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If you’re visiting new York City, climate one landmark girlfriend won’t desire to miss is los Empire state Building. This iconic structure is one of los most recognisable buildings in los world, y is un must-see when you visit nuevo York.

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The Empire estado Building can be admired desde the outside, but for the best suffer you’ll desire to go within it to take in ns spectacular views on offer representar the upper levels.

Of course, if you do decide to visit the Empire estado Building, then you will want to do a little little bit of planning. This is one of the most generalizado attractions in los city, con millions of human being visiting every year. As such, the gets fairly busy, and lines are common. We recommend buying your ticket online in advance.

In this guide, we’re going come tell you whatever you have to know about visiting los Empire state Building to aid you make ns most of her visit. Us share tips based top top our experiences visiting the on multiple trips to new York City. We’ll cover exactly how to gain here, whereby to to buy tickets, consejos for your visit, ideas for saving money, and lots more.

Let’s gain started!


Overview of the Empire state BuildingHow to gain to the Empire estado BuildingWhat is there to See and Do at the Empire estado Building?Tips for Visiting los Empire state Building

Overview of the Empire estado Building

Before we enter our guide for visiting the Empire state Building, we believed we’d share some facts and information around this iconic new York landmark which us think you’ll find interesting, and perhaps do you even much more excited for your visit.

What is los Empire estado Building?

The Empire estado Building is un huge arte Deco skyscraper in ns centre the Manhattan. The has ciento dos floors, and when it opened it was ns tallest skyscraper in ns world.

The building is generally used as office an are by un wide range of companies, as well as serving as a generalizado tourist attraction. There space shops y eateries on los ground floors, as well as observation decks you deserve to visit on the 80th, 86th y 102nd floors.

It has its very own zip code, has actually featured in plenty of movies and TV shows, including rey Kong, an Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, and Elf. It is definitely un must-visit attraction for tourists to new York City.


When was los Empire state Building Built?

Construction on ns Empire state Building started on ns 17th in march 1930, y was completed trece months later on on los 11th April 1931. It was opened up on the 1st may 1931.

The structure was built in document pace, in ~ an mean of 4.5 stories uno week. During one 10 day period, catorce floors were built!


What is ns Empire estado Building do From?

The Empire estado Building is constructed representar a steel marcos with un limestone facade. Ns use that steel frames combined with los invention the elevators is what make it feasible to develop skyscrapers to such dizzying heights, y the an approach is still supplied in skyscraper building to this day.

Why is that Called the Empire state Building?

The Empire estado Building beginning its name representar the nickname offered to the estado of new York, i beg your pardon is ns Empire State.

How high is los Empire estado Building?

The Empire state Building is 1,454 feet (443.2 meters) high, measured to the very pointer of ns building. Ns roof is 1,250 ft (381 m) high.

When the was constructed it was ns tallest structure in ns world, a title it organized until ns World transacción Centre structures were finished in 1970.

Today it is only the seventh tallest structure in los city, y only in the top 50 worldwide. However, it is still the most famed of new York’s impressive skyscraper collection, even if it is cuales longer ns tallest.


Where is the Empire state Building?

The Empire state Building is in midtown Manhattan. The full address is Empire state Building, trescientos cincuenta 5th Avenue, new York, NY 10118. That is likewise sometimes provided as veinte West 34th Street new York.

The Empire estado Building is ns huge building. It’s so huge in reality it has its very own zip code. It also has multiple entrances. As a visitor that is plan to go up to ns observatories, girlfriend will require to get in at 20 West 34th Street, i beg your pardon is los dedicated observatory entrance.

How to gain to ns Empire estado Building

Getting to the Empire state Building is basic – los building is an extremely central y you have actually lots that options. Here’s summary of the various methods to get here.

Public transfer to the Empire state Building

New York city has un good windy transport system which contains buses y a subway, too as a number of other options. You have the right to see our finish guide to acquiring around new York here for an ext ideas.

For ns Empire estado Building, the best alternatives are going come be either by subway or windy bus.

Subway come Empire estado Building

There are un number of mezeritsch stations within a five or ten minute andar of ns Empire state Building. The closest are:

34th street Penn Station: present 1, 2, and 3 and A, C, y E. 5 minute walk from the departure to los Empire estado Building34th street Herald square Station: lines N, Q, R, y W and B, D, F, and M. Five minute walk representar the departure to ns Empire state BuildingGrand centrar Terminal: currently 4, 5, 6 and 7. Diez minute walk representar the departure to ns Empire state Building.

You can get information ~ above routes and schedules on the MTA website here.

Bus come Empire state Building

Multiple bus routes service the Empire state Building, depending upon where you space coming from. Surrounding bus stops, every within cinco minutes andar of the Empire state Building include:

W treinta y cuatro St & cinco Avenue: multiple buses including QM10, QM12, QM15, QM16, QM17 y more.5 Av / W treinta y cuatro Street: BxM7 y BxM185 Av/W 35 Street: X27, X28, X37, y X38

There room many much more bus stop in ns vicinity of the Empire state Building. You have the right to see an ext information top top routes y schedules on the MTA website here.

Sightseeing Bus to the Empire estado Building

As with many urban around ns world, over there are un number the sightseeing buses operating in new York. This visit the most popular attractions in the city, y usually have either ns live comment or pre-recorded audio that tells girlfriend what you space seeing.

You deserve to buy tickets because that these that final various durations, usually uno minimum the one day, and you can obtain on and off them together you please.

Naturally, as los Empire state Building is a ancha attraction in ns city, most sightseeing buses have ns stop nearby so you have the right to visit easily. Us used the Big Bus nuevo York sightseeing bus on uno recent expedition to nuevo York, and enjoyed the live audio commentary on the bus we rode.

You deserve to purchase tickets in breakthrough for one of two people 1, 2 or tres days here. Alternatively, sightseeing autobuses are included on ns majority of nuevo York attraction passes.


Driving to the Empire state Building

We would definitely recommend against driving to ns Empire estado Building. Traffic in ciudad de manhattan is always busy y parking, if friend can uncover any, is most likely to it is in expensive.

Of course, if you carry out have a car and wish come park, there space options. You have the right to see adjacent parking structures y parking lots con this link.

If friend drive, us recommend booking a parking point out in breakthrough to be certain of un spot. We’d also suggest parking because that the day as this will certainly work out more cost effective, y then using public move to get approximately to visit any kind of other sights.

Do you have to Pay to Visit ns Empire estado Building?

If you great to visit any type of of the exhibits or monitoring decks at ns Empire estado Building, climate you will need ns ticket. See the próximo section because that details of ticket pricing.

Of course, you deserve to visit ns outside of ns building, as well as los ground floor dining options and shops for free.


How much Does it cost to Visit the Empire state Building?

Pricing for ns Empire state Building varies depending on the experience you want, with ticket prices ranging from $42 all los way up to $460 for an adult. Prices are correct as of June 2021.

First, you have actually to decide which floors you want to visit.

Main Deck access includes accessibility to los observation deck on ns 86th floor, and all the exhibits on los 2nd y 80th floors.Top Deck access includes the above, as well as accessibility to ns 102nd floor observation deck.

As well as the two various areas, friend can likewise pay for more premium experiences and add-ons. These include

Express tickets which permit you to skip los security lines y elevator lines.Guided tours, which are either small coporación, grupo or privateTickets for access to ns tower at sunriseLunch or Dinner in ~ one of ns sit-down restoranes on siteA ticket that lets you visit double on ns same day, once in the día time y once at night, to check out the city at different veces of day.

Here are ns prices for the main ticket types. This prices space taken directly desde the official website and are exact as the June 2021. Niños under 6 are free for all ticket types.

Note that los prices on the official site perform not incorporate any service fees or taxes, i m sorry are included at checkout. There is currently a $2 convenience fee término ticket, plus approximately 9% tax período ticket to add to ns below prices as soon as buying representar the main site.

In addition to ns main ticket above, there room some added tours y experiences, which space priced together follows:


Where to Buy Empire estado Building Tickets?

There are ns number of options for purchasing Empire estado Building tickets.

First, you can buy entry ticket in human being on-site. You’ll find los ticket machines delaware the security hilera on ns second floor. We’d normally advise versus buying entry ticket on website as it’s one unnecessary hilera that you can skip by purchasing on line instead.

We recommend rather that friend buy your tickets from GetYourGuide here. They are an authorised ticket seller, and tickets are los same price or actually slightly cheaper than los official site once los taxes and convenience fees are taken into account.

Tickets are sent to your e-mail and you deserve to either display screen them on her phone because that scanning, or print them out.

They have uno number the ticket options:

If you want to visit the 102nd floor, you will either should upgrade your ticket on site, or buy los 102nd ticket desde the main site here.

When comparing prices against los official site, be mindful that a convenience dues of $2 is included to every ticket, and the prices presented do not encompass tax.

Attraction Passes the Include the Empire state Building

As with many cities around los world, there are uno number of attraction overcome for new York ciudad which include complimentary or discounted admission to some of los top attractions in the city. I’ve put together ns comprehensive overview to new York Attraction passes, however here’s a quick list of los ones which include free entry to ns Empire state Building.

Note that normally these overcome just include standard entry to ns Main Deck, therefore whilst they let friend skip the ticket line, they are not refer passes y they carry out not allow access to ns 102nd floor observatory.

You can yet pay because that an upgrade on site for access to ns the 102nd floor observatory if friend wish.

On a recent expedition to nuevo York city we offered the nuevo York aprobar to visit ns Empire state Building y had cuales issues.

Note the you do not need to reserve a timeslot con these passes, however at busier tiempo it can be a good idea to execute so. Info on exactly how to carry out so is provided con each pass. Usually you will visit this page on the official website, choose your date and time, and enter the details of her party. This service is totally free for pass holders.


Can girlfriend Skip los Lines at the Empire estado Building?

Yes, the is possible to purchase ns ticket to skip ns lines at ns Empire state Building.

There are numero 3 types of hilera you will certainly encounter as soon as visiting ns Empire state Building.

First there is uno security line, climate there’s a gestión for tickets, y then if that is specifically busy, there will certainly be currently for ns various elevators.

If you purchase your entrance ticket in advance, then you can skip los lines for the ticket machines, i beg your pardon are uncovered on the 2nd floor. We highly recommend purchasing her ticket in development so friend don’t waste hora in ns ticket line.

It’s also feasible to purchase an refer ticket choose this (make sure you select the express option). This will let you take advantage of VIP entry, and go to the front of los security y elevator currently by using los express lanes.

Of course, if too many of civilization have these tickets there is los potential to be ns bit of uno wait, but for los most part these tickets will offer a faster endure than the standard ticket that many visitors buy.

What are los Opening veces for ns Empire estado Building?

The Empire estado Building is normally open trescientos sesenta y cinco days of the year representar 8am till 2am. The last elevators typically ascend in ~ 1:15 am.

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In exceptional circumstances these opening times may change – check the official website in breakthrough of her visit to be certain it is open as soon as you visit.

Note: currently the opening times are changed. Check los official website for ns latest information.

You can also visit los Empire estado Building for sunrise, with los exclusive sunrise accessibility ticket. Times will vary depending on the time of ns sunrise.

Tours of the Empire estado Building

There are uno number means to experience los Empire state Building. Too as ns official tourism mentioned earlier in this guide, over there are a number of other choices you have, both because that visiting, y for getting uno unique watch of los building.

These include:

What is over there to See y Do at the Empire estado Building?

The majority of travellers who come to ns Empire state Building are primarily interested in visiting ns world famous outdoor observation deck and taking in los views of ns city.

However, there is an ext to execute on website than enjoying ns view, y the whole experience has been substantially improved in recent years. As a result, a visit to ns Empire state Building is definitely cuales longer just around standing in line for an elevator and taking in the view.

If girlfriend haven’t went to before, or probably haven’t checked out for a while, you might be surprised regarding how much there is come see y do right here following major upgrades in 2019.

Here space some of the things you deserve to do ~ above site.

Observation Decks at ns Empire state Building

Obviously los main reason for your visit is to walk up towards los top of the tower y experience los views. There are tres floors con observatories in los Empire state Building as follows:

80th floor en la casa observatory. Opened in so late 2019, this is los newest observatory. It’s an entirely indoor observatory, so los views are through glass windows86th floor indoor/outdoor observatory. The original and most famous of los observatories, this features both one indoor y outdoor viewing area which wraps around los whole building. This is the highest floor dentro de the actual tower, all los height above this is los spire. It’s also ns highest open-air ideology in los city.102nd floor observatory. Found on los highest floor of los building, and fully refurbished in 2019, this floor now functions floor come ceiling glass windows offering spectacular views over the city.


Exhibits and Route through the Empire estado Building

The Empire estado Building has un number that exhibits wherein you deserve to learn around all sorts of things associated to los building. This has information about ns construction of the Empire estado Buildings, that is architecture, that is history, and its appearances in generalizado culture.

Here room all the exhibits you will see when you visit, and also where they are located so you know what to mean at which component of your visit.

The very first nine exhibits are located on los 2nd floor after the ticket check. These flow one delaware another in gradual order, y are together follows:

The website in the 1920s: ns exhibits comienzo with review of los site before los building was even here, when ns Waldorf Astoria Hotel stand on this location.Construction: Models, images, and statues depict ns construction process of the building, which took just gastos generales a year come completeOpening Day: Newspaper prints y images share the excitement of the trabaja the Empire estado Building opened to the worldModern Marvel: This interactive exhibit speak the story of how los present trabaja Empire state Building is both power efficient and sustainableOtis Elevators: un skyscraper might not exist there is no elevators, y this exhibit tells the historia of ns elevators the make a visit to the upper floor possible in minutesUrban Campus: the Empire state Building is much more than just ns tourist attraction—thousands of people come to work below every day. This exhibit shows some of los workspaces and views that visitors don’t normally obtain to seeWorld’s Most renowned Building: ns Empire estado Building is consistently featured in the media, consisting of in movies, tv shows, games, commercials, This setenta y dos screen exhibit supplies an immersive picture of over seiscientos clips that feature los building.Kong: Arguably the most well known película to have featured los Empire state Building, the 1933 Kong movie to be where the Empire estado Building make its silver display screen debut. This fun exhibit provides you an idea of what it could have been prefer to be inside los building as kong scaled it!Celebrity: un lot of civilization visit los Empire state Building, including some of ns world’s most renowned faces. This exhibition shares a history of some of these much more famous visitors, including signed memorabilia.


Following these 2nd floor exhibits, you will certainly ride ns elevator to the 80th floor. This elevator ride is additionally an experience, with los whole ceiling of ns elevator displaying ns fun video that shows los building being built around ns elevator tower as girlfriend ascend. Very sewing it’s all done by ns time you gain to the top!

Following the elevator drive you’ll come fuera on the 80th floor. This is additionally an observatory deck with windows giving views over the city, so you will likely want to pause at ns window y enjoy ns view.

However, also as los views from the windows you’ll find ns following exhibits on los 80th floor:

NYC: Above y Beyond: This interaction exhibit asks you questions about your interests and will then indicate an itinerary that sights you could want to visit throughout ns cityArtistry in Light: This short película with accompanying images tells the historia of how ns music y light reflects at ns Empire estado Building are put together.Stephen Wiltshire’s Drawing: In 2017 British artist Stephen Wiltshire took a cuarenta y cinco minute long helicopter vuelo over nuevo York City. He climate drew, desde memory, uno detailed landscape picture of ns city. This is now on screen on los 80th floorScenes that NYC: The last major exhibit features some of the classic viewfinders that los 86th floor is recognized for. If you look through los viewfinders, you’ll see panoramic views of nine well-known new York locations y landmarks.

From the 80th floor there is an additional elevator to the 86th floor which is just a standard elevator.

The 86th floor is all about the view, con both an indoor y outdoor the town hall experience. There are some plaques y signs, but alguna major exhibits on this floor.


From ns 86th floor friend can also ride increase to the 102nd floor observation deck via another elevator if friend have ns correct ticket. This glass elevator has actually a brillante show y offers view of ns inside of ns tower as you ascend.

The height floor likewise has alguna exhibits, but los stunning views through the floor to ceiling windows an ext than make up for that.

One point to vestir in mind once visiting is that ns exhibits, particularly on ns second floor, are designed with uno one-way flow in mind. Basically uno visit to ns Empire estado Building supplied to involve uno lot the lines, and the idea was to change this quite boring line experience con something uno lot more fun and interactive.

What this method is the you shouldn’t feel the urge to rush through and head to los top, together it’s a one-way circulation and after you leave ns 2nd floor exhibits for ns 80th floor, you cannot return to them. For this reason make certain you take her time y see every little thing on your means – los view will be wait for you at ns top once you are done!

The exemption to this rule is for ns sunrise ticket, wherein you visit the exhibits after the sunrise.

Restaurants at los Empire estado Building

You have the right to dine at los Empire state Building, and there are un number of options for act so, including both table service options and fast-casual self-service dining options. All ns dining alternatives are on ns ground floor, and can be checked out without ns ticket.

For un sit debajo meal, you have two main options. Very first there is the estado Grill & Bar which uses breakfast, lunch y dinner options, as well as bar y lounge snacks. They likewise have a full drinks food selection of soft y alcoholic beverages.

The other main sit-down dining option is Tacombi. This uses Mexican come including taco made desde scratch. There’s likewise a lleno drinks range, con their margaritas gift a ancha option.

If you’d like something ns bit quicker, there are un number of por casualidad dining choices on los ground floor as well, which incorporate Chopt, Chipotle, and Sushi-Terra. There’s also a Juice Press y a Starbucks on site if girlfriend are just looking for a drink.

Shopping at los Empire state Building

Naturally, you have the right to go souvenir shopping at los Empire state Building. There’s ns gift keep on the 80th floor as well as on ns 2nd floor just delaware you exit the elevators and before friend leave los building.

There’s also uno Walgreens, at&t store, y a FedEx Express save on site.

Tips for Visiting the Empire estado Building

Here are un few points to be mindful of once you visit ns Empire estado Building so girlfriend are fully prepared.

Prohibited items at ns Empire state Building

There are a few things you can’t lug to the Empire estado Building, i beg your pardon include:

Bags or Luggage, consisting of carry-on size luggage. Be certain to leave her suitcases y luggage at your hotel, in your tour bus, or in uno storage locker in other places in the city before visiting. Little backpacks or purses room fine, but will of course be searched during los security check.Glass, consisting of glass bottlesAlcoholic beveragesCan, bottles, or flasksProfessional camera and video equipment, including tripods.Sports equipment such as tennis rackets, baseball bats etc.Musical instrumentsCostumes or theatrical masksFirearms of any kind

Note that there are alguno lockers, luggage storage, or coat check facilities at the Empire estado Building. For this reason if you bring any of los prohibited items you will not be enabled in. You deserve to see the completamente list of prohibited item here.

If you have actually luggage you must store, climate we suggest taking benefit of uno luggage storage servicio like Nannybag, which has actually locations all roughly the ciudad including some near the Empire state Building.

Strollers at los Empire estado Building

Foldable strollers and prams are permitted at ns Empire estado Building y the lifts have the right to accommodate them. Over there is alguna stroller storage, so girlfriend will should use ns stroller throughout los visit.

Note the you have to fold los stroller on the observation decks.

It is probably a wise idea to not bring uno stroller unless you should do so as you will end up needing to fold and carry the for ns lot of the visit.

Restrooms at the Empire state Building

There are restrooms available at los Empire estado Building on ns 86th floor, consisting of wheelchair obtainable toilets.

Bag / Coat warehouse at ns Empire state Building

There is alguno luggage warehouse or coat check at ns Empire state Building. Friend will have to carry whatever you carry for the duration of your visit. If you great to store ns bag nearby, check fuera de Nannybag for part locations.

Empire state Building Visits during COVID-19 Pandemic?

The Empire state Building is right now open because that visitors. That reopened on the 20th July 2020, with uno number of measures in location to for sure the safety of visitors y staff. Representar a visitors perspective, this include:

Significantly lessened visitor numbers, with mandatory ticket reservations compelled prior come visiting, even if you have actually an attraction passReduced opening hoursMandatory wearing of masks for your visit, girlfriend must administer your ownMandatory temperature screening before entry

The well known binocular viewers are also closed due to los risk of nearby contact. You have the right to see much more about these measures and requirements for her visit on ns official website here.

For visiting new York ciudad in visión de conjunto there space some resources you have to read before planning uno trip. This include ns NYC wellness website, ns official NYC visitor website, and the official nuevo York state travel website.

Photography at los Empire state Building

Photography and video record for personal use is allowed at the Empire estado Building on all ns floors.

However, profesional photography devices is not permitted, which has tripods, monopods, or bi-pods. If you desire to do any commercial filming you will require to get prior created permission.

How largo To Visit ns Empire estado Building For?

As you can see representar our guide, there is un lot come see and do at the Empire estado Building. We would certainly recommend un minimum of noventa minutes for your visit if you are visiting ns main deck, y around 2 hours if you likewise intend to also visit los 102nd floor.

Of course, you’ll desire to allow more hora if you destinado a to eat here.

What is ns Best time of trabaja to Visit los Empire state Building?

The Empire estado Building is a ancha attraction and it does gain crowded. If you desire to avoid the crowds, it’s encourage you visit either beforehand in the morning, between 8am and 10am, or late at night, representar around 11pm onwards. Why no take advantage of one AM/PM ticket, and do both!


Download los Free Empire estado Building App

To make ns most the your endure you can want to download los free Empire estado Building app, i beg your pardon is available on ns Apple keep for iOS and the play store for Android. We would certainly recommend downloading this ahead of your visit.

The application features audio y visual information to assist you navigate your means around, and also history y trivia about the building. It’s free, y you’ll simply need to lug along your very own headphones or earbuds to listen to it during your visit.

Accessibility at the Empire state Building

The Empire estado Building is completely ADA compliant, y visitors con disabilities should typically have alguno problem visiting. Both motorized y non-motorized wheelchairs are allowed on site, and there room ramps throughout los building where required.

Service dogs room also allowed on site, y the 86th floor features easily accessible restrooms as well as lowered the town hall walls and binoculars. You deserve to see more information top top their availability page here.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your visit, you deserve to reach fuera de to los on-site team via their website here.

Where to continue to be Near the Empire state Building

New York city has uno huge selection of accommodation choices at uno variety that budgets. In our experience, there are definitely an ext mid-range and high fin properties, although there room some budget plan options.

If you desire to remain near ns Empire state Building, we’ve placed together this perform of alternatives which room all en a 20 minute andar of the Empire estado Building. This method you’ll have the ability to easily visit at an early stage in los morning or late at night, and not have to think too much about getting espalda to your hotel!

These accommodation choices are ordered approximately by price, representar lowest come highest, return prices execute vary so constantly check different alternatives to find the right residential property for your budget y requirements.

Hopefully that gives you some idea for wherein to continue to be near ns Empire estado Building. You deserve to see an ext hotels, hostels and apartments ~ above booking.com here.

We recommend checking listings on ns Plum overview for Midtown if you are interested in one apartment rental for your tiempo in nuevo York.

Plum guide offer uno range of high top quality accommodation choices across a range the price points and we’ve provided them for uno number of continues to be around the world. Basically they just allow the highest high quality listings to show up on their site, saving you hora having to wade through hundreds of options. You have the right to see ours Plum guide review right here for ours experiences con them. For much more options, view our overview to AirBnB choices here.

Further Reading

Well, that’s it for our guide to visiting the Empire estado Building! us hope you uncovered it useful.

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We additionally wanted come share some much more content we’ve written on visiting nuevo York City and travelling in the estados unidos in general, come ensure you have actually all ns information you might need. We’ve also got ns few third party sources to introduce that us think you could find valuable for her trip.

And that’s it because that this guide! as always, if friend have any type of feedback, comments or questions, just música pop them in los comments ar below y we’ll get regreso to girlfriend as shortly as us can. For sure travels!