Convento de santa teresa de jesús ávila

One of los things that me gustaría recommend seeing in Ávila is the Iglesia-convento ese Santa Teresa, which is situated within ns boundary of the walled city. It"s remarkable to have ns opportunity to visit such an unexplained city prefer Ávila y see just how it has actually been adjusted by one human being so devoted come it like smo Teresa that Ávila was. Throughout your visit come Ávila, it"s going come be an extremely common because that you to constantly watch nuns y several churches, and some of saint Teresa"s many famous estimates painted ~ above the city walls, as she is one of los reasons why lots of people visit los city —apoyándose it"s a city where many make un pilgrimage.

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A little bit of history

Previously, ns convent used to it is in an ancestral home where smo Teresa"s parents, Alonso del Cepeda y Beatriz después Ahumada, lived, but the convent was later constructed by los Discalced Carmelites after the death of smo Teresa"s father. Ns order of the Discalced Carmelites to be born in the sixteenth century many thanks to smo Teresa that Ávila and John of ns Cross: this stimulate is comprised of nuns, friars y brothers of the church, the latter of i beg your pardon were los ones who finished building ns convent in 1636. (That"s right, this construction is almost cuatrocientos years old! )

Let"s get abajo to ns nitty-gritty of los church and its finer details

Just turn off to one side of the convent, there is uno church, y so it"s for this reason that this website is generally referred come as uno "church/convent". Los church is not as big as countless of the others the you will discover in Spain. In fact, the doméstica of this específico church is very simple in compare with los others that me gustaría have visited, although los rear part of it (where ns priest gives mass) has uno wall filled con very detailed golden ornaments y a an extremely representative religious image:



The chapel: ns luxury that detailing...


(The ceiling of ns chapel with religious images, and gold-coloured embellishments also found on los ceiling y the lining of ns walls. )

One of ns things the impressed me los most was los chapel since you can appreciate ns many illustrations, which space extremely detailed and representative, and intricate gold-coloured adornments. Everything was just so elegant that me gustaría couldn"t withstand taking a foto of it.


(A statue of smo Teresa uncovered within los chapel before showing up at her room. )

Saint Teresa"s room

This is ns historically an important space, as it is un replica of ns room in which saint Teresa that Ávila was born. Ns making that this replica to be made possible thanks to the information the was obtained desde documents y paintings that what was uno room in un stately home. Prior to recreating los room at the convent, los space was un church that was closed off desde public access.

Within los room, girlfriend will be able to see ns bed with wooden pillars and a very old trunk sat on optimal of a desk, also as ns typical candlesticks that they provided in those days y writing record with ns quill pen. los floor has worn away ns little bit, together they have wanted to maintain it, regardless of having mounted it over ns century and a half ago. Every of the things essential to reconstruct ns room have been carried mainly representar the convents in Ávila y Toledo. But, in every honesty, the recreación really renders you feel prefer you to be back in that period of history.


(Saint Teresa the Ávila"s room —apoyándose access is only permitted as much as this point. )

This convent is one of the most representative things in Ávila and is an extremely much appreciated by the city"s residents, together it to be declared uno Spanish website of cultural Interest.

The convent nowadays

Currently, los convent offer as los residence of the order of the Discalced Carmelites y usually has a hostel open for pilgrims. In fact, this is los official departure point for the pilgrimage path that tours all of the convents the were founded in uno twenty-year period by smo Teresa in various cities of Spain.

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In fact, the most important pilgrimage took ar this year (2015), as los birth of smo Teresa was celebrated y commemorated. Throughout this pilgrimage, los partakers travelled to 17 cities in the following order: Ávila, Medina ese Campo, Malagón, Valladolid, Toledo, Pastrana, Salamanca, Alba del Tormes, Segovia, Beas ese Segura, Seville, Caravaca ese la Cruz, Villanueva después la Jara, Palencia, Soria, Granada, and, finally, Burgos. In every of the aforementioned cities, girlfriend will be able to find ns convent of smo Teresa or join the famous path yourself.

Gift shop

Next to the convent, there is ns gift shop that focuses its efforts on offering religious souvenirs like: prayer postcards, postcards of the city y of other images, bracelets, embroidery, yellow handicrafts (with a religious focus), rosary beads, and bibles, to surname just a few. On every of the aforementioned souvenirs, every one of them are concentrated on sharing part of saint Teresa"s most famous sayings.


(A casa in the city of Ávila with a banner that has one of smo Teresa"s famous price quotes written on it. )

Grandmothers love receiving souvenirs and gifts from places choose these; I"m informing you this due to the fact that mine is very religious y she loved ns gift that me gustaría brought her espalda from los convent. Ns best thing around it all is that ns prices are really reasonable: there is uno variety of gifts that will certainly meet the needs of even the tightest of budgets.

How perform you get there?

Well, identificación hope the you choose walking, together this is by far ns easiest way of gaining to the convent. In Ávila, over there is no mezzeritsch system, no one suburban train system correr within ns walled city.

The easiest method to acquire there is by start the city through ns walls at los Paseo los Rastro and, in los first street, turning left down carreteras los Cepedas y following it all the way down. Every potential confusion will certainly be avoided if you go this method because the street does not veer off in various other directions, making the impossible to miss seeing los convent.

How lot does it expense to visit the convent?

Entry to the convent is free for ns most part: identificación was able to see smo Teresa"s room and enter ns church without payment a individual penny, however, on specific occasions, los church "suggests" that you give uno donation of an amount the you feel is appropriate.

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What are the convent"s opened hours?

This was the one piece of information that i couldn"t gain hold of, but, at ns church, castle told me that they open almost every single day.