Catedral de santa maria del mar barcelona

The papa noel Maria de Mar is ns greattip for yourtrip come Los church is among"slandmarks, i beg your pardon looks like uno fortress con its significant towers in the old town. Locals call los church "Church of the poor". Specifically worth seeing is the doméstico of the santa Maria de Mar. Friend can additionally book uno guided tourism andenjoy ns view over viejo town of from los roof.

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Highlights of los Guided Tour santa Maria del Mar

45 min guided tour in EnglishVisit ns terraces y towersBeautiful view over surroundings

Why santa Maria del Mar is worth visiting

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The building and construction is unique and was groundbreaking for los time. The church was built within 55 years only by Berenguer de Montagut in ns 14th siglo andwas consecrated in 1384. early to the short construction duration the papa noel Maria del Mar has ns very uniform-looking architecture. There"s cuales mixture that architectural styles due to largo construction times.

During ns guidedtour in English, you will discover about los construction y the background of papa noel Maria del Mar. Los guide will certainly take you to los towers y terraces with ns fantastic view of Uno fun and educational tour awaits you through ns for los locals most extendido church the

The construction ofSanta Maria de Mar

The building site of papa noel Maria del Mar has been of particularmente importance since los early Christian era. Here ns apostle jaime is claimed to have preached. Therefore, uno small chapel was constructed here. In 304, the body that St. Eulalia was buried there. Los bones were hidden in ns 8th century before the Moors y only quince years later found again. In mil trescientos treinta y nueve these were then transferred to ns cathedral.

Guided tourism through papá noel Maria de Mar (Video in Catalan, tour inEnglish)

The start of los construction the today"s Gothic church santa Maria ese Mar was in 1329 with the laying of ns foundation stone. The church was the only Gothic church the was in reality completed within oneera. In 1714, duringthe Spanish battle of Succession, ns church was partially destroyed. Los damage to be repaired only provisionally. Duringthe Spanish cortés War in 1936, these components burned abajo in a fire. early out to los fire, the interior was largely destroyed as well. Also, ns large part of los church windows had actually to it is in reconstructed. In 1990, the renovation y restoration job-related was completed.

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The doméstica ofSanta Maria después Mar

Enter the church through ns portal. Anarrow nave, i m sorry emphasizes ns height y length of los basilica opens up to you. The stained-glass windows flood the room with subdued fancy light.Due to ns special building and construction of the entrega the papá noel Maria del Mar just has 4 narrow, octagonal bag of columns come support ns loads of trece metres grande vault.Around the churchsmall chapels are situated that form ns kind that cloister. Ns apse is surrounding by uno delicate pillar wreath, i beg your pardon merges into un multi-unit vault and thus forms ns conclusion upwards.

The exterior of los Church

High pillars divide the facade into tres sections that correspond to los ships. Los narrow octagonal, 33 metres high towers have a straight endon the top. Turning left around los church, girlfriend getto ns small cuadrado atCarrer papá noel Maria, where ns granite slab commemorates the Spanish invasion of 1714.

The best-seller novel "Cathedral of los Sea"

The novel "Cathedral of ns Sea" took ar almost 700 years ago, in ~ a time when barna was one of ns most prosperous y growing cities in Europe. At the time, los inhabitants of los modest district Ribera made decision to build a new church —apoyándose by ns people for los people. This church is committed to los patron saint of sailors —apoyándose the santa Maria del la Mar. But ns people that, both los poor y the rich, had actually to trato with un variety of troubles at those tiempo ...

The literature guided tourism "Cathedral of ns Sea" was motivated by ns novel of Ildefonso Falcones. Visit los original locations con us, which were vividly described in this fascinating novel. Revive los stories of los 14th-century novel protagonists. We address greed, injustice, wars, the plague and the Spanish Inquisition throughout our 2.5 hour journey v time.

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Address no Pl. Santa Maria después Mar

come Metro: Jaume I. (L4) Bus Turístic: Pla después Palau Parking adjacent

Opening veces Monday come Saturday: 9:00-13:00 Uhr y 17:00-20:30 Sun- y Holidays 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.30Guided access time in English: day-to-day at 14:00 y 15:00 no

aprecies for visiting the papá noel Maria después Mar los guided tour in English lasts about 55minutes y includes a visit to ns towers, los crypt and the roof. There is no guide, the roof deserve to not be visited.

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