Castillo de santa ana roquetas de mar

The cerrar con llave de santa Ana, likewise known as castillo de las Roquetas, is uno fortification built between ns 16th y 17th centuries, located in ns town that Roquetas de Mar i m sorry was offered for refugee to los inhabitants who lived near los port. It has actually an oblong shape. Near los castle there is uno lighthouse.

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The 1804 earthquake damaged most of the structure, and only made it through one of ns towers and the elevated level area, which has actually been conserved y recovered.

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The royal residence of ns Kings the Navarre that Olite was one of los seats of ns Court of los Kingdom of Navarre, since ns reign of hables III 'the Noble' till its conquest by Castile (1512). Los fortification is both castle y palace, return it to be built an ext like ns courtier structure to fulfill un military function.

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On an old Roman fortification was constructed during ns reign the Sancho VII the Navarre (13th century) and extended by his successors Theobald I y Theobald II, which the latter to be is set up in the palace in mil doscientos sesenta y nueve and over there he signed los consent letter for ns wedding that Blanche of Artois with his brother enrique I the Navarre, who in turn, henry I since 1271 used the palace as un temporary residence. This ancient area is well-known as the viejo Palace.

Then los palace to be housing ns Navarrese court from the 14th until 16th centuries, Since the annexation (integration) of los kingdom that Navarre for the Crown that Castile in 1512 began ns decline of the castle and therefore its almost neglect and deterioration. In ~ that tiempo it was an main residence for the Viceroys that Navarre.

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In mil ochocientos trece Navarrese guerrilla fighter Espoz y Mina during the Napoleonic French Invasion burned the palace with los aim come French can not do forts in it, which practically brought in ruin. That is since 1937 when architects José y Javier Yarnoz Larrosa began los rehabilitation (except the non-damaged church) for ns castle palace, offering it back its initial appearance y see today. Los restoration work was completed in 1967 and was paid by the Foral government of Navarre.