Como ir de mallorca a formentera

Traveling desde Mallorca to Formentera by ferry

los ferry route representar Mallorca come Formentera is usually served daily and the expression of los trip is roughly 3.5 hr. Find ns latest information around this crossing in ours ferry guide.

Is there uno ferry desde Mallorca to Formentera?

There is normally 1 ferry crossingper day from Mallorca to Formentera, will all itineraries including a short layover in Ibiza. The company that generally operates ~ above this route is Baleària.

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Please keep in mind that ferry timetables room subject to readjust depending on the season. You can find real-time schedules for your expedition fromMallorca toFormentera and book ferry tickets online on

How long is ns ferry ride desde Mallorca come Formentera?

Ferry duration desde Mallorcato Formentera is usually around 3.5hr, including un 1-hour stop in Ibiza.

Is there ns high-speed ferry representar Mallorcato Formentera?

Yes, the Mallorca rápido Formentera path is served by high-speed ferries. The more quickly ferry to Formentera takes 3.5hr come reach los island.

How lot is ns ferry from Mallorca come Formentera?

Ferry prices representar Mallorcato Formentera comienzo at approximately €100. Ticket price can be lower or greater depending on discounts and vehicle selection.

What’s the ferry schedule desde Mallorca to Formentera?

There is commonly 1 day-to-day ferry crossingfrom Mallorcato Formentera. Los ferry normally departs representar Palma del Mallorca at around 08:00 y arrivesat about 11:30.

What’s los distance in between Mallorca and Formentera?

The distance in between Mallorca and Formentera is approximately75 nautical miles (about 139km).

Am identificación allowed to travel desde Mallorca come Formentera?

Restrictions might currently use to ferry travel from Mallorcato Formentera.

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travel guidelines may change, so make sure that you examine with ns ferry empresa for ns latest information.

Where can me gustaría book cheap ferry tickets representar Mallorca to Formentera?

You can publication cheap ferry tickets representar Mallorcato Formentera on in ~ no extra cost. View all ns available ferry relations on our mapa of ferriesand publication ferry tickets to Formentera online with just cuatro clicks.


The stunning turquoise waters and white sand that Ses Illetes beach in Formentera

Useful consejos for her ferry trip from Mallorca to Formentera

Here space some travel tips for her trip representar Mallorcato Formentera:

The harbor of Palma después Mallorca can obtain quite liven in ns summer, so us recommend getting here at least 1.5 hr before departure, specifically if you room traveling with a vehicle.There is uno limit on the number of vehicles the are permitted in Formentera. In stimulate to aid protect the lugares environment, girlfriend can discover the isla by bike or usar public transport.From Formentera, friend can quickly travel by ferry to Ibiza, together there are several everyday departures y the trip takes only 30 min. Find all available ferry crossings top top and plan her island hopping in the Balearics hassle-free.

Where come take ns ferry representar Mallorca to Formentera

You can travel by ferry come Formentera desde the port the Palma de Mallorca, the ciudad capital of los island. The city is situated in the southwest of Mallorca, about 15km desde the airport. The takes about 30 min to get representar the center of Palma del Mallorca to the port'sferry terminalby bus. Alternatively, un taxi journey takesapproximately 15 min.

Can me gustaría travel on ns ferry representar Mallorcato Formentera with a car?

Yes, ferries traveling from Mallorcato Formentera carry vehicles.

Ferry luggage

Baleària has no weight limit for luggage as largo as you can carry it on tablero in one walk without inquiry help. Bear in mind the you execute not need to examine in your luggage. Los ferries additionally have lockers that are available throughout ns journey.

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You cannot book a cabin on los ferry traveling desde Mallorcato Formentera, but you deserve to book un numbered seat.