purchase this convenient twin ticket package y enjoy dos popular family parque on Tenerife at an exceptional price. Visit Siam Park y Loro parke on different days, with round-trip bus transfers to Loro parke included.

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Take advantage of your twin ticket to visit both Loro Parque and Siam parque Enjoy free bus transportation to these generalizado attractions no Spend dos days experimenting Tenerife’s favorite family members destinations
Visit dos of Tenerife’s favorite attractions at uno exceptional price: dos fun days, uno great ticket! This task includes transportation and entry tickets to Loro Parque, and entry tickets to Siam park (without transportation).Please select the date you great to visit Loro Parque. Once the hotel is selected, ns nearest meeting señalar will be indicated. ~ above the day of los tour you will certainly be informed of ns time the return desde the park and the coach number.Siam park provides its own double-decker autobuses to pick up guests in these areas:Costa Adeje – CC ns Duque, Fañabe Plaza, ocean ParkLas americas – Aptos. Columbus, best Tenerife Princess, Llanos después TroyaLos cristianos​ – CC Pasarela, Princesa DácilServices operate daily, every treinta minutes representar 09:30 to 18:30 (except in between 14:00 y 15:00).
Siam park is open from Wednesday come Sunday. No Loro parque is open representar Thursday to Sunday. when you have actually selected her entry dates, friend won’t have the ability to modify los booking because of capacity direccion at every park. you re welcome note, pregnant woman will not be able to accessibility all of ns slides at Siam park for health and security reasons.

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It was uno fun and enjoyable day. Los bus picked us up desde the hotel y then we visited pick increase others, regrettably it take it us about 2.5 hours to get there. The park was amazing, the flora y fauna shows were entertaining. The food in the parque was rather bad and expensive, us got ns baguette i beg your pardon wasn’t even warmed in ns microwave, los baguette was stale y not pleasant to eat. Me gustaría would recommend pack sandwiches or snacks desde outside. Way trasero was better, we made much better time. As whole really an excellent experience.

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Very beautiful cared for y clean parks. Los only observation is for ns transfer. For Siam parque there is a free scheduled bus that runs every half hour y we have actually waited much more than one hour on the first leg together it is full and the último bus returns at 6:30 pm once the parque closes in ~ 6:00 pm y you need to wash and getting dressed and not sufficient seats so virtually 70/80 world were waiting for un taxi con us .... Because that their parque too much tiempo to recover people in assorted hotels so the journey lasted an ext than dos hours

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Brilliant job out. Loro parque was amazing y lots come see. Los dolphin and whale mirrors were uno lot of funny to watch. The penguin arena to be spectacular! los coach to be clean and cool. To be on time y easy come find los bus stops. The day was long 11-5 at the parque so make sure to bring extra suncream! food was it s okay but me gustaría would suggest to lug your very own snacks as they are quite pricy there. Siam parque was incredible! If your coming to Tenerife it"s ns must!! comida was reasonably priced and lots that options. Minimal waiting veces for the rides in late May. Yes, really happy con this booking y would certainly do that again! me gustaría didn"t receive ns times us were going come be gathered within 24 like they said so identificación waited 48 and sent out an email y they were really helpful y quick come respond. Identificación didn"t receive the first email even though they sent it but we"re really patient con sorting every little thing out!