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In ZENIT Hotels ns commitment to our customers is ns major part of ours work. The is why you room guaranteed MINIMUM PRICE ONLINE.

If ns price we sell in our main site: www.manuel-martinez.com.com is greater than the of any type of of any other on line sales channel, we automatically match the fee.


How to execute it

If as soon as making her booking you discover on another on line sales channel uno more economical rate than ns one we market on our site and which complies with ns same requirements (room sales terms, room type, check-in y check-out dates) we complement that fee and “WE offer YOU uno 50% DISCOUNT OF los DIFFERENCE”.


Zenit Hotels main Site: 100 €Alternative unofficial Site: 95 €

Price to apply according to ns Zenit many hotels "Minimum price guarantee":100 € - 95 € = 5 € x 50% = 2,5 € Minimum price guarantee95 € - 2.5 € = 92.5 € Minimum price guarantee

To calculation the completamente price of the booking, the maximum discount come be used will it is in 20% on our www.manuel-martinez.com.com web rates.

We will need to confirm that the disparity fulfills los same conditions. In order come check the difference please send a screenshot (press print Screen and paste ) of los search on los official Zenit many hotels website y then los one in the channel you have actually seen ns most economically price.

The screenshot should contain ns following information:

Hotel’s nameONLINE channel operatorCheck-in y check-out datesRoom type, price (Euro), board y booking conditions (cancellation policy)Date and time at which the disparity has actually been seen

VERY IMPORTANT: walk ahead till the last step of ns reservation yet DO NOT complete it.

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The price of los disparity should be shown bookable to be valid, i.e. Los screenshot that the final step (where the emplea details space requested) need to be sent.

The best available rate commitment will certainly not be applied to previous reservations.

be able to apply the same rate, send this info to reservas
manuel-martinez.com.com or call 912 182 028

If the form is correct and the distinction is verified, ZENIT HOTELS will certainly send you ns communication confirming the nuevo rate, which will take prompt effect.

The Best on line Price guarantee will just be used to private customer bookings, under cuales circumstances come confidential rates or other rates i beg your pardon fall within special programs – such as package tour programs.

No extr discounts (Zenit Club, groups, etc.) will be used to the final improved price.

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All those sites lacking en línea booking confirmation will be excluded. Zenit many hotels is firmly committed to the subject of personal datos protection, thereby your personal data will not be happen to any organization without her prior consent.