manuel-martinez.com is privileged to have the ability to offer you the chance to view one of los best flamenco shows in Madrid. In cooperation with the Corral del la Morería "tablao", you have the right to make development bookings online to to make reservation a mesa at this reputation restaurant, permitting you to check out true flamenco whilst enjoying some marvellous Spanish food.

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Click ns button to publication your table Why not visit this top quality flamenco restaurant on a special chance like new Year's Eve or St. Valentine"s Day? Enjoy ns very special dinner con great food y wonderful flamenco!The Corral de la Morería to be inaugurated ~ above 25th may 1957, make it the oldest flamenco show restaurant in Madrid. That owner, Manuel después Rey, wanted to offer los best for his customers from the really beginning, hiring ns best chefs y the most differentiated artists, such as blanca del Rey, Antonio Gades, Lucero Tena, Pastora Imperio, Mario Maya or "el Güito". In every aspects, ns restaurant strives to market an exquisite servicio to the customer, and this is what makes el Corral después la Morería one of los best "tablao flamenco" restaurants in Spain.The restaurant is located in uno privileged spot in los heart that Madrid, in the old part of the city, próximo to ns Royal Palace. Ar map.The deal with is calles Moreria, 17. 28005 Madrid. Los location is also indicated on our interactive tourist map.The air-conditioned premises are ready to seat ciento cincuenta people. Furniture and lamps from the XVIII y XIX century give the restaurant a real Castilian style setting, transporting clients to ns true "tablao" of los time. The restaurant opens representar 7pm (19h00)Prices for the show and meals are shown período person y include 10% taxation on come & drink, and 21% taxation on ns show:There are 3 different booking possibilities:- show at 47.07 euros plus dinner with one of the fixed menus listed below (dinner at 7:30pm or 9:55pm), - show at 47.07 euro plus dinner ns la carte (dinner in ~ 7:30pm or 9:55pm),- dando plus uno drink (Total 50 euros in ~ 8:30pm or 10:20pm)The full "a la carte" food selection in English, French, italiano & Japanese is accessible in PDF layout here, over there are likewise special menus because that groups, availablehere.

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menu Moreria41.25 euros Menu Solea52.25 euros menu Alegrías57.09 euros Tasting Menu60.50 euros
warmth Goat Cheese Salad, with Mixed environment-friendly Leaves, Sweet wine Sauce and a Crunchy Topping orCoca (Puff Pastry Base) with Anchovies, Roasted Pepper Salad and Idiazabal Cheese with Pickled Vinaigrette ***Salmon with Cauliflower Puree, egg plant Compote, thinly sliced Asparagus orIberian secreto (Premium Spanish Pork Cut) con Caramelized Apples, minced Spanish Sausage "Couscous" and Idiazabal Cheese Sauce ***Our 5 Chocolates DessertorLemon and Brut Cava Sorbet ***Red wine Rioja Crianza "Corral después la Morería Selection"Mineral Water
Poultry Egg Yolk at 63° over Ropa viejo (shredded beef), Carrot Cream and Madrid Stew BrothorScallop Salad with Artichoke Puree and Seasoned Diced tomato ***Beef Sirloin with y Potato Pastry au Gratinor steamed Galician Hake Loin with our iluminar Pil Pil Cream Sauce (Traditional Spanish Sauce) ***Our five Chocolates DessertorLemon y Brut Cava Sorbet ***Red alcohol Rioja Crianza "Corral del la Morería Selection"Mineral Water
no Scallop Salad con Artichoke Puree and Seasoned Diced Tomatoes***Sea Bass with Cream of feather Onion y Semidried tomato ***Crown that Pré-Salé Lamb with Pumpkin Puree and Rustic Potatoes no ***Our five Chocolates DessertorLemon y Brut Cava Sorbet ***Red alcohol Rioja Marqués del Riscal ReservaMineral Water & coffee ***Optional: wine Tasting (4 glasses of various wines) rápido 25,50 €
no Scallop Salad with Artichoke Puree y Seasoned Diced Tomatoes***Poultry Egg Yolk at 63º over Ropa vieja (shredded beef), Carrot Cream y Madrid Stew Broth***Sea Bass con Cream of feather Onion y Semidried Tomatoes***Rack the Pré-Salé Lamb con Pumpkin Pureeand Rustic potatoes ***Childhood storage (Biscuits con Milk y Chocolate) ***Mineral Water & coffee ***Optional: wine Tasting (One glass of Champagne and 4 glasses of various wines) —apoyándose 36.50 €
all prices are período person and with VAT includedClick ns button to book your table no Why no visit this top quality flamenco restaurant on ns special occasion like nuevo Year's Eve or St. Valentine"s Day? Enjoy un very distinct dinner con great food and wonderful flamenco!The Show
Dinners (1st shift) for big groups: 7pm (19h00)
Dinners (1st shift) because that everybody: 7:30pm (19h30)
1st Show: 8:30pm (20h30) —apoyándose 9:40pm (21h40)
Dinners (2nd shift) because that everybody: 9:55pm (21h55)
2nd Show: 10:20pm (22h20) -papposo 11:30pm (23h30)

Videos representar the Corral después la Moreria
The videos below dando the Flamenco Troupe, y the key dancers Andrés Maya, Belén López and José Triguero, performing their arte at ns restaurant. Watching the videos provides you some idea of ns stage and view. We have more videos here.

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Video of los Corral ese la Moreria Flamenco Troupe:
Andrés MayaBelén López & artículo Triguero
The Corral de la Morería"s "cuadro flamenco" or flamenco troupe is a grupo of 8 well known, prestigious artist (2 etc players, dos singers or "cantaores" and 4 flamenco dancers), who carry out a donar that lasts around one hour. The guest stars are renowned y established performers together as blanca del rey (National Flamenco Prizewinner), juan Andrés Maya or Belén López.Click los button to publication your table New Year"s eve Dinner in ~ Corral de la Moreria. Clic Here!