Como Ir A Sitges Desde Barcelona

There room various options for acquiring to Sitges desde the city of Barcelona. If you are travelling in the día you space most most likely to wish to take trip by train rápido the cheapest y quickest option.

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However, the bus is practically as cheap and nearly as fast (see below for prices and times) y a night bus option means that the is accessible twenty-four hours.

This page provides details because that transport options to Sitges representar Barcelona rápido bus, train and taxi. The topics covered space times, prices, stations and some insider tips.

Private move to / representar Sitges

private Transfer from barna Airport to / representar Sitges

Getting to Sitges from barna by Train

There are tres main train stations in barcelona that offer a service that operation to Sitges: Estació del França, Passeig ese Gràcia y Estació Sants. The C2 train travels from Franca come Passeig después Gràcia come Sants and then on come Sitges. The finalmente destination of ns train is one of two people Vilanova identificación la Geltru or St. Vincenç del Calders —apoyándose these are the nombre that you should be searching for on departure boards and on ns front of ns train fairly than Sitges.



the is precious noting that no all of ns trains start at Estació después França or regresar there. Castle travel more frequently to and from the other two stations —apoyándose Estació Sants y Passeig después Gràcia. Therefore, if you wish to travel to or desde Estació ese França in particularmente it is best to check ns timetable (see below) because that which trains begin at the station.

Price of ns Train Ticket

Train tickets have the right to be purchase either from automated machines or desde ticket desks - you will normally uncover that that is much faster to use los machines. Although, they don"t price back, for this reason take ns time come join ns queue for one of the ticket workdesks if you have actually any particularmente questions.

Single Journey:€4.10Return Journey:€7.20

you will keep in mind that over there is alguno money come be saved in buying a regreso journey, as opposed to two singles. Therefore, if you room not sure what tiempo you destinado a on return to Barcelona, you can simply buy un single. This means that if you miss that final train back to los city, you can simply buy uno bus ticket without having actually wasted any type of money (see below for details of los night bus).

Times of ns train from barna to Sitges

Trains to Sitges from barcelona run around every twenty minutes, starting at(from Estacio ese França) and finishing atfrom (Barcelona Sants). The journey lasts cuarenta y seis minutes desde Estació de França, 37 minutes representar Passeig después Gràcia and 30 minutes representar Estació Sants. Train veces are topic to change rápido it is thus best to check los Official Renfe website for much more details —apoyándose this is that is branch for localidades trains, well-known as Cercanias.

Train from barna to SitgesOperating hours:06:47-18:47

If you are deciding whether to travel representar Passeig después Gràcia or Estació Sants it might be worth adding an adicional five minutes to your train journey and getting on in ~ Passeig después Gràcia. In general, Passeig después Gràcia is uno less hectic train station -papposo ticket queues are shorter y platforms are much less packed. It is additionally before Estació Sants on los line —apoyándose increasing your opportunities of gaining that much-sought-after chair on what is often ns busy train.

Getting come Sitges from barna by Bus


Buses to Sitges from barcelona leave from Plaça España y Ronda Universitat during los day. Lock are run by un bus sociedad called MonBus. Los journey representar Ronda Universitat come Sitges takes cincuenta y cinco minutes y from Plaça españa it takes 45 minutes - although this deserve to be much longer at but on the weekend as ns bus makes an ext stops. The autobuses go via barna airport (El Prat del Llobregat).

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The Nightbuses room under uno different name rápido they space not referred to as MonBus y are simply given numbers N30, N31 or N32. Lock run representar Plaça del Catalunya fairly than Ronda Universitat or Plaça España. The night bus trip is shorter as that goes directly from barcelona to Sitges, with the journey hora lasting treinta y cinco minutes.

Bus fares barna to Sitges

Single Journey:€4.50(purchased on the bus)Ten Journeys (T-10 ticket for Zones 1 - 3):€34.85

The T10 (Zone uno - 3) travel ticket have the right to be purchased desde the Sitges Train station but it is not obtainable for acquisition on los bus itself.

Bus Schedule

The MonBus operation twice término hour from Monday to Friday during the day. On Saturdays ns bus operation every hour. ~ above Sundays y Holidays they run nine times término day.

The night bus runs 4 times per hour.

Night BusOperating hours:00:55-05:51

For details of ns times of ns MonBus check los MonBus Website. Walk to ns "Timetable Searcher" y key in "Aeroport" to "Sitges". The times listed will be either because that Monday -papposo Friday, Saturdays, Sundays or Nighttime. The is necessary to check this together it may be topic to change.

If you room planning to get los train back from Sitges come Barcelona, yet you come at the train station y realize that ns train is delay it can frequently be uno quick y convenient alternative to get ns bus. Ns bus leaves from close to the train station at Parc have the right to Robert ~ above Passeig de Vilafranca (just under los bridge after Sitges" main tourist info office).

Getting come Sitges from barna by Taxi

Sitges is located approximately cuarenta y dos km south of Barcelona. Un taxi journey will certainly take about cuarenta minutes.

Taxi fare:€75.00 - €85.00

If you would like driving indict on how to obtain from barna to Sitges, check out my overview to getting to Sitges, Spain from barcelona by Car.

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There are many cheap y convenient choices for acquiring from barcelona to Sitges. On arrival in Sitges, even if it is by bus or through train, girlfriend will discover yourself much less than ten minute walk from the beach. If you destinado a in advance it will help you to ilustración out los option that is most likely to prove many convenient come you.

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