The madrid Zoo Aquarium is one of ns oldest zoos in ns world. It was established in 1770, when the Casa ese Fieras (Wild animal House) existed in los Retiro, where exotic pets were brought representar all over the world.

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In 1972, the zoo was relocated to its present location, inside patria de Campo. That is situated an extremely near the Parque de Atracciones. Since then, it has been renovated y enlarged numerous times.

The zoo has plenty of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians y reptiles. But ns most necessary inhabitant of ns zoo is Chulin, los first large panda born by artificialmente insemination external China.


Various animal shows are organized throughout the year. The most generalizado are the dolphin show, the ~ ~ lion show, bird of prey show and exotic bird show.

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If you interested in any kind of of these exhibitions, we recommend checking when they take location as shortly as you obtain to the zoo, so the you can destinado a your visit accordingly.

Plan her visit

The madrid Zoo Aquarium is ns perfect place to visit with children. If friend would choose to check the zoo’s map before her visit, click on los following link:


the most loved flora y fauna at los Zoo

Dolphin show in ns Zoo Aquarium

la capital de españa Zoo

la capital de españa Zoo wildlife

Aquarium madrid Zoo
neto Panda in the la villa de madrid Zoo
gigantic Panda in madrid Zoo
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Casa ese Campo



Varies depending on los time the year, check ns official website.


Adults: € 23.85 (US$ 27.60)Children (aged between 3 – 7) y seniors (over 65 years old): € 19.30 (US$ 22.30)Children (less than tres years old): cost-free entry.

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Metro: Casa ese Campo, línea 10.Bus: hilera 33.

Nearby places

Parque después Atracciones in la capital de españa (1.2 km) casa de campo (1.9 km) Madrid río (3.4 km) Teleférico ese Madrid (3.8 km) Parque del Oeste (3.9 km)

Parque del Atracciones betet Warner

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