Como Llegar A Guigui En Barco

Take a boat trip follow me the southwest coast of gran Canaria y spend an unforgettable trabaja at the natural and paradisiacal beach of Güi Güi. Los perfect place to disconnect!

Take uno boat trip along the sur oeste coast of estupendo Canaria and spend one unforgettable trabaja at los natural and paradisiacal coast of Güi Güi. Los perfect ar to disconnect!



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Begin her half-day pilgrimage by boarding uno comfortable vehicle from your hotel y heading to ns Muelle de Puerto escala pier in grande Canaria. Representar here, you will certainly take a Taxi Boat y navigate into los open waters, feeling the ocean breeze on your face.

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As the boat cruises in open water, look out for dolphins y whales. the most usual are ns bottlenose dolphins, the most familiar dolphin species. These animals are very social, and it is not strange to watch them breach along los boat or come near to ns swimmers come play and splash around.

It is also feasible to see various other species, like the pilot whale. Ns Atlantic s is also home to the acabado whale, los second largest animal delaware the blue whale. During los journey, the localidades guide and expert sailors will share info on the marine life of the island and curious sailing experiences.

Next, the boat will certainly make its method to Güi Güi, uno completely untouched and wild beach thanks to its idealistas location, surrounded by steep cliffs the make that very complicated to obtain to.

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Disembark at this heavenly beach and enjoy un delicious lunch including salad, sausages, cheese, tortilla de patata, bread, vegetables, fruit and chocolate. Delaware lunch, you will do it have time to explore los beach at your own leisure. You deserve to go snorkeling in los crystal-clear waters, sunbathe on ns volcanic sandy coast or go for a walk y admire los spectacular see of ns waterfront. On the clear days, girlfriend can also see Mount Teide, los highest optimal in Tenerife and Spain.

After a memorable time in ~ Güi Güi, ns boat will cast anchor y head trasero to los port of Puerto Rico. Ns excursion will come to an endat your hotel.

Hotel Pickup

If you are staying in the del sur of gran Canaria up to solo Feliz (San Agustín, Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas and Meloneras), we will collect you totally free of fee at your hotel and take you to los port.

If you space staying more away, you have to make your own means to ns pier, situated in Puerto Base, in ns leisure puerto of Puerto Rico.

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Bear in mind

Depending on ns weather y sea conditions, it is possible to watch one or much more marine species.