Como Ir De Helsinki A Tallin

You may be preparing for your expedition to Helsinki and have no thought about how easy it is to get to Tallinn desde there, which would enable you come visit the ciudad capital of two different countries during the same trip. In this post, we will admitir you the alternatives you have to cross los Gulf the Finland and go representar one country to another.

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Going through ferry representar Helsinki to Tallinn

This first option is, without uno doubt, ns most successful, due to the fact that its price is not excessive (later we will see how to get ns better price), los journey just lasts about two hours and there are ns good variety of connections that permit you to far better organize ns trip and seize the trabaja in Tallinn.

What ticket come buy to walk to Tallinn

The first thing girlfriend should know is the there are two types of ferries. Part take you come Tallinn and they are ns ones the interest united state in this case, while ns second escribe is party watercrafts that strategy Estonia without in reality docking at the port, so you will certainly not be able to visit ns city. Ns type of expedition that is offered is normally well indicated y the tourism guides can also tell you which one come buy, so friend just have to be un little attentive for this reason as no to make ns mistake once buying ns ticket.

Another apuntar a to keep in mind is the several suppliers offer this service y their boarding points, both in Helsinki y in Tallinn, room different. Therefore, girlfriend will need to look closely at los boarding apuntar a indicated on her ticket.

How come buy ns ticket: companies y buying advice

Three companies market a regularmente ferry connection between Helsinki and Tallinn: Tallink Silja, Eckerö Line y Viking Line. Los first has ns newest ferry, los Megastar, so los ticket is usually un little more expensive 보다 in los case of los other dos options.

Silja Line, one of los ships of Tallink Silja

The Tallink Silja Ferry departs desde West Terminal dos (Länsisatama 2 in Finnish) in Helsinki. To aid you uncover your way around, ns exact attend to is Tyynenmerenkatu 14. Ns west port have the right to be got to on foot representar the centre. There, Tallink Silja uses a modern-looking flocking building in situation you travel con Megastar or Star, while if you travel on the europeo ship you will use the brick terminal.

Terminal D is los one supplied by Tallink Silja in Tallinn y its deal with is Lootsi 13. This is close to both the ciudad centre and the viejo town.

Where los Eckerö línea ferry docks in Helsinki and Tallinn

The Eckerö line ship likewise departs from West Terminal 2 (Länsisatama 2) in Helsinki and its attend to is Tyynenmerenkatu 14. Together we have actually said before, the port have the right to be reached on foot from the city centre. There, Eckerö gestión uses the modern rebaño building together its terminal.

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In Tallinn, the ferry docks at Terminal A and the deal with is Sadama 25/2. Besides, the is essential to note that Terminal un is closer to the old part of the city.

Viking Line’s ferry leave location

The ferry docks in Helsinki at ns Viking línea Terminal i m sorry is located at Katajanokanlaituri 8, an extremely close to ns market square y right in the centre of los city.

Viking línea in Tallinn, favor Eckerö Line, utilices Terminal A, whose resolve is Sadama 25/2, y which is closer come the viejo town compared to Terminal D, offered by Tallink Silja.

Finally, we share with you los timetable y calendar section of Tallink Silja, Eckerö Line and Viking hilera so that you have the right to check the exact take trip times when you travel to Helsinki.

Going from Helsinki come Tallinn through plane

This method of travel to Tallinn is less recommended than los ferry, since los travel tiempo is longer and there is alguna time to check out the ciudad in uno day, so friend would have to settle because that seeing only some of los important areas or security an overnight in Tallinn and turn the into uno two-day trip.

The vuelo lasts simply over treinta minutes, however to that time we have to add los cost of travelling from the centre of Helsinki to ns airport, los waiting tiempo at los airport itself and the trip to los centre of Tallinn. Los cost of ns flight y the remainder of los trips will likewise be higher than the of ns ferry ticket.

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Will friend take benefit of your trip to Finland to visit Tallinn? Tell us in los comments and, if ns article has actually helped you, us encourage you come share the on social networks using ns icons that you will uncover just below.