Como Ir De Dubrovnik A Hvar

Sailing between Dubrovnik y Hvar is ns fastest inexpensive method of traveling between dos of the most ancha destinations in Croatia. Currently, ns Dubrovnik to Hvar ferry course is activate with rápido ferries (passengers only) from the carriers Jadrolinija and Krilo, the trip takes about tres hours and 30 minutes, on ns way the Krilo fast ferry avoid in Pomena on Mljet y in Korcula, the fast ferry from Jadrolinija stops in Korcula. During los winter season, that is not feasible to travel by sea, in ~ that tiempo of los year ns best means to take trip is to take uno bus from Dubrovnik to Split y then take un catamaran desde there on to Hvar.

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How largo is los ferry from Hvar come Dubrovnik?

The cruising time from Dubrovnik come Hvar is about tres hours and treinta minutes.

Can you reserve a seat on the ferry representar Dubrovnik to Hvar?

No, unfortunately not, there are seats for all passengers on the catamaran, but seating is free. Therefore if you require to have actually seats next to every other, you should make certain to be first in hilera for los embarkation.

Can i take mine bike on ns ferry representar Dubrovnik to Hvar?

On catamarans operated by Jadrolinija, you can not lug your bike, top top Krilo Jet catamaran friend can yet you need to buy a ticket for ns bicycle up front as there space only uno few spaces.

Where does the ferry desde Dubrovnik come Hvar leave from?

To see los exact location of ns ferry harbor in Dubrovnik, and the place desde where ns catamaran departs, you re welcome check fuera our information about los port in Dubrovnik.

Is there ns taxi was standing at ns Dubrovnik ferry port?

Yes, Dubrovnik taxis can drop you up un few meters desde where the fast ferry departs.

Can i buy ns ticket on los ferry?

No, you should buy a ticket before either on-line or from one of ns selling points on los port in Dubrovnik, be conscious that in summer catamarans are often sold out, for this reason buy los ticket at the very least one trabaja ahead.

Does ns catamaran Dubrovnik to Hvar have uno toilet?

Yes, over there is a toilet on all catamarans sailing from Dubrovnik to Hvar.

Is los ticket because that Dubrovnik to Hvar ferry cheaper if me gustaría buy ahead?

No, usually there is no difference in ns price, except con occasionally on line special offers.

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Is there uno discount for youngsters or families traveling on the Dubrovnik to Hvar ferry?

During the process the buying a ticket, discount options, if any will be listed.

I am arriving at los Dubrovnik airport, will the catamaran wait if my aircraft is late?

No, ns catamaran is obligated come follow the official timetable.

Can you execute a day trip desde Dubrovnik to Hvar?

Yes, you can do a day trip. Los earliest catamaran arrives in Hvar at roughly 10.30h y leaves to Dubrovnik at around 18.00h. Therefore, you have several hrs to explore Hvar town. Please note these hours use to the summer schedule.

Popular ferries from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – LopudDubrovnik – BolDubrovnik – Korcula
Dubrovnik – MljetDubrovnik – SplitDubrovnik – Šipanska Luka

Popular ferries desde Hvar

Hvar – BolHvar – KorculaHvar – Vis
Hvar – MljetHvar – DubrovnikHvar – Vela Luka

Novalja → Zadar

The foot passenger only rápido ferry desde Novalja to Zadar is just operated in ns main summer season. Los catamaran sails the following path Rijeka, Krk, Rab (Lopar) – Novalja – Zadar. Los departure time desde Novalja is 11:00, be at the port...

Zadar come Novalja

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Budva come Dubrovnik

The rápido ferry representar Budva to Dubrovnik supplied to be ns most convenient method of travelling between ns cities, unfortunately the sociedad Forline that operated the ferry route, stopped doing therefore after 1 season that operation. As largo as alguno new ferry is introduced...

Dubrovnik come Budva

The company Forline Shipping Ltd. Operated un water taxi / rápido ferry representar Dubrovnik come Budva in 2018. For unknown reasons the ferry was discontinued, despite ns fact that this ferry line actually made the much less complicated to travel desde Croatia come Montenegro. ...

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Due to COVID-19 part ferry routes could not be operating as declared in ns official schedule for 2021, us recommend confirming los departure with the ferry company.

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