Casa de ana frank en amsterdam

The Anne frank House is a museum with ns history. The lies in ns centre the Amsterdam y features the secret annex where Anne sincero wrote her famous diary during the Second world War.

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Visit ns Anne frank House y see in person what that was choose to live in hiding.Learn much more about ns unique content y history of anne Frank’s diaries.Discover the temporary exhibitions top top fascism and persecution then y now.
The Anne frank House is a museum with ns story. It"s located in the center of Amsterdam y holds los hiding location where Anne frank wrote her famed diary during world War II. Anne sincero was a normal girl in impressive circumstances. For an ext than dos years she described the events the her day-to-day life in hiding in her diary.

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The Diary of anne Frank

Anne’s initial diary along con some of her other notebooks room on display as part of ns Anne franco House"s long-term exhibition. Los collection y temporary exhibitions focus on los wartime persecution the Jews, contemporary fascism, racism and anti-Semitism.

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Opening hours

From April with October, the museum is open representar 09:00 come 22:00. From November through March, the museo is open until 19:00 y on Saturdays until 22:00. In June, July and August, the museo opens in ~ 08:30.


Moving Experience

See because that yourself how Anne, her family y other civilization were living while hiding desde the occupying Germans. Take into account, the visiting los Anne franco House is uno moving experience, i beg your pardon has already touched millions of people desde all over the world.

The Anne franco House can be accessed with un ticket bought on line on the organization’s website. Friend can book a tiempo slot for her visit online.Editor"s pick

Complement your visit of the Anne sincero House with ns walk beforehand. Throughout an Amsterdam tour, a jugadores guide will show you WWII Amsterdam through the eyes of ann Frank. You re welcome note: This tourism does no include a visit to the Anne sincero House itself.

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See anne Frank’s historia re-told as uno video series, bringing the famous diary to un modern audience.


The Netherlands boasts los largest number of museums período square kilometre in los world!

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