To maintain its city’s social standing, ns government the Valencia addressed to create a museo of nacional importance. Los 35-hectare site preferred for this to plan is located in los dry bed of los Turia River, en el centro between the viejo city y the seaside district the Nazaret. Uno challenging architectural ensemble by brings new focus come this previously incoherent y underdeveloped area, if linking the center city and the sea.

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In 1991, won los competition for ns original project: uno telecommunications tower, come be constructed on los west fin of ns site. Later on that very same year, received ns commission come develop the whole complex, which was also to include ns science museum y a planetarium. Delaware a adjust of government in 1996, ns planned telecommunications tower was changed by an Opera casa (Palau del les Arts).

The opera House, Planetarium/IMAX theater (Hemispheric Theater) and Príncipe Felipe Science museum form a linear sequence from west to east. Uno fifth structure, known as L’Umbracle, is uno promenade and parking garage, built within an open arcade the is a contemporary reinvention of los winter garden. Uno raised, axial walkway, offering views to los sea, serves together an bespeak element, con gardens and reflecting pools on either side. The Science museum is uno spatial tour después force, 104-meter wide y 241-meter long. Like los grand exhibition pavilions of the past, that is a longitudinalmente building, created from the modular advancement of transverse sections that repeat along los length of los site.

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Five concrete ‘trees’, organized in un row, branch el fin to support the connection between roof and facade, on ns scale that permits los integration of servicio cores y elevators. Los triangular frameworks that brace the ends of the building also firmar the entrances. The white concrete supporting structure of the south facade is filled con glass; the north facade is uno continuous glass-and-steel curtain along ns building’s saturado length. The Planetarium/IMAX theatre resembles a human eye, collection within a 24,000 cuadrado meters pool. The ‘pupil’ is los hemispherical dome of the IMAX theater, i beg your pardon is reinvented into uno globe v its reflection in the pool. Ns concrete socket of ns eye incorporates one ‘eyelid’ the vertical, articulated metal slats, which deserve to be raised to permit views across ns pool. A sunken collection — created by the prefabricated concrete arcs that support ns roof — residences ticket booths, ns restaurant and other services.

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Set slightly below grade come avoid visual conflict with ns Science Museum y Opera House, the Planetarium is gone into through los axial walkway, i beg your pardon surrounds ns building and is associated to ns gallery. Ns Opera casa will provide Valencia with un major performing art facility y a dynamic, huge landmark. The building’s main materials are one auditorium seating 1,300, perfect for ópera productions and also concerts y ballet; ns 400-seat hall for room music, drama y other performances; and an open-air auditorium sheltered by the roof, seating as much as 2,000 people y offering spectacular views of the complex, too as los possibility of viewing performances on special video screens.