Como ir de mallorca a ibiza

how to get from Mallorca to Ibiza by ferry

there are daily ferry crossings from Mallorca come Ibiza con an median trip expression of 3 hr. Find advantageous information about los route y timetables on ours ferry guide.

Is there uno ferry representar Mallorca to Ibiza?

The ferry route desde Mallorca come Ibiza is served at least once per day throughout the year. Ns ferry providers that usually operate on this course areBaleària, Trasmediterránea and GNV.

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Please note that ferry timetables room subject to change depending on los season. You can inspect real-time schedules and book your ferry ticketonline for ns Mallorca rápido Ibiza crossing on

How long is the ferry ride from Mallorca to Ibiza?

The term of ns ferry trip desde Mallorca to Ibiza varieties from 2 hrto 4 hr. Travel time depends on the type that ferry (fast or standard).

Is there a high-speed ferry desde Mallorca come Ibiza?

Yes, there room high-speed ferries traveling from Mallorca come Ibiza. Los fastest ferry to Ibiza takes 2 hrand departs representar the port of Palma del Mallorca.

How much is los ferry from Mallorca come Ibiza?

The price of uno ferry ticket for los trip representar Mallorca come Ibiza ranges desde €42 to €77. Los ticket prices can be greater or lower depending upon discounts y vehicle or seat selection.

What’s ns ferry schedule representar Mallorca to Ibiza?

Usually, there are about 20 weekly ferry crossings from Mallorca come Ibiza, con ferry frequency enhancing during los summer.

The earliest ferry departs from the harbor of Palma in Mallorca in ~ 08.00 y arrives in Ibiza in ~ 10.00. Ns latest ferry exit is normally at 16.30, reaching los port of Ibiza at roughly 20.00.

What’s los distance between Mallorca and Ibiza?

The distance between Mallorca and Ibiza is approximately 71 nautical tela (132 km).

Am identificación allowed to travel desde Mallorca to Ibiza?

Yes, beginning May 9, 2021, ferry travel representar Mallorca come Ibiza is allowed for holiday reasons. See more details around ferry travel and Covid-19 in Spain.

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Where can me gustaría book cheap ferry tickets from Mallorca come Ibiza?

You can book cheap ferry ticket to Ibiza y the Balearic Islands on-line on ~ above ourMap the ferries, friend can examine all available ferry connections, compare ferry companies y ticket prices, and book your pilgrimage to Ibiza in ~ no extra cost.


The port of Ibiza at the foot that the viejo town on ns hill.

Useful tips for her ferry trip desde Mallorca to Ibiza

Here space some travel tips for her trip desde Mallorca to Ibiza:

The harbor of Palma in Mallorca can obtain crowded, particularly during ns summer, so we recommendarrivingat least 1 hr in advance.In Ibiza is ideal if you usar your own automobile or public transport. You either carry your automobile by ferry or rental one there. Be aware that taxis are los most expensive mode of transport on the island.From the port the Ibiza, you can easily travel by ferry to ns beautiful isla of Formentera. Los Ibiza-Formentera ferry drive lasts just treinta min y there are multiple departures during ns day.The initial Café de Mar the chill-out bar withdelicious cocktails is located in the town of smo Antonio in northwest Ibiza. It is worth uno visit if you room into ns boho-chic style.

Where to take the ferry from Mallorca come Ibiza?

The easiest method to take trip by ferry desde Mallorca come Ibiza is from the harbor of Palma del Mallorca,on the west shore of ns island. Palma después Mallorca is the island capital, it has impressivegothic architectureand it's well known for its nightlife.

The harbor of Palma ese Mallorca is easily easily accessible in about cuarenta minby bus or quince min by taxi from the center of los city.

Can identificación travel on ns ferry representar Mallorca come Ibiza with uno car?

Yes, you can travel with un vehicle on los majority of ns ferries from Mallorca to Ibiza.

Ferry luggage

Each ferry sociedad has its very own baggage pin money policy. Trasmediterranea permits passengers a maximum of cuarenta kg of luggage for cabins and treinta kg for seats, if ferries frequently have closed luggage storage rooms. In Balearia ferries you can carry los maximum luggage that you can obtain on tablón by yourself, there is no help and in one go. Over there are additionally open luggage trunks in the passenger lounges, wherein you can leave her luggage during ns trip. In GNV ferries every passenger is permitted to lug up come 2 pieces of empleado luggage ~ above board.

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Most of ns ferries that operate on ns Mallorca —apoyándose Ibiza route have actually cabins, although ns ride have the right to be short. Companies likewise offer numbered seats.