The la carretera Francés or los French means is one of los routes of the sendero de Santiago, ns pilgrimage to the tomb that Apostle St.James in Santiago del Compostela. Los French means of St.James is ns most generalizado Camino route. According to ns Pilgrims’ attention Office in dos mil diecinueve more than 180 000 human being walked this camino starting from different areas along the route. 50% of pilgrims that completed ns French sendero walked ns last 100 km desde Sarria.

You have the right to find more information on go stages, distances, elevations, stops along the route, y albergues in our la carretera Frances walking stages post.

Alto después Perdon los most recognizable landmark on ns French sendero de Santiago

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Where to comienzo walking los French Camino?How to obtain to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port?The cost of walking the French Way

The French camino route overview

Total distance – 780 kmNumber the days compelled – 30-33 daysWalking ~ above asphalt – 290 kmWalking on ns road – setenta km mostly very quiet roads with almost cuales cars Average price – treinta Euro per person per dayAccommodation – albergues, hotels, guesthouses Route noting – yellow shells and arrows
Watch our video about one trabaja of a pilgrim’s life on the French Camino

To make your planning easier we’ve created cost-free downloadable PDF files that contain comprehensive walking stages y places to continue to be on ns French means of St.James.

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Camino Frances wade stages. Part uno –Download
Camino Frances go stages. Part 2 –Download
Camino Frances locations to stay. Part 1 –Download
Camino Frances locations to stay. Part 2 –Download

Practical details for planning los French means of St.James

The totalmente distance of ns French la carretera (from St.Jean Pied después Port come Santiago después Compostela) is 780 km.

The route goes v four Spanish regions; Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla y León, and Galicia.

The la carretera can be walked, cycled or done on a horse.

Every pilgrim needs un Credential or uno Pilgrim’s passport that acquired stamped in ~ every albergue you continue to be on los Camino. It have the right to be obtained at a zona pilgrims’ office in your home country, in St.Jean Pied ese Port, and in some significant starting points along ns route.

After finishing the camino in Santiago every pilgrim deserve to get los Compostela, ns certificate confirming that you’ve completed ns pilgrimage. In bespeak to gain it, you have actually to andar at least ns last 100 km to Santiago después Compostela collecting stamps in your Credential along los way. For los entire route, it’s uno stamp per day that friend can acquire at every ar you stay. For the último 100km from Sarria, it’s two stamps per day, one you acquire in her albergue and another one in any kind of restaurant or bar along the route.

You can start walking ns French la carretera from any type of place no necessarily desde the start but come get los Compostela you have actually to caminar at least the final 100km come Santiago.

The camino is un physically and mentally difficult walk, specifically for those who have actually never done a long-distance walk before, don’t underestimate it.

It’s possible to walk the sendero without ns backpack there are number of luggage transport services that can provide your backpack representar albergue come albergue every day. That costs in between 4€-5€ período backpack término stage. Some of ns companies that perform luggage transfer are Correos, Xacotrans, Pilbeo.

It’s feasible to walk the la carretera over time if girlfriend can’t commit to walking for the whole month y want come complete ns entire route. This method is quite ancha among Spanish pilgrims many of them walk ns route little by bit over a pair of years, all you need is simply to save your Credential.

The totality route is marked con yellow shells y arrows it’s not an overwhelming to monitor it, just pay attention to signs.

If you have time spend ns couple of job in Santiago delaware completing los French sendero there are many amazing things to execute in los city.

Yellow arrows and shells marking the route on los French means of St.James in Spain

Spain like most European nations has 2 ring pronged outlets (Type C/F) if los standard in your país is various you’ll need a power adaptor for charging her devices.

Tap water is drinkable quite much almost everywhere in Spain yet I’d heard before some civilization had stomach problems delaware drinking tap water what in the Meseta. When identificación walked there i used mine water filter for drinking, you can buy bottled water also but using ns filter is more eco-friendly y cheaper.

If you desire to buy a guidebook on the Camino identificación can recommend ns Pilgrim’s guide to the camino de Santiago (Camino Francés) 2019 by hombre Brierly. We supplied these guides for several routes, they’re straightforward to use, an extremely detailed and helpful.

Where to comienzo walking los French Camino?

The main beginning point of los French method is St.Jean Pied ese Port in France but you can start the walk basically representar any ar on the sendero depending on how much hora you have y how much you want to walk. There are no strict rules. You can walk the whole path in one walk or gastos generales a couple of años doing small parts of the at un time. From St.Jean it’s 780 km to Santiago.

If you want to get ns Compostela (the certificate that states that you’ve walked ns Camino) the required minimum is to caminar at least the last cien km come Santiago del Compostela or come cycle 200 km, not any cien km top top the la carretera but the final 100km. Because that this really reason, countless people comienzo walking the French la carretera in Sarria, uno town the is 116 km away desde Santiago. It’s an option if friend don’t have much tiempo or not sure you’ll have the ability to walk ns whole route.

If friend have ns lot the time and are keen on go for a couple of months starting in Le Puy (France) is un good choice for you. Le Puy is mil quinientos km representar Santiago, St.Jean Pied después Port is around halfway. Identificación haven’t walked the French component yet yet I’ve met some world who have. From what I’ve heard ns French part of the la carretera is fairly different, first of all, since there space very few people which might be good if you’re search solitude. Second, there are fewer albergues which way your accommodation prices will it is in higher.

In general, France is an ext expensive than Spain you’ll notice it even in St.Jean, everything representar private albergues to restoranes costs more. Together for the scenery on los part Le Puy – St.Jean it’s greatly fields, tiny towns, and villages a typical European landscape landscape.

The Cathedral the Santiago ese Compostela the fin of los French path

I’ve noticed that many Spanish people empezar the walk from Roncesvalles (746 km desde Santiago) skipping ns first stage representar Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Identificación guess the main factor is the everybody to know about ns tough walk with uno very steep ascent and a succeeding descent on the way representar St.Jean come Roncesvalles.

Many civilization don’t desire to empezar the French la carretera with such a demanding wade day. Identificación personally delighted in that part but I’m used to long in ns mountains and for me, that wasn’t tough but some people after the first día had rodilla problems y it nearly spoilt their entire camino experience.

My advice if you start in Roncesvalles y get over there by bus book your accommodation ahead, over there is one substantial albergue for 200 people, one or two fancy hotels y nothing else. Me gustaría met some human being that arrived in Roncesvalles late and had to comienzo walking right away due to the fact that there was no place come sleep there. Girlfriend can publication it online.

Starting in one of ns big cities favor Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos, Leon, or Astorga (check distances representar these urban to Santiago in the mesa below) is quite a popular option. You can choose any kind of of these cities depending upon how much time you have y how much you desire to walk. It’s rather easy to get to any of these cities from anywhere in Spain or desde other europe countries.

Another generalizado point to comienzo the French method is O Cebreiro though gaining to this little village concealed in the mountains can be uno bit tricky. There are alguna public buses going to O Cebreiro the best option is come get an initial to Lugo, then to take un bus to uno small city Pedrafita perform Cebreiro which is 4,5km away from O Cebreiro y from there caminar or take uno taxi. There are un couple the daily buses from Lugo going the way.

The main starting points of ns French la carretera with ranges to Santiago

Name of ns placeDistance come Santiago
Le Puy (France)1490 km
Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port770 km
Roncesvalles746 km
Pamplona702 km
Logroño606 km
Burgos483 km
León319 km
Astorga267 km
O Cebreiro162 km
Sarria 116 km
Distances come Santiago from different starting points on the French Way

How to get to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port?

St.Jean Pied del Port is ns small city on los border in between France and Spain gaining there could look uno little bit facility in the beginning me gustaría tried to placed together the best transport options desde Spain y France.

Best ways of obtaining to St.Jean Pied ese Port representar France y Spain

Either way vía France or Spain you’ll need to make at least one switch in stimulate to gain to St.Jean over there are no direct transport options. Leave times and ticket price can change any time, you have the right to confirm ns information on los companies website (the links are provided below).

Getting come St.Jean Pied ese Port from Madrid or Barcelona

Step 1. Fly to la capital de españa or Barcelona there space many internacional flights to this airports representar all gastos generales the world. We constantly fly to among these cities once going on the camino adventure.

Step 2. From Madrid take ns bus/train or atrapalo a flight come Pamplona. Any of these options is fine, the vuelo is ns most expensive but los fastest, the bus is los cheapest but ns slowest. Pamplona’s surname in Euskera (the Basque language) is Iruña don’t get puzzled if you see on your ticket both names.

Madrid to PamplonaFlightTrainBus
Daily departures5712+
StationBarajas airportAtochaAvenida AmericaAirport Barajas T4
Time come get1 hour3 hours6 hours
Ticket pricefrom 40€ from 30€ from 23€
Different ways of getting representar Madrid come Pamplona

From Barcelona catching a bus or a train is the ideal option here. There room no direct flights come Pamplona from barcelona all flights go very first to madrid which is quite inconvenient.

Barcelona come PamplonaTrainBus
Daily departures73
StationBarcelona SantsBarcelona Nord
Time to get4 hours6 hours
Ticket pricefrom 30€ 28€
CompanyRENFE Monbus
Different way of gaining from barna to Pamplona

The benefit of taking a bus desde both cities is the you arrive and leave for St.Jean from the very same bus station you simply switch buses. From the train stations y the airport, you’ll have actually to obtain to ns bus station first.

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If you’re coming desde Europe there can be flights come Pamplona representar your city maybe no direct yet with un stopover.

Step tres in season (after Easter it spins 20th October). from Pamplona atrapalo a bus come St.Jean Pied de Port. Over there are number of direct buses that leave desde Pamplona bus stations; at diez am (only it spins 29th September), at 2.30 pm y at 5.30 pm by ALSA.

Off-season. Off-season over there are no direct autobuses from Pamplona to St.Jean. Step 3. from Pamplona bus station take un bus to Roncesvalles. Step 4. from Roncesvalles take a taxi (can share it con other pilgrims) to St.Jean Pied del Port. Note! Off-season getting via Pariss could be un better option.

Getting come Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port representar Paris

Step 1. Fly to Paris. Like with Madrid and Barcelona over there are numerous flights come Paris desde all over the world.

Step 2. desde Paris take uno train/bus or catch ns flight come Bayonne.

Paris come BayonneFlightTrainBus
Daily departures2510+
StationCDG airportMontparnasseGallieni station
Time to get1h30min.4 hours10h40min.
Ticket pricefrom 27€ from 39€ from 23€
Transport options to get from Paris to Bayonne

From Paris, the easiest is come take a train in this situation you just adjust trains in Bayonne. Getting there by bus is a very long journey despite it’s los cheapest option. As for the flight, there is no airport in Bayonne you have the right to get ns direct flight from paris (CDG) to Biarritz i m sorry is about 4km away and from los airport take it a bus come Bayonne. Ns bus journey takes about 15min. And costs uno Euro.

Step 3. representar Bayonne train station take a straight train to smo Jean Pied del Port. There space four daily trains at 7.42 am, 11.54 am, 2.52 pm, 6.30 pm. The journey bring away 1h.20min., price diez Euro. Tickets have the right to be purchased online.

The best tiempo for walking los French Way

If you desire to have the finest weather not as well rainy y cold y not too warm May, June y September are ns best months because that walking this route. Temperatures space comfortable about 25°C, there room not many rainfalls. Spring in general y May, in particular, is, in my opinion, the best hora for walking the Camino. In enhancement to the good weather and long days, you acquire to see fields covered in flowers. September is ns good month too however the day is getting shorter y if you choose to start walking early on in los morning you’ll have to caminar in los dark for an hour or so.

Of course, los good weather attracts a the majority of people, May, June y September are los busiest month on los Camino. You might have to publication accommodation in some places in advance and deal con many people on the route but on ns bright side, it’s ns very sociedad good because that those who andar alone.

In August y July, the can acquire very hot y dry, especially in the part of los Meseta, you’ll have actually to start walking really at an early stage to be finished before midday. Me gustaría used come think that august was the peak season because that this camino (maybe because august is the peak tourist season because that Europe in general) however it’s not. In fact, there room not many people walking the route in honorable everybody knows that it’s an extremely hot and not numerous people, particularly foreigners, desire to walk in los heat.

Walking the camino in October, March, or April you deserve to be lucky and get nice weather though it’ll be pretty chilly and dark or an extremely unlucky y get ns lot that rain. There will be still part pilgrims yet significantly fewer 보다 in summer months.

As because that walking totally off-season November come February, it’ll be cold y wet, some albergues might be closed and some components of los Camino, dos in privado where you need to go over the passes; from St.Jean to Roncesvalles y through O Cebreiro. You’ll have to take an different winter route or skip ns stage. Los only benefit of walking ns French means in winter is that there will be alguna people in situation you desire to have uno solitary walk.

Walking the Santiago way in fall vs walking ns route in spring

Scenery in spring on ns French CaminoScenery on the French camino in autumnAutumn vs spring scenery on the French sendero of St.James

The expense of walking los French Way

The sendero can be excellent on un very duro budget spending much less than 20€ período day. If girlfriend don’t psychic paying more for having more comfort your expense can be about 50€ período person período day. Right here is uno detailed break down of the camino cost.


The cheapest accommodation option on the camino is municipal albergues (a dormitory with bunk beds) they cost in between 5€ y 7€, private albergues (a dormitory con bunk bed or normal beds) are between 10€ and 12€. Prices for private accommodation start from 20-25€ for a soltero room and 30€ for un double room.

The house makes un huge distinction to your budget. If you stay in municipal albergues your caminar will be yes, really cheap and on ns contrary, if you pick to continue to be in private rooms your spending plan will be comparables to a generalmente holiday budget.

Sleeping every night in a dormitory con many various other people y using shared framework is quite tiring, everybody requirements some privacy representar time to time. Me gustaría used to book at least once uno week (every 4th or fifth night) ns private room where i could have ns nice sleep, take a largo shower and just gain being alone.

Eating el fin

Not surprisingly that it works fuera de more high value if girlfriend eat out compared to making your own come but occasionally on the sendero you’re as well lazy or tired to make comida or just want come go out with various other pilgrims. A standard breakfast (coffee, naranja juice, croissant/sandwich/toast) the you uncover pretty much almost everywhere on ns French means costs 3,5€. Most of the day I quit for breakfast because identificación just didn’t feel prefer making come at 6 am.

Menú de Día or Menú del Peregrino is los most extendido lunch alternative on los Camino, you obtain it anywhere in the afternoon, some locations serve it because that dinner as well. It’s a collection lunch with los first (soup, salad or pasta), los main (meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian with garnish), wine/beer/water/cool drink, dessert or coffee y bread. Menú del day usually costs 10€ sometimes it’s yes, really good y big, sometimes not amazing and not the much. My advice, asking in your albergue/hotel about a good location to eat they commonly know.

Coffee, beer, and wine are rather cheap in Spain even if you’re top top a reparado budget you absolutely will have the ability to afford un daily cup of coffee or two y a glass of alcohol or beer. A taza of coffee is 1€-1,5€, a glass the wine/beer – 1€-2€ (depending on los size and brand).

Grocery shopping

The cheapest come option is to buy stuff in uno supermarket and make your own food. Staying in albergues will certainly help with spending less on food because many of ns albergues have un kitchen, unlike hotels. Many of ns places you prevent on the la carretera have supermarkets, shops, or in ~ least little grocery stores. Depending upon what friend buy prepare come spend in between 7€ and 10€ término person per day ~ above groceries.

Extra services on los Camino

Backpack delivery service that numerous people use on ns Camino, costs between 4€ and 5€ per backpack per stage. You don’t have actually to usar it every trabaja I understand some pilgrims use it as soon as it’s a largo walking día or un difficult one con many hills or a steep climb.

Many pilgrims to wash their clothing every day by hand numerous albergues have washing machines and driers the work with coins. One fill of washing is usually 3€, drying – 3-4€. These devices are usually big you have the right to share one load between dos or three people.

A mesa with average prices that accommodation y food on ns French sendero de Santiago

My thorough budget break down for the French Camino

In 32 days on ns French route i spent;

Accommodation – 494€, 8 nights in private rooms (including uno night in ns spa hotel), 8 nights in dorms in municipal albergues, and dieciséis nights in dorms in personal albergues. If you continue to be in albergues only you can do it for debajo 350€ término person for treinta y dos days.Grocery shopping – 178€Eating out – 298€, if you do your very own food and eat only breakfast or ns sandwich you have the right to save around 100€.

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Coffee, wine, beer – 49€Transport – 84€, bus barna – Pamplona – 28€, bus Pamplona – St.Jean Pied ese Port – 22€, train Santiago – la villa de madrid – 34€. Laundry – 23€Other (SIM card, entrance fees, toiletries, etc.) – 50€

Total: 1152€ or 36€ per person per day.