The reparado really starts 10 days before Carnaval Tuesday, y peaks uno week later on Sunday and Monday nights, with ns all night parades y music at ns famous Sambadrome (Sambadromo). Los party proceeds on Tuesday in the city neighborhoods, including Copacabana y Ipanema, and it"s every pretty much gastos generales by Ash Wednesday. (Except for the Champions Parade on ns following Saturday)

The O globo media conglomerate has comprehensive coverage of los Rio después Janeiro Carnival on TV, in that is newspapers, and on its website. The website is in Portuguese, and you"ll need to collection up an e mail account to get much past los front page. You"ll find present photos, schedules, articles, y video interviews of los "Muses", the celebrated mulatto dancers of ns Samba college parades.

Rio ese Janeiro Carnival Schedule v 20172013 rápido February 9 to 122014 —apoyándose February 28 to march 42015 -papposo February 13 to 172016 - February 5 to 92017 —apoyándose February 24 to 282018 -papposo February nueve to 132019 - March uno to 52020 —apoyándose February veintiuno to 252021 - February 12 to 162022 —apoyándose February veinticinco to in march 18

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History of los Rio ese Janeiro Carnival

Carnival to be brought desde Europe by the Portuguese, over 500 years ago, as un pre-Lenten feast and celebration. In los 1800s, the Rio después Janeiro aristocracy attended masking balls y conducted parades. Los commoners partied in the streets in a much more raucous manner. Delaware slavery was abolished, ns African musical rhythms permeated ns celebration, eventually evolving into ns Samba street parties of ns mid 1900s.

The Samba colleges were born in los poorer areas of Rio, ns parades became much an ext organized, y over los past 50 years, has turned into multi million disagreement productions.

Oscar Niemeyer designed ns outdoor Sambadrome, or Sambadromo, i m sorry is los parade ground of ns top tier Samba Schools, and enables thousands of people to watch ns best schools compete for optimal honors.

The Blocos, or Bandas, are local neighborhood moving street parties. They are remnants of los past y may be truer to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival history and spirit, as most anyone have the right to join ns action.

Samba Schools


Many Samba institutions (Escolas) participate in ns Rio de Janeiro Carnival, yet about a dozen of los largest, well funded, y best well-known schools garner most of the attention. Lock prepare month in development for the Parades in the Sambadrome, in i m sorry they compete for top honors y bragging rights gastos generales the siguiente year.

The optimal tier Samba institution parades for dos mil trece Rio ese Janeiro Carnival are noted below:


Sunday night February 10, 2013 Special Parade Groups starting at 9pm:

Inocentes de Belfort RoxoSalgueiroUnidos da TijucaUnião da IlhaMocidadePortela

Monday night February 11th, 2013 parades beginning at 9pm:Sao ClementeMangueiraBeija FlorGrande RioImperatrizVila Isabel

The Champion"s Parade Saturday, February 16th beginning at 9pm.

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6th best school5th finest school4th finest school3rd ideal school2nd finest school2012 grand Champion

For information about each of this Samba School"s dos mil trece parade schedule and theme, please attach to fluir Tur, the official government website guide.

Sambadrome Parades


The Sambadrome (Sambadromo) is a long narrow stadium, in which ns Samba school parades enter desde the end. One at uno time, los schools parade slowly through the stadium for 80 minutes, all ns while singing your Enredo (theme song) to the ganar of tremendously loud north corps.

The sight and sounds space spectacular. Scantily clad (and occasionally practically naked) beautiful costumed Samba Dancers y other performers, dance on or beside the fantastic floats. The floats are substantial in size and elaborately decorated. Every year the schools adjust their float and parade themes, usually having actually something come do con current social issues, Brazilian history, or ns environment.

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Blocos, additionally known as Bandas, space loosely organized samba teams that parade through los streets in some of the Rio después Janeiro neighborhoods, throughout scheduled tiempo in the dos weeks leading up to Carnival Tuesday. There are thousands of organized Blocos every year, over 180 in the ámbito Sul alone. Some blocos space quite big (Banda Ipanema draws gastos generales 40,000 people) and others room localized to certain areas within a neighborhood. Othes have actually crazy names, such as "Galinha do Meio-Dia" (Mid trabaja Chicken).

The blocos carry a large banner (estandarte) y move through ns streets while playing classic marching songs (marchinhas). Blocos are led by un drum corp that"s complied with by a grupo of vocalists who "sing" los songs of their Banda. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of costumed followers (foliões) sing and dance behind the band.

Tourists are usually permitted come walk and party behind los Bloco. Normally all that"s required is the you buy los Bloco"s T-shirt, or on occasion wear ns thematic custom.

Link come our Carnival Blocos page to check out photos and a list of ns most generalizado of these street parties.


Samba City, the newest traveler attraction in associated with the Rio del Janeiro Carnival, has actually been built in ns port district near the ciudad Hall in los Gamboa neighborhood. This area is thought about to be “Sacred Ground”, as legend has it the the carioca Samba was born here.

It"s below that plenty of of los Sambadromo Parade floats space constructed, inside ns enormous warehouse "factories" that surround ns open aire complex.

Samba city can be checked out by tourists throughout los year, yet is finest seen in the months leading approximately Carnival, together you will see los Samba institutions practicing and the floats almost completed.

Admission come Samba city is just R$5 período person. Throughout ns year on Thursday evenings, Samba city holds mini performances of ns Sambadrome parades with costumed performers and live music. For just debajo R$200 you deserve to attend the donar which contains food.