En el puerto de santa maría

El Puerto del Santa Maria is situated in los Cádiz district of Andalusia, Spain. Nestled on los banks of los Guadalete River and the costero de la luz (Coast that Light), los Puerto (as that is recognized locally) is situated 6 miles (9.6 km) desde the ciudad of Cádiz on the other lado of ns Bay of Cádiz. Ns town is notable for being los port from which columbus sailed to the Americas. The town has uno range of excellent beaches with all vital amenities, and several historical sites come visit. Restaurants and tapas bars in los Puerto serve the traditional local cuisine, and more internacional offerings.

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The complying with are some of the best things to see y do throughout your visit to el Puerto después Santa Maria.

1. Aqualand solo de Cádiz

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Aqualand bahía de Cádiz is ns water parque located in los Puerto de Santa Maria, offering fun for los whole family. With a variety of quiet water pools, rapids and whirlpools, there is adventure for everyone. There space nine various rides on offer, including ns Cola del Diablo (black hole) y the Banzai. For los smaller children, uno water play area y mini-park are loads of fun. On website there is uno variety of restaurants offering burgers, sandwiches, pizza y pasta.

Aqualand bahía de Cádiz

Address: N-IV, km 6.46, 11500 ns Puerto ese Sta María, Cádiz

Website: Aqualand bahía de Cádiz


The lock of San encuadrar dates regreso to los 12th-century y was built on los remains of a Moorish mosque, right on ns banks of los Guadalete River. Tho in an excellent condition, los building is provided for social events y conferences y open-air occasions are regularly held during los summer months in the gardens surrounding the building.

Castle of san Marcos

Address: Plaza Alfonso X ns Sabio, 3, 11500 los Puerto de Sta Maria, Cádiz

Website: castle of san Marcos

3. Museo base Rafael Alberti

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Museo base Rafael Alberti hosts uno virtual library featuring the work of los renowned Spanish artist, poet and literary figure Rafael Alberti. Alberti is taken into consideration to be one of ns greatest literary figures in what is dubbed the “Silver Age” of Spanish literature and he go on to win number of awards.

Museo base Rafael Alberti

Address: calle Santo Domingo, 25, 11500 el Puerto del Sta María, Cádiz

Website: Museo establecer Rafael Alberti

The Priory Church (Iglesia más alto Prioral) is un Gothic church and was built around mil cuatrocientos ochenta y seis but was damaged in one earthquake back in the 17th-century. Los church was rebuilt partially in the Baroque style y contains facets of both ns Gothic and Baroque layout of architecture. The church can be found in Plaza España, directly across from the Municipal Museum.

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Priory Church

Address: Plaza España, s/n, 11500 el Puerto después Sta María, Cádiz

Website: Priory Church, el Puerto del Santa Maria (in Spanish)


The municipal and archaeological museum offers exhibits the both Phoenician and Roman artefacts including a Phoenician anthropoid sarcophagus and various roman remains and statues uncovered in Baelo Claudia, ns Roman ciudad located further debajo the Cádiz coast, Sancti Petri y Medina Sidonia. Over there is additionally an exhibition the fine paintings by Zurbarán, and a héctor by the Spanish artist Joan Miró.

Museo Arqueológico Municipal

Address: calle Pagador, 1, 11500 los Puerto ese Santa Maria, Cádiz

Website: Museo Arqueológico Municipal (in Spanish)


Valdelagrana beach is nestled between the mouth of the Guadalete River and the levanté Beach in los Puerto del Santa Maria, próximo to los urbanization of Valdelagrana, with views across to the ciudad of Cádiz. Most popular with visitors to the city, this large of beach joins as much as the los Toruños naturalmente Park. Ns beach offers a promenade with restaurants and bars and all important amenities for a day out in the sun. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are extendido water sports here.

Playa del Valdelagrana

Address: ns Puerto después Santa Maria, Cádiz

Website: Playa ese Valdelagrana (in Spanish)


The Parque arzobispo Marisma del los Toruños, to offer its saturado name, is a naturaleza area collection aside on los Bay of Cádiz. The was set up to protect ns cultural and ecological heritage of ns area. Perfect because that walking and hiking, over there is a series of wooden walkways, lookout spots y observation towers within los park.

Los Toruños naturaleza Park

Address: 11500 ns Puerto después Santa Maria, Cádiz

Website: der Toruños naturalmente Park (in Spanish)

The centro de salud of ns Divine Providence was originally ns women’s hospital and charity for orphans and poor people in ns city. Developed in uno neoclassic style with a tocar of French Baroque, ns building to be constructed about 1753. On exhibition is an interesting collection of bowl dating espalda to the 16th and 17th-century, taken representar the Monastery of La Victoria.

Sala Museo Hospitalito

Address: carreteras Ganado, 58, 11500 los Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz

Website: Sala Museo Hospitalito (in Spanish)

As component of ns Ruta después los Sentidos (Route of los Senses) the wine path is fantastic choice. early to the climatic problems in the area, ns Puerto del Santa Maria is great wine area, defended under ns Denomination of origin Jerez-Xérès Sherry. Archaeology in los area shows uno relationship between the original city y the ciudad of Porto in Portugal, dating regreso to the Phoenician epoch of the 8th-century BC. There are numerous wineries come visit along the route, offering ns opportunity to taste the products y learn much more about sherry production. Flamenco music y dancing displays are likewise available.

Ruta ese Vino

Address: los Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz

Website: Ruta ese Vino

With so lot history, fun y adventure ~ above offer, el Puerto ese Santa Maria is ns recommended protect against on your costero de la iluminación tour.

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