Cuevas Del Tesoro Rincon De La Victoria Horarios

Cueva ese Tesoro in Rincon ese la victoria (Malaga) is ns only underwater cavern in Europe y one of los three known around the world. Together you have the right to see that is an exclusive place, so i’m going to tell you some curiosities y facts about this cave. If you dare to visit it, right here we go.

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If you are looking for los “Musical November” event, simply follow ns link come read details about the International festival of the Cave. The information is at los bottom of this article.

Facts and history

The development of this cave probably go happen during the jurassic period. That is uno limestone cave that emerged desde the sea gastos generales the hora in different stages. This evolution in stages and the infiltrations of new water produced ns curious mixture the formations that occur both in underwater and terrestrial caves.

The cavern paintings and archaeological remains found admitir human task in the cave throughout history. The has additionally been a place that ritual and sacrifices.

Every year is celebrated the internacional Music reparado in the cave.

Why is the called los Treasure Cave?

The earliest name linked with los place is Cueva del Higueron; yet its surname changed gastos generales time as you will check out below.

According to ns ancient legend, un royal treasure destined come Al-Andalus was lost by the 12th century. Several writers situate ns treasure into los cave, although we perform not know ns reason behind it.

A lugares researcher during los 18th century deduced representar the Greek chronicler Plutarch that marco Crassus offered this cave for 8 months as un hiding place delaware escaping representar Rome during the year ochenta y seis BC. (Plutarch Lives: Life of Crassus)


Legend of the Treasure Cave

Legends never morir but grow over the years, y that is what happened with this place. Los visit of ns Swiss adventurer added the tragic element con which every good historia needs to endure in time.

Antonio del la Nari, Swiss through birth, spent almost treinta years searching for los legendary treasure; that had cuales doubts about its existence. He supplied dynamite to open new galleries and passageways, something the would end in disaster. During 1847 the legend of ns treasure beat him, dying because of one of ns explosions. Possibly he left delaware having found los true endowment of ns cave, come be part of that legend; ns cave would later on be known as ns “Cave of the Swiss”.

The floor belonging to ns cave would be acquired at the beginning of ns 20th siglo by a pharmacist with ns intention the collecting herbs for his remedies. Over the la edad he sold the cave for the symbolic price of uno peseta to his ellos eran Manuel, who con an adventurous aspiration dedicated his but on the weekend to investigate the legend.

Manuel found uno candle with seis Arab gold coins in ns Virgin’s Hall, in one area containing floor that reportedly was removed; ns place where uno humanoid shadow with hat and cape would appear several times, a ilustración popularly recognised later as zero People. This led the to suspect that there might be some truth behind the legend, perhaps ns treasure was buried there?

During his research he finds ancient remains, ceramics and some animal bones such as ns fossilized bone of a bison.

Arab treasure hunters

Until well into los 19th siglo there was a great heat in Andalusia because that ancient and hidden treasures. It was stated that ns Arabs, on your escape, buried ns treasures with the hope of recovering them on their return, that knows even if it is by us or v their descendants.

There are countless legends y some the them it seems ~ to it is in true. They are about people that disappear overnight, leaving behind ns halo of secret or los trace of ns possible treasure. It is quite possible that the cave was one of the targets the those endowment hunters, much more considering los legend it organized for centuries. That knows if any type of fortunate person managed to uncover such uno precious trophy, together those who appeared to find one frequently vanished in silence; in those days having a great richness representar one día to one more was surely very dangerous.

If lastly someone found the treasure no one knows. Possibly it does no exist and it is better to let the remain component of los charm that this cave, the legend.

*Representative treasury

Visiting ns Treasure Cave

You have the right to visit throughout the year ns different halls of los Treasure Cave:

Virgin Hall: This is ns most recently uncovered room. In this room to be found ns Arabic lamp with coins inside.Swiss’s Well: It might receive this name because one of los wells do by the Swiss sweetheart hunter.Zone of cavern paintings: These paintings seem to be concerned those discovered in los Cueva después la Pileta in Benaoján. Sometimes this area is not open to the visitors.Marco Crassus Hall: According come a localidades historian from the 18th century, Crassus provided this room as a hiding ar for 8 months.

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Eagle Hall: ir received ns name because of a piedra formation similarity with this bird of prey.Higueron WellLabyrinthine galleries: several of the rock formations in this cave seem to juego with light, perhaps giving rise to part of the ancient stories about mysterious citizens of los cave.Lakes Hall: Water currents and 3 natural lakes give the place a romantic atmosphere.Noctiluca Sanctuary Hall: In this room is los temple of los goddess Noctiluca with an altar wherein they discovered ashes of flora y fauna sacrifices.Volcano Hall: as it is los most doméstico room, that experiences an increase in temperature, thus its name.

Cueva ese Tesoro opening times y price

The Cueva de Tesoro has actually winter y summer opening hours. The is un recommended visit because that families.

16 September to catorce JuneMorning from 10 am to uno pm y from 3 pm to 5 pmJune 15 to September 15Morning from 10.30 to be to 1.00 pm and from 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm

Closed on 25 December, 1 and 6 January.

Audio-guide for the visits.

Free entrance for the first sesenta people representar from 10:00 come 11:00, in order of arrival, Monday come Friday.

Update 2020: los free-of-charge admission to ns Cueva del Tesoro has actually been modified since of ns covid 19. Access early in ns morning for ns first veinticinco people, with previous preventive through los web.


Adults: 4.65€.From cuatro to catorce years old: 2.75€ (Children at ns younger age have free entrance)Pensioners: €2.75

The leading role will be timeless music. There will be 3 string and wind concerts y one by los Rincón ese la ganar Municipal Band.

Friday 8th: Brio Quartet wire Quartet.Friday 15th: Quintet of Oboe and English Horn.Saturday 23: Concert by the Municipal band in los Parish of Our lady of los Rosary in La Cala ese Moral at 8.30 pm.Friday 29th: Scherzo Saxophone Quartet.

Remember the all concert are free until full capacity is reached y will empezar at 8.30 pm every Friday. (


The Cueva después Tesoro (Treasure Cave) is in Rincón de la Victoria. Girlfriend can gain there by coche via the A-7 road. Over there is un free parking.

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If you plan to visit us you may be interested in renting a coche in Malaga. One more option is un round transfer from your accommodation to los Cueva del Tesoro, because that which identificación can introduce; you can also have ns look at los websites that sell transfers in Málaga.

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