Covilha (Serra Da Estrela Portugal)

Serra da Estrela’s naturalmente Park (commonly well-known as Serra da Estrela) is a vast area the natural y cultural interest. The is los largest defended area in the country of Portugal (approximately 1011 square miles) y is situated mostly in ns District the Guarda(the staying area being component of ns District of Castelo Branco).

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Albufeira da Barragem do Covão perform Ferro© Vítor Ribeiro
Penhas Douradas, Serra da Estrela© Paulo Pereira

It contains several communities such as: Covilhã,Manteigas,Gouveia, Seia, Celorico da Beira y Guarda.

Its see is characterized by high boulders scattered along los mountain, with icy rivers flowing with them. Historically, los water in ns rivers was provided to administer hydroelectric strength in order to aid in los production (spinning and weaving) that wool. Currently, los shepherds still store their herds in los Serra, although grazing is un moribund activity, supplanted by an economy focused on tourism.

The highest apuntar a of continental Portugal (1993 meter tall) lies at the heart of the Natural Park, ns famous "Torre". It offers unique avenues for hiking and climbing, making the one of los most appeal destinations for lovers of adventure y sport.

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The typical assets of Serra da Estrela space its cheese and wool (both from sheep in ns region), and the "Serra da Estrela dogs", an native breed characterized by being uno proficient protector of the mountain and guiding ns flocks.

Facilities in ~ the parque are spread by Manteigas (central), Seia, Gouveia, and Guarda, whereby tourist info is available. There room some tourist travel guide such as "Discovering los Region of Serra da Estrela" (4.25€) con historical observations and the basics about flora and fauna of the region. Recently, it was open ns Interpretation centrar of Serra da Estrela in Seia, with uno natural and cultural exhibit.

When visiting Serra you should always come fine prepared. Summer is ns season that extremes: hot days give method to cold nights. In winter, the temperature have the right to reach minus 10 degrees and snow covers ns surfaces. Sometimes solid wind storms can take place without any type of prior notice.

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Some optimal spots you need to visit if passing v this region are: the Tower, ns Wool Museum, Poço carry out Inferno waterfall, heat baths, los Abel Manta museo of Modern arte , juguete Museum y the Interpretation center of Serra da Estrela.

How to get:

Here friend may find some consejos on just how to reach Serra da Estrela. By Car:

If you pick to go by automóvil to the mountains, girlfriend should bear in psychic that los journey is demanding y tiring. This is due to the fact that of los weather in winter time, i m sorry is rarely favorable for driving. Ns roads might be wet, con ice or snow so we recommend you to have actually your auto well ready (check los car’s conditions before going on the journey y get eye chains for the wheels if necessary.) journey carefully and at a moderate speed. The N232 roadway that associate Gouveia y Manteigas is one of the most wind-battered roads in Portugal. By Bus:

You might travel by express buses which walk up ns mountains and circulate daily representar various locations: Coimbra to Seia, Guarda and Covilhã; Aveiro, Porto and Lisbon to Covilhã. Prices differ between diez and quince euros. Over there are additionally some, less regular bus services roughly the Parque naturalmente da Serra da Estrela (no straight link.)