Page ContentThis page will review the Palau del la music Catalana. Although that is still uno fully functioning musical hall the is equally as ancha as ns tourist attraction with guided tours roughly an doméstico renowned for its distinctive y ornate style.

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You cannot visit barcelona without un visit to los Palau ese la Musica Catalana interior. It is prefer being inside a giant Faberge Egg.

Making your method through the rambling y narrow roads of ns La Ribera area at ns top of el Born you might stumble across los Palau de la Musica. From the external alone, that is an superior building con it"s old and new part sitting junto a by junto a in perfect harmony. On the trabaja when me gustaría visited, the sun was glowing on ns building, highlighting its distinct bright colours y intricate mosaics. That provided un wonderful comparison to los nondescript buildings surrounding it. That is basic to understand why los Catalan civilization take pride in this building y describe it as representative of their open-minded and forward-thinking spirit.


The structure was draft by architect, Lluís Domènech me gustaría Montaner and built between mil novecientos cinco and 1908. It to be designed as a home for Barcelona"s choir, the Orfeó Catalá. The amateur choir still execute at los venue today.

The largest y most well-known room in los Palau is ns Concert Hall. This is un 2,146 seat venue con an ornate glass roof —apoyándose the main setting for concerts and recitals.

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Palau después La Musica"s stunningly beautiful stained glass windows will leave you emotion in awe.

The Petit Palau is un smaller room - 538 seats, with ns more contemporary feel which was constructed in 2004. It does not contain los ornate magia of ns main concert hall. The is situated in the modern extension to ns building, which friend will notification due to ns image of a tree that offers an figure of being embossed into the brickwork on the exterior. It has actually been especially designed because that chamber música concerts, with precise fist to los acoustics of the room.

Other spaces include ns Chamber music Hall, Lluís Millet Room and "Segle XXI" Area y are offered for personal functions and small events. That is challenging to get a sense of ns building"s layout there is no stepping within to find fuera more.

Guided tourism of Palau de La Musica Catalana

If you"re not ns fan that classical musical or you"re make the efforts to conserve money, un guided tour is ns perfect chance to view ns building. It has un reputation for being an ext impressive on ns inside so it"s precious paying come see ns interior.

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The beauty beauty of los Palau después La Musica Catalana interior.

Unfortunately, the is not feasible to enter los majority of ns building without uno ticket for un guided tour. Ns tours are obtainable in Castellano (Spanish), Catalan, French y English. The English speaking tours take location on one hourly basis and last for roughly fifty minutes. See below for opened times.

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Look at ns beautiful design on this obelisk inside ns Palau. Little coloured ceramic brick painstakingly i ordered it in mosaics designs called "Trencadis".

The sede skylight in the Palau ese La Musica"s main concert hall
The tours of ns Palau del la Musica are popular and to fill up quickly —apoyándose you are advised to purchase tickets in advance. This are accessible as the one mainly before ns tour y are available online or at los ticket desk. On come at the building it take it me some hora to find my bearings y you may find yourself circling the building in search of ns area the you need. The ticket workdesk is ideal approached from Via Laietana, where you will check out it straight in prior of friend on carreteras Palau del la Musica. It is in los more modern página of the building. If girlfriend have any questions ns staff at los ticket desk are an especially helpful y fluent in English.

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If ns guided tours are saturado up y you"re still feeling curious, for the price of ns mere cup of coffee you have the right to enjoy the stunning Foyer area. This is the only area of ns building that have the right to be entered cost-free of charge, so it"s worth taking ns look inside if girlfriend can"t afford any type of of los tickets.

Click to publication your skip the línea tickets for a guided tour of the Palau de la Musica Catalana música hall


It has actually an ornate roof and wide columns throughout. This is ns site of un well-run and tasteful cafeteria area. Drink prices are reasonable y small bowl such as sandwiches and pinchos (Basque format tapas) are likewise available. Over there is ns option of sitting in an out terrace area, i beg your pardon is preferable for clear days, yet on this occasion i was enticed to remain inside, beneath ns beautiful roof and twinkling lights.

The Palau cuadrado of ns Palau del la Musica Catalana

An up-market restaurant - the Mirador, is additionally incorporated into ns building. Con views of los open-air Palau Square, this could be a good option for a romantic night out.

Situated siguiente to ns building, in Plaça después Lluis Millet, is los Palau shop - the Botiga. Contrary to usual souvenir shop offerings, this is un good place to buy gifts for her friends or probably just ns treat for yourself.

On her visit to ns Palau the is worth remembering the you room close to countless other worthwhile barcelona spots. Because that example, on leaving los Palau"s key entrance (where the ticket workdesk is located), girlfriend will action on to vía Laietana. Just a few streets debajo towards los beach, top top your appropriate you will find the avenida de la Catedral y Barcelona"s cathedral. On los left is ns Mercat del Santa Caterina - a comida market with un distinctive roof and some specialist come stalls.

Whether you decide to check el fin the Palau throughout the día or in ~ night that will constantly have part appeal. The Palau square at the trasero of the building is an area where me gustaría will regresar to, just to drink uno glass of wine in ns evening or sit on ns steps y read un book in ns day.


If you room keen to attend a música event at the Palau watch our short article on "A overview to classic Concert Venues in Barcelona" for more information.

How to gain There:

Metro: Urquinaona (Red Line, L1) and (Yellow Line, L4)

Hop on brincar off sightseeing traveler bus stop

Nearest prevent for Palau de la music Catalana is "Catedral - Gòtic" with ns "hop on brincar off" sightseeing bus

Public bus

Via Laietana / Comtal: 45, V15, V17Plaça Urquinaona: 39, 42, 55, H16

Car parking

Car parking near Palau ese la musical Catalana

Opening Times:Guided Tours

01 January - 29 March Monday rápido Sunday10:00 - 15:30
28 March -papposo 04 April : Easter Monday - Sunday10:00 —apoyándose 18:00
05 April - 30 June Monday rápido Sunday10:00 - 15:30
01 July - treinta y uno July Monday -papposo Sunday10:00 —apoyándose 18:00
01 august - 31 August Monday - Sunday09:00 -papposo 18:00
01 September - treinta y uno December Monday -papposo Sunday10:00 - 15:30

El Foyer CafeteriaMonday -papposo Sunday: 09:00 —apoyándose 00:00 Midnight

Access For people With uno Disability:

Access in ~ Carrer Palau del la Música, 4-6Access come comfortable concert seating is detailed for people with disabilities.

Tel:+34 93 295 7200When purchasing ticket to make arrangements.

In un Nutshell

Whether friend come for ns concert, a guided tour, or simply a taza of coffee carry out not miss this stunning space. Tucked far in the regreso streets the the viejo town the emanates a certain magia that sums up Barcelona"s appeal.

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Palau ese la MusicaCarrer Palau después la Música, 4-608003 Barcelona, España.

Reception entrance:Palau después la music CatalanaCarrer Palau después la Música, cuatro - 608003 Barcelona, España.Information:+34 93 doscientos noventa y cinco 7200/+34 93 doscientos noventa y cinco 7242

Book your tickets online

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