Discover the best means to get from Lima come Machu Picchu in dos mil veintiuno with details of suppliers COVID-19 protocols. Windy bus, hop-on hop-off bus, train or plane. We have all of ns info!

Discover ns best methods to get desde Lima come Machu Picchu in 2021 with details of suppliers COVID-19 protocols. Windy bus, hop-on hop-off bus, train or plane. We have all of the info!

This is ns most finish guide ever written for Lima come Machu Picchu options and it is update every 3 months by our localidades Peruvian experts, so please execute take your hora to review in detail y don’t be afraid to contact us if friend have any type of questions at every that us may help with.

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Machu Picchu is located 312.5 miles representar the ciudad capital city of Lima.

To get desde Lima come Machu Picchu, girlfriend have ns following options:

Go from Lima come Cusco using los Peru hop bus. The route vía Huacachina y Arequipa is recommended. Go from Lima to Cusco through plane. By taking un plane direct to Cusco rather of uno bus, friend will require more tiempo to acclimatize to los altitude. Take a tour or trek representar Cusco to Machu Picchu vía Ollantaytambo.

Now, permit us admitir you just how to get desde Lima to Machu Picchu in los best means possible come suit her itinerary and budget by analyzing ns options come get desde Lima to Cusco, and then the options the Cusco come Machu Picchu.

Contents the this page:

STEP 1: Getting from Lima come Cusco

STEP 2: Getting from Cusco to Machu Picchu

STEP 3: Lima to Machu Picchu – just how To Book


STEP 1: Getting from Lima to Cusco

By Bus

Lima come Cusco by Bus: What You require To know – the Basics

To get to Machu Picchu representar Lima, you first need to get to Cusco.

Cusco is nearly 10,000ft above sea level y separated desde Lima by los Andes Mountains. This means altitude difficulties often influence tourists who go directly to Cusco and altitude sickness is very common. This can be severe y is not constantly covered by take trip insurance.

Experts recommend taking uno bus to Cusco (stopping along los way) as los ascent come Cusco is then more gradual and recent statistics introduced by los Peruvian Tourism tablón have shown that bus travelers are tres times LESS likely to be impacted by altitude 보다 those who travel via plane.

Bus paths to Cusco – what you should know:

Buses in Peru are very safe as long as you go with formal companies. The accidents the do happen are regularly with no oficial companies (the cheapest priced companies). No oficial companies offer pequeño prices contrasted to the best carriers such together Peru tolva or la cruz del Sur, y often cut corners on safety to para reducir costs.

There are dos main routes from Lima to Cusco by Bus:

Route A: LIMA – NAZCA – CUSCO (Direct however not recommended):

This course takes you desde Lima come Nazca y then travels through los Andes hill range, happen Abancay before showing up in Cusco approximately veintidos hours later.

This is ns fastest way desde Lima come Cusco by bus, however, the has ns bad reputation. There have been countless bus crashes y hijackings along this route. Ns winding roadways are both curvy and steep y are particularly dangerous in the rainy season. That is finest to avoid this route to Cusco.

Route B: LIMA – NAZCA – AREQUIPA – CUSCO (strongly recommended):

This path takes you further debajo south desde Lima to Arequipa and then takes you regreso up North desde Arequipa come Cusco.

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The roadway is much safer y there is also ns LOT to see along the way. Recommended stops encompass Paracas, Huacachina, Arequipa, y Puno if you have actually time. This is los most common route bring away in Peru y exposes tourists to the beauty that Peru along los way come Machu Picchu.

Make sure to check out the lleno South to Cusco aprobar to enjoy the lleno experience representar Lima to Cusco.

Peru tolva Bus

Peru hop are los most popular bus sociedad in Peru. The company has a 96% rating ~ above TripAdvisor desde more than 3,000 reviews. However, prior to deciding even if it is to book with them, take ns following right into account:

Peru brincar sell bus passes that cover all/some of the destinations in between Lima and Cusco. Los “quickest” pass to Cusco is the 3 days/2 night option con overnight localidades stops included along los way Peru tolva is more suited for those with ns little more tiempo (e.g. Much more than 6/7 work in Peru). If you have actually less than seis days in Peru, that is probably worth taking los direct buses to Cusco

To fully understand how Peru tolva works clic here.

The Full sur to Cusco ocurrir is the best alternative to get to Machu Picchu without missing fuera on any of Peru’s other hidden gems along ns way.

Cruz del Sur Bus

Cruz después Sur is the second-best bus sociedad in Peru and has a reasonably good safety record. Their buses are excellent with bed-like seat on many of your buses. Before deciding even if it is to book con them, take the following into account:

because that direct buses from Lima to Cusco, they take the direct course that we execute not introduce above. To go ns safest route, you would should buy uno Lima come Arequipa ticket and then ns Arequipa come Cusco ticket.

Booking on their website is quite straightforward, y whilst they have don’t have great TripAdvisor reviews, they are still definitely one of the best bus options in Peru.

By Plane

If you room nervous about flying, climate it is best to stop Lima come Cusco by plane, as the vuelo has come cross over the Andes Mountains, disturbance is very common. This mixed con Cusco’s rain and stormy weather makes for some nervous moments.

One of los biggest issues with flying desde Lima to Cusco is the altitude and the truth that you have actually gone representar sea level to 10,000ft+ really quickly. This is not great for your body y is ns reason why around 75% of tourist report emotion ill for their first 2 days in Cusco after flying.

If you destinado a to take trip by plane, publication well in advance. We likewise recommend doing some day trips representar Lima to see various other parts that Peru together well, as it would be uno shame to come to Peru and “only” watch Machu Picchu!

By Train

Train enthusiasts might get disappointed as soon as visiting South estados unidos de américa because there aren’t as numerous trains in procedure here. Return uncommon, there is un way to take it at least part of your trip by train.

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The only train to Cusco leaves from Puno. The train representar Puno to Cusco is ns Andean Explorer, ns luxury tourist train that will take approx. Ten hrs to gain to Cusco during uno scenic day trip. Fares are rather expensive – ns one-way expedition will price at least $220, that is uno very luxurious experience.