican.You will be add by an main Vatican overview who will take friend through los impressive Basilica y educate you on all ns aspects the this holy monument.Check fuera de the stunning works of art and architecture through Renaissance greats such together Bernini, Donato Bramante, Carlo Maderno, and more.Pay homage to ns grand tomb of St. Hombre Paul II on this guided tour.Choose in between English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German-guided tours.

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This ticket has the following alternatives that you can choose from:

English Guided TourFrench Guided TourItalian Guided TourGerman Guided TourSpanish Guided Tour






Your tour starts with climbing to the top of St. Peter's Basilica's dome, alongside an expert lugares tour guide.Once at ns top, stare out y catch awe-inspiring views of Rome, its popular landmarks, y the bordering hills.Pick up amazing facts and details regarding los dome that Michaelangelo and the papa Tombs desde your guide.Explore los dazzling interiors of St. Peter’s Basilica and the papa Sarcophagi as soon as you've visited ns top of the dome.Appreciate the artistic brilliance that Michelangelo and Bernini if at ns Basilica.Dress code: you re welcome be pull appropriately. Knees y shoulders need to be covered for both men y women. Comfortable shoes space recommended.
This ticket has ns following options you can pick from:

English Guided TourSpanish Guided TourFrench Guided TourItalian Guided TourEnglish Guided Tour -papposo Dome climb only
Commence your tourism by climb to the terrace the St. Peter’s Basilica, wherein you will uncover unmatched panoramic see of Rome representar atop Michelangelo’s Cupola.Make your method to ns other parts of ns Basilica, marvel in ~ its distinct Barocco style, and cultural artefacts like Michelangelo's Pieta. Cabeza next to ns fantastic papal Sarcophagi, whereby you will witness Renaissance masterpieces that Bernini y Michelangelo.Enjoy fast-track entry into ns glorious Vatican Museums, and tour around its numerous alluring galleries, together as los Chandelier’s Gallery, ns Galleries that Tapestries y Maps, los Raphael Rooms, and many others.Continue your tour by paying uno visit to ns beguiling Sistine Chapel, y marvel at the cherished murals here, together as los painted ceiling y The last Judgement through Michelangelo.
This ticket has los following variants that you can choose from:

English-Guided TourFrench-Guided TourSpanish-Guided TourItalian-Guided Tour

Note: the Spanish tour only runs ~ above Mondays and Saturdays.

Compulsory Vatican dress code rápido visitors need to cover knees, arms, y back.
Ages 5yrs and below walk free. Periods 6-17yrs enjoy decreased pricing (carry a valid photo ID come avail).
Get a saturado refund on canceling this ticket up to 48 hrs before the schedule.

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St. Peter’s Basilica Reopens to los Public

On 1 February 2021, follow me with los Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Basilica reopened that is doors. If you space planning un visit, you re welcome ensure that you abide by the various health guidelines and measures administered for public safety.

Safety Measures y Rules at St. Peter’s Basilica

In luz of the current situation, the Vatican has applied certain safety measures in place. 

All visitors’ temperatures will be assessed by a thermal scanner prior to entryIt is obligated that visitors wear masks the cover completely cover ns nose and mouth throughout los duration of their visitVisitors can enter St. Peter’s Basilica straight through its entrance. Los one through los Sistine Chapel is closeup of the door until more notice.Social distancing is mandatory. Visitors should maintain uno minimum of 2 meters (6.5 feet) distance representar others. This has also been allowed by sociedad distancing markers inserted on the path before ns entrance. Hand sanitizers have been placed roughly St. Peter’s square for publicly useThe number of people who can participate in uno mass has actually been substantially reduced. Please check before you publication your ticket.

St. Peter's Basilica tickets 2022

If there’s uno structure the perhaps ideal represents Vatican City and Christianity, it is ns utterly captivating St. Peter’s Basilica. Boasting the tallest dome in los world while serving as un prime example of Renaissance-era architecture, un visit come Vatican city is incomplete without experimenting St. Peter’s Basilica. 

Based top top Catholic history, ns basilica today stands on los burial floor of St. Peter, taken into consideration widely as the first Pope. Construction was completed regreso in mil seiscientos veintiseis under los heavy influence of famed artists like Raphael, Bernini, Bramante y of course, Michelangelo.

Today, there’s many to check out at St. Peter’s Basilica. Admire y witness first-hand Renaissance-era impressions y design the adorn the interiors of this old church; or, cabeza up to the St. Peter’s Basilica Dome, from where you gain breathtaking views of Rome and Vatican City. Friend can likewise make your method towards los Vatican Necropolis, which is an ancient burial ground. 

Soak in classical art and architecture, study ns history that Christianity y more with a St. Peter’s Basilica ticket. 

Guided Tours

Opting for un guided St. Peter’s Basilica tour is the best way to explore ns length y breadth of this standard landmark. Your multilingual tour guide will take it you past los waiting lines and into ns basilica, where they will enlighten you with interesting trivia about ns history, construction and contemporary influence of this monument. Depending upon your ticket, her guided tour will vary: some allow accessibility to just ns main premises, if others allow entry into ns Dome, papa tombs, etc.

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St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tickets

A typical St. Peter’s Basilica ticket permits entry just into the primary areas of ns structure. If you’re looking to discover further and enjoy a memorable birds-eye view of Rome y Vatican City, you can opt for ns St. Peter’s Basilica Dome ticket. A profesional tour guide will take it you appropriate to the top into the dome, from where you have the right to witness the interior design up-close, y step onto ns terrace to view old statues and enjoy splendid panoramic see of the twin cities.

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Combo Tours

Apart from St. Peter’s Basilica, there’s an ext to discover in Vatican City. Ns visit is incomplete without exploring the history- y art-laden Vatican Museums y Sistine Chapel. While un standard St. Peter’s Basilica ticket does not include accessibility to ns Vatican Museums y Sistine Chapel, you can opt for un Vatican ticket that does. Her Vatican ticket includes access to all tres landmarks, along con skip-the-line access y a guided tour, permitting you to make ns most of your visit to Vatican City.