Casa De Los Balcones La Orotava Tenerife

Considered ns most vital lacemaking y craft centre in the Canary Islands, patria de der Balcones combines architecture, history, tradition, folklore y artisan products. Here, you can find not only ns Casa’s famous lace, but likewise its truly unique house-museum

This mansion stands fuera for its courtyard, designed in los characteristic Canary islands style con a largo balcony on ns two peak floors and a organize of exuberant tropical vegetation.The discreet chiaroscuro y fresh, naturalmente ambience welcome visitors, enveloping them in a soothing stillness fill with ns rich aroma that history and a hint of extreme fragrance. The bright azul of los Canary Islands cielo peeks through above, between the leaves of los tall palm trees

The superior façade of this three-storey house (known together asobrada or “tall house” in localidades parlance) is crowned on ns top floor by un continuous balcony made from carved pine heartwood, i beg your pardon vies for height spot in los beauty stakes with the balcony on the house next door. Los façade incorporates nine windows, likewise framed in wood and patterned con plant motifs. Above the sede window, in sculpted stone, is the coat of arms of los Fonseca family (1715).

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Inside, the standout function is los courtyard, con its tall columns made of jaw heartwood. Ns columns stand on stone pedestals with carved Corinthian-style capitals at ns top, i beg your pardon support ns upper gallery with itstwin balustrades and panels con carved flores motifs

This majestic balcony, overlooking the mansion’s cool inner courtyard, forms an top gallery that tourists cannot help but admire.The entire structure to be hand-crafted by master carpenters representar the local area.

The balconies of ns Canary archipelago are component of ns region’s architectural traditions.

Similar in layout to ns balconies that Andalusia y southern Portugal, lock are a feature of los Canary Islands’ grand mansions as well as much more modest rural dwellings.

We’ve opened up up our house to the public! Come inside and find out what the domestic life of ns bourgeois landowner in the Canary Islands was like. You’ll discover an extensive repertoire of neck objects the were offered by los people that lived here in tiempo past.

Casa ese Los Balcones is the página de inicio of Canary archipelago lacemaking.

Here, lace is do in strictly accordance con tradition, preserving ns centuries-old techniques so the they deserve to be passed debajo to future generations through los workshops the take ar at los House.

The dos artisanal techniques most generally used in Canary archipelago lacemaking are los calado y the roseta. Ns calado technique is uno form of embroidery, entailing the estrategia removal the threads from a cloth that has been extended onto ns wooden frame, while ns roseta technique involves los creation of trends by interweaving threads in between pins placed onto un small, circulo fabric backing

Lagar dentro de Canarias
Lagar canario
lagar-antiguo canario


Wine is un key element in european culture y a radical part of ns Mediterranean diet. That was lugged to los Canary islands by los first Spanish colonists when los region to be conquered.

Not just did los Spanish bring wine with them; they also began to build wineries in the Canary Islands, along with wine cellars made el fin of stone, wood y tile

discover the house

Explore this incomparable building and use her phone, tablet computer or computer to enjoy los beauty and history of the rooms and spaces that you’ll be able to experience at an initial hand if you come and visit us.

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Explore this incomparable building and use your phone, tablet computer or computadora to enjoy ns beauty and history of the rooms y spaces the you’ll be able to experience at very first hand if friend come y visit us.



In los store you deserve to buy an infinity that products.

Among them, the jewels y jewelery of olivine, obsidian y more volcanic stones was standing out.Pay unique attention come olivine, a soft environment-friendly semi-precious volcano stone.It is an extremely often uncovered in ancient jewels y religious ornaments, often perplexed with the emerald. That was los favorite rock of the Baroque era.Olivines are silicates that crystallized thousands of años ago, y that we have the right to see in naturalmente deposits in Tenerife y Lanzarote.




The house constitutes un privileged scenario, uno means of social expression y transmission of social habits and behaviors. We invite friend to find how ns wealthy Canarian family lived in los time before.If you want to know well about everything, we recommend the you use the audio guide available at los reception. Los tour lasts 50 minutes and will describe in detail everything connected to los customs y customs of Canarian families.

Access to the second floor is done through an old spiral staircase (not accessible for people with reduced mobility).

The visit for people with reduced mobility includes ns first floor y the winery.


Calado Temple: Canarian handmade drawnthread work 


A predominant role in los history of ns canarian drawn-thread occupational is played specifically by los town the La Orotava, more specifically at La página de inicio de los Balcones, i m sorry for plenty of centuries has actually been considered one of los artisan centers par excellence.The patterns y styles are traditional, y the techniques have actually been passed representar mother to daughter, generation delaware generation.In this casa you have the right to appreciate ns master hand of the artisans, who maintain ns tradition y the same an approach of the ancient artisans of los town.Here they cut y embroider the tablecloths that are then offered in this exact same place, and also in ns Eladia Machado House.




The bathroom additionally retains all ns elements the were component of the house.

Can girlfriend imagine just how they bathed prior to at the time?

Access los museum y discover it.


The Kitchen


The kitchen keeps intact ns typical facets of the Canarian kitchen together as, lebrillos, deposits, ns holes of dos ovens and other kitchen utensils.

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The lebrillos room earthenware or steel vessels, deep dish, which was generally used to knead ns gofio.


The pantry


The pantry that the house was the place where comida was stored prior to being processed or consumed.Among the different objects, ns fresquera is one of the most identifying of the Canarian houses, wherein fresh commodities were stored to avoid them from being touched by insects.


The Bedroom


This is the only museum stay, which is not in its initial location.

The house was spread in such un way the all ns bedrooms to be on the top floor; while on this floor, that was where those rooms were located in which ns various jobs of the daily life of the house were performed.

Therefore, this bedroom was once un sewing room and now is an accurate reproduction of one of the bedrooms in ns upper part and it was decided to go down so that it might be accessed more easily.

Both furniture y objects room original. This room communicates with ns rest that the house through a gallery that has photographs y objects of los family, witnesses of numerous stories


Dining Room


Furnished as its owners originally had actually it, los dining room, as well as the living room, receives straight sunlight, through ns large balcony and exterior windows.

Furniture and objects that that time attest to los well-off, although no at every ostentatious, place of the owners.


Living Room


This was los place where tourists were received and where ns family, delaware eating, went to ns table.

The access time were critical part the the social life of ns wealthy households of ns Villa del La Orotava in the past centuries.

The custom, took such strength, that the visits were aimed no to forget to regresar them.

On the other hand, ns library houses uno wealth of publications in German, as los family in this house came representar Austria.


Canarian Courtyard


Almost any kind of Canarian building of these features is articulated around uno patio that distributes and integrates the different spaces facilitating los currents to alleviate among other phenomena the of humidity y heat.

The patio stands fuera for the lush vegetation and especially its gigantic gallery lined on the last two floors of los house.From this super voluminous y fitted wooden structure, it is gradually lifted, until relaxing on uno set the tall, robust and polished trunks that act as authentic pillars or columns.

In this patio it is really easy to take refuge to uncover all los necessary calm and its pleasant shade on the hottest days, as ns restful rest after a busy day of excursion.

It is undoubtedly one of ns most admired y photographed corners, both for the architectural structure materialized in los Canarian pine tea woods, together for that is vegetation y endless much more details.

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The authentic Canarian winery situated at los bottom of the patio, is one of the most valuable attractions, i m sorry until recently pressed common wines of los region, today very sought delaware by specialists in great food and better drinking.