A couple of months earlier we presented uno publication regarding various routes in ns Mojacar area. Us suggested un shortitinerary which absorbs beaches y coves, all of which have the right to be got to either ~ above foot, by car or motorbike.

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On this chance we propose ns longer course of around 32 kms. This is a nuevo itinerary beginning in Mojacar, bordering ns coast southbound and finishing in Aguamarga.

This path is a little challenging and therefore more appropriate by car, motor- bike or for los more adventurous bycicle.

From Mojácar come Sopalmo and La Granatilla Beach

Leaving Mojacar y going south by the coast road you will certainly arrive at your an initial stop, Sopalmo, in ns vicinity of los Almerian city .

Sopalmo is famed as one of ns most interesting settlements in los area, positioned in between the Sierra Cabrera y the sea. You may recognize this area due to the fact that of los traditional cross-country marathon recognized as carrera de la Mojaquera.

Considered to it is in one of ns best kept keys of the Almerian Coast los hidden Sopalmo beaches are ending up being more popular with tourists from the nearby Mojacar, Vera y Garrucha. However, this area has constantly been very generalizado because the its it s as beautiful as picture walks plainly marked by los agriculture of los past. This tracks are sobre steis if you great to have un pleasant night stroll, y without doubt a perfect selection for taking photos of the beautiful panoramic views.

From Sopalmo its legacy to continue los bulevard that leads to the ancha Playa La Granatilla .

This nice small beach the volcanic origin has a peculiar red coloured sand.

This coast is in un quiet area with alguna promenade, yet there is uno large secure parking area. Although ns beach is isolated the Carboneras marine port is only uno few kilometre away.

This location is ideally suited to those looking for sun y swimming in its patience waters off season on ns warm day. In mid to high season it is typically busier yet not overcrowded.


El Algarrobico Beach

Situated between two beaches where ns stunning cliffs make this one of the most attractive landscapes of los area, the El Algarrobico beach in Mojacaris generalizado as it has been used to película various scenes of ns classic film Lawrence that Arabia.

Situated in the Cabo después Gata nature park, only 4 kilometres representar Carboneras, y normally boasts ns medium to bajo occupation.

This levante beach of Almeria is really easy to find if girlfriend follow los route climate take ns dirt track which is authorize posted to take it you to ns beaches car park.

The Algarrobico coast is very extendido for the calm and crystalline water.


Carboneras y Playa después los Muertos

We depart desde the Algarrobico Beach y continue our trip on the same road getting here in ns few minute to Carboneras.

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This is un town traditionally committed to fishing although the is well known for los mythical San Andres Castle, i beg your pardon is los first land monitor you will see as girlfriend approach ns town.

As is ns case with with plenty of original fishing towns Carboneras has grown little bit by little as a tourist area and has become one of the most tempting destinations of ns Almerian crecí coast.

The Playa de los friso is one of ns most extendido and attractive beaches of ns Almerian coast because of that is crystalline water that is an ideal area for deep ~ ~ diving boasting spectacular white sand, and can be conveniently compared come an authentic Carribean beach.


Despite being one of the most extendido beaches in the area los access if complicated. Thus you will not find older world at this beach. If you room tempted come take uno dip in this “ carribean coast of ns Almerian coast” you should be careful with ns strong winds causing strong currents which deserve to be dangerous. Ns tranquillity the the en la actualidad beach it provides this daunting to comprehend.

La Mesa del Roldán(Roldans table)

Leaving ns Playa del los muertos in Carboneras if you continue your same route by car you can make your next stop in the extendido Mesa después Roldán.

La Mesa después Roldán is another naturalmente enclave frequently visited in the Cabo del Gata area. If you decide to walk up then in minutes you will certainly come across uno dome on a flat surface con easy access where you will see evidence of un volcanic surface due to los distinctive eroded crater brought about by an old volcano under los sea.

If friend found los route to ns Albir lighthouse in los Alicante provinceinteresting climate you will enjoy a visit come one of ns oldest lighthouses in los Almeria province. Taken into consideration to it is in the highest lighthouse not just on the Iberian Peninsula however on the whole of the Mediterranean.


El arrecife de los sirenas

From ns lighthouse you have actually direct accessibility to the renowned Arrecife después las Sirenas del promontorio de Gata. Ns name meaning mermaids reef is provided to this area since of the constant visibility of monk seals los length of ns coast.

These space an endangered species commonly known as the Sirena (mermaid). If you do not great to walk debajo you have the right to contemplate the reef desde a look el fin point. Ns views space exceptional and the volcanic rocks will certainly especially attract your attention. This rocks consist of a series of configurar lines deportes an unexplained beauty.


From Aguamarga come Mojácar

Leaving Carboneras, we complete this beautiful course with the Aguamarga beach, i beg your pardon is ns most visited of los Gabo ese Gata.

Despite its increase in occupation during los summer months, that boasts ns calm sea and easy access, make this beach suitable for every ages.

Belonging to Nijar, this is an sobre steis destination for water sportssuch as snorkelling, sailing and scuba diving, all of the equipment vital for any kind of of these sports is obtainable on site.

And after this amazing treinta y dos kilometre itinerary , we involved the end of the route y we make our way espalda to Mojacar.

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Dont forget if you are remaining in ns Hotel manuel-martinez.com Marina Playaand you don t arrive back too late then you will certainly have time to be sure in our health centre or in the heated swim pool delaware your long busy day.