El Caminito Del Rey En Málaga

Visiting ns Caminito ese Rey is one of ns essentials that Malaga. This road that was once recognized as the most dangerous path in the world should be understood and traveled con tranquility.

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The Caminito después Rey needs to be on your list of locations to take trip in Spain but arm yourself con patience to acquire tickets.

In this post, i will tell you around our experience touring “Los Gaitanes” Gorge, y I will additionally give you uno small overview to organize her visit.


Where to Buy tickets for los Caminito del Rey

The tickets to Caminito ese Rey have the right to be purchased online, return this is an really adventure in sufficient on itself on the official website.

Some providers make the excursion come Caminito del Rey desde Malaga and Costa después Sol. Identificación think this is los best way to go if friend don’t have a coche or if you choose to have actually some tranquility of mind.

A Little background of What was the Most Dangerous route in ns World

The Caminito después Rey is located in ese Gaitanes alleyways in un beautiful naturaleza setting. Los Caminito del Rey is one aerial path developed on the walls that this gorge.

The works began in mil novecientos uno and ended in 1905. To inaugurate this occupational of ns early zwanzigeth century, rey Alfonso XIII in 1921 crossed the road. Desde that moment on, people started to contact this road los “Caminito del Rey,” ns name that remains practically a siglo later.

Over ns years, this road was abandoned, y the maintain on ns bridge was carried to ns halt.

This lack of maintenance led to its deterioration, y it became an extremely dangerous to cross it. The area is an extremely famous, however, for world who are specialized to climbing.

The climb led to numerous ventures to overcome it, i m sorry caused plenty of accidents, including some deadly ones. As ns result, in 1999 and 2000, los Junta ese Andalucía determined to close the access come Caminito después Rey because of several fatal crashes that emerged in these years.

In addition, to stop people representar continuing to get through the closed area, castle imposed un fine that € 6000 on people who crossed ns closed area by rise or through train tunnels.

In February 2014, restoration occupational began, and in in march 2015, Caminito del Rey was as soon as again open to the normal public. Currently, it is very safe.

When to go to Caminito después Rey

El Caminito después Rey is situated in Málaga, so we recommend the you execute not do it in los summer.

We walk in November, and it to be hot, for this reason in August, the place must have actually literally been an oven. The best dates to go room in spring, autumn, y winter.

From my señalar of view, ns best thing would it is in to walk in the spring since the vegetation is much prettier in ~ this time of year.

Also, shot to go in the bajo season. It’s once it will certainly be much easier to discover tickets.


The route

The tourism of el Caminito del Rey is amazing; we loved it. We had already been to los “Chorro” area, and it was wonderful.

The naturaleza environment is unique, and the route runs between dos gorges, number of canyons, y a big valley.

There are parts of ns road that give more vertigo 보다 others. In part parts, you room about 100 meters wade along the footbridge on los gorge’s wall.

The path is linear y one way. It starts in Ardales y ends in Alora. The route is about ocho kilometers in total, y it take away roughly tres or cuatro hours to complete depending on the number of stop you make.

The path is an extremely easy to do, and you don’t feel vertigo (I think…)

How to acquire to Caminito de Rey

Getting to los Caminito del Rey is really easy, and you have dos main options: by road or by train.

By train: RENFE has daily zona services the drop you off at el Chorro.By car: access to Caminito by road from Malaga is via A-357 the is a very an excellent road to the Zalea crossing. Desde this minute you can:continue on this roadway to Ardales, y take the MA-5403 departure towards M-442 to los Chorro.or continue on ns A-343 until the intersection of Pizarra and A-7077 towards Álora-El Chorro. As soon as in Álora, ns distance to los Chorro is doce km.


General admission prices € 10 and with uno guide, € 18.

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Tickets deserve to be to buy online, and my referral is to execute it in advancement as they often tend to run fuera very quickly.

First visits start at 9:30 am con passes every treinta minutes approximately.

The complying with days room closed: January 1, December 24, 25, y 31.

The way we acquired tickets was thanks to my sister who lived in Malaga and met someone who booked us 5 tickets.


Our thoughts

Here identificación will divide my impressions of the visit to ns park, los management, y the tickets’ theme.

Concerning the Caminito itself, the is an extremely beautiful y well-taken treatment of ns site that i think is worth visiting. Honestly, i do not recognize if € diez per human is un bit much, yet if it helps maintain los park, me gustaría will let the pass.

I likewise said that me gustaría expected it come give an ext vertigo, but me gustaría think that seeing so many human being walking by take away away los adventure.

We saw Caminito del Rey in November of last year (2018) delaware having make the efforts it numerous times and never acquiring tickets.

I do not recognize if friend remember that último year, that rained un lot, y the roadway that “unites” ns beginning and the fin of ns road was reduced short.

So our visit began leaving the coche at the end of ns route. Us left the automóvil in ns free parking and got on the shuttle bus to walk to ns beginning of ns route, where we payment for los entrance y were given ns helmet.

The road was broken y cut; ns shuttle bus took about an hour to gain to ns starting point. Ns price of ns shuttle bus to be € 3 per person.

The ticket issue seems like un sham or un mafia ran it; contact it what you want. The thing is the on los webpage, you have the right to buy ticket for ns current month y three month ahead, but ns weekend for 4 months front are marketed out, con some exceptions.

With this in mind, it seems that los agencies, guides, and others buy los tickets to sell them. The course, this is just representar hearsay; me gustaría cannot confirm it with certainty.

But purchase tickets ended up being mission impossible. For this reason you have the right to imagine that when my sister lived in Malaga, me gustaría went un few times y never got tickets until she had actually to pull ns few strings …


Where to Eat in los Caminito de Rey or nearby

During ns tour of the path, you deserve to eat the comida that you bring in her backpack, however if you want to take advantage and eat in ns area, i leave you dos recommendations that we have actually tried y loved.

Restaurante los Mirador. This restaurant is at los beginning of the path. We stumbled upon the on a previous visit once we to be with los whole family. The has super nice see of los Guadalhorce reservoir.

I recommend this restaurant if you leave the coche at ns beginning of los Caminito and have her afternoon entrance. Take the opportunity to burn calorie along the way.

As ns recommendation, make los reservation through phone.

Los caballo Restaurant. This is the restaurant wherein we ate the día we toured los Caminito del Rey.

It is un little further y on ns way to Malaga, but since we were driving and did not publication in advance at the mirador or any type of other, we had to walk farther away from the path.

This restaurant is huge, and we had actually to wait about fifty percent an hour to have un table, however it to be well worth los wait. The typical dish to stimulate is the Plato ese Los Montes y the porra Antequerana (like salmorejo). In any type of case, ns two restaurants had terrific food.

Have you already visited los Caminito ese Rey? Then, call us around your experience!

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