The la carretera de Santiago is an old pilgrimage path to ns tomb that Apostle St.James in ns Cathedral the Santiago del Compostela. The history of the la carretera de Santiago goes regreso to los 9th siglo when the regalo tomb of los Apostle was discovered. The first officially recorded pilgrimage to Santiago was made by the rey of Asturias y Galicia Alfonso II in ns 9th century on the camino Primitivo or ns Original Way representar Oviedo come Santiago.

Nowadays more than 350 000 people from all over the mundo walk the camino every year. The la carretera Francés from Sarria is the most popular sendero de Santiago route. Follow to los Pilgrim’s agree Office in Santiago in 2019, 96 ciento veinticuatro people walked this course which is 27% of every pilgrims who arrived in Santiago that year.

Download our totally free PDF files for the sendero Francés from Sarria with detailed wade stages y places to remain along ns route.

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Camino Frances representar Sarria walking step –Download
Camino Frances representar Sarria areas to continue to be –Download
The Cathedral the Santiago ese Compostela, the end of the la carretera from Sarria

Table the Contents

The cost of the camino Francés representar SarriaSarria, los beginning of los routeWalking step on the camino Francés desde SarriaSantiago del Compostela, the end of ns pilgrimage

The la carretera Frances from Sarria course overview

Total street – 116 kmDays required – 5 daysWalking surface ar – cuarenta y cinco km asphalt, setenta y uno km footpath/gravel roadTotal climb (over 5 days) – 2373mTotal lower – 2587mAverage price – 25-30 Euro período person per trabaja (if remaining in albergues in dormitories), 40-45 Euro pp. Per día (is staying in many hotels in personal rooms).Accommodation – municipal and private albergues (hostels because that pilgrims), hotels, guest houses.Route noting – yellow arrows y shells painted ~ above trees, walls, ground, etc. And distance poles that admitir how numerous kilometers space left to Santiago.
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Walking los last cien km ~ above the camino Francés vs go on any type of other Camino

The French Way from Sarria is not the only alternative of walking the required minimum of cien km come Santiago in order come get the Compostela. In fact, girlfriend can andar it on any kind of other la carretera route e.g. Sendero Portugués, Vía después la Plata, sendero Inglés, la carretera Primitivo or la carretera del phia băc (the last two merge with los French la carretera in Melide and Arzúa respectively).

For those who want to walk less ancha Camino right here are some options;

Lugo top top the sendero Primitivo – 102 km

If you room not also worried about finishing in Santiago and getting los Compostela friend can empezar in Santiago y walk to Finisterre (89 km) or Muxía (86 km) or both (115 km), enteramente distance will be just over 100 km (depending on i m sorry one girlfriend walk). Girlfriend won’t get ns Compostela because that this route but you can get los Finisterrana in Finisterre y Muxiana in Muxía.

We have ns detailed artículo on walking los last cien km to Santiago ~ above different sendero routes the will aid you come choose ns right route for you.

Need to know around the camino from Sarria

For the last 100 km you require two stamps período day in her Credential, one rubber stamp you acquire at los place you stay (it have the right to be an albergue or ns hotel every location on the la carretera has its stamp), the second stamp you can obtain in ns cafe, restaurant, bar or un church on los way. If you want, you have the right to put much more stamps in her Credential there are cuales limits.

This part is the busiest and the most crowded on the la carretera de Santiago in season be all set to see numerous pilgrims.

It’s possible to caminar the camino without ns backpack you deserve to send the every día from albergue (hotel) to albergue using un delivery service. A standard price is 4-5 Euro término backpack término stage.

Don’t forget to try local specialties on the Camino; Pimientos de Padron (fried eco-friendly peppers, no spicy), Pulpo un la Feira or Pulpo ns la Gallega (cooked octopus tentacles) and Tarta de santiago (St.James’ cake). Girlfriend can uncover these bowl in most restaurants on the Camino.

Typical Galician bowl Pimientos después Padrón y Pulpo uno la Feira

If finding house of ns way y arranging luggage transfer by yourself sounds favor too much of ns mission friend can constantly book the la carretera through uno company y they’ll arrange everything for you, it’ll be much more expensive yet easier.

Spain like most European countries has dos round pronged outlets (Type C/F) if you come from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or nuevo Zealand you’ll need an adapter to fee your devices.

If you want to buy a guidebook for the camino we deserve to recommend ns Pilgrim’s overview to the camino de Santiago (Camino Francés) dos mil diecinueve by hombre Brierly we used his guides for number of routes, they’re basic to use, really detailed, and helpful.

The best time for walking

Heat is not los biggest trouble in Galicia it might be quite warmth in July y August. From our suffer rain is much more of uno problem below May to September weather-wise is los best period for walking. The end of august the start of September is ns busiest tiempo on the camino Frances. The second half of May, June, and September room probably los best months to execute the sendero de Santiago; the weather is nice (it can still rain), ns days space long y there are not too many people.

If you andar this route off-season from October – April you could get quite uno lot the rain and even snow in January – February.

The expense of the la carretera Francés from Sarria

Accommodation. ns cheapest choice is municipal albergues uno bed in one of them costs 5-6 Euro. Exclusive albergues are an ext expensive 10-12 Euro término bed but they’re smaller and more comfortable. A soltero private room expenses 25-30 Euro, un double room – 35-40 Euro.

Food. Menu del trabaja or Pilgrim’s menu is ns most popular set meal on the la carretera you can acquire it for lunch y sometimes dinner. It’s ns set menu that includes ns starter (usually soup, salad or pasta), ns main food (meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian, egg and bacon, etc.), bread basket, ns drink (beer, casa wine, cooldrink or water) and dessert or coffee. The average price is 10 Euro. Breakfast (coffee, juice, croissant/sandwich/toast) is between 3 and 4 Euro.

Shopping. It’s cheaper come buy comida in uno supermarket y cook because that yourself, especially if you’re ns couple of human being cooking together, just make sure ns place you’re going to stay has un kitchen. Come buy comida for lunch y dinner will cost 6-8 Euro período person average.

Luggage transfer. 3-5 Euro término backpack per stage, for cinco days it’ll be more or less veinticinco Euro período person.

Transport. Train la villa de madrid to Santiago treinta y tres Euro one way. One way flight to Santiago representar Madrid con Ryanair (if friend buy the in advance) is around 15-20 Euro without check-in luggage. It’s more expensive and longer to get to Santiago desde Barcelona, through train the takes about 10 hours, there space some flights because that 20-30 Euro one way.

Laundry. tres Euro per load for washing, 3-4 Euro per load because that drying. Ns machines room quite huge you have the right to share ns load between dos or tres people i m sorry is cheaper y better for ns environment. Identificación personally to wash socks, underwear, y shirts by hand every day and every fourth or 5th trabaja did a machine laundry (I used dryer only once).

My detailed budget plan breakdown

For cinco days for 1 person

Accommodation (5 nights) – ochenta y cuatro Euro, 3 nights in dormitories, and 2 nights in private. If you stick come dormitories the cost can be as pequeño as cincuenta Euro.Eating out – cuarenta y cinco Euro, 1 Menu ese Día, countless sandwiches and tortillasFood shopping – 47 EuroCoffee, wine, beer – 10 EuroLaundry – 3 EuroTransport – setenta y dos Euro; train Madrid-Santiago-Madrid – 66 Euro. Bus Santiago-Sarria – 6 Euro (online discount). Note! identificación took just Santiago-Madrid train identificación arrived in Sarria walking as me gustaría started the la carretera in St.Jean Pied aunque Port.

Total: doscientos sesenta y uno Euro or 52 Euro término person período day including transport, accommodation, food, etc. If you use luggage transfer add cinco Euro come your daily budget.

Pie graph of my spending on the la carretera Francés desde Sarria

Accommodation on ns Camino

There are different types of house on the la carretera you deserve to stay in mutual dormitory rooms which will be the cheapest choice or in personal rooms in hotels or guest houses/pensions depending upon your budget. Unique hostels because that pilgrims on the la carretera are called albergues, they can be municipal (subsidized by the municipality, the cheapest option) or exclusive (a bit much more expensive but usually con better facilities).

Types of accommodation on the sendero de Santiago

Albergues usually have actually one or two big rooms con several bunk beds each, shared toilets y showers y a shared kitchen. Sometimes more expensive exclusive albergues have habituales single beds rather of bunk beds. One albergue is usually is hostel con dorm beds y shared facilities. Municipal albergues are solely for pilgrims to be able to stay over there you have actually to existing your Credential (pilgrim’s passport). Private albergues permit anybody stay; pilgrims, tourists, students, etc.

Municipal albergues facilities

Hot showerElectricityKitchen (usually)Washing an equipment (sometimes)Blankets (usually but not always)Wi-fi (usually)

Private albergues facilities

Hot showerElectricityKitchen (usually)Washing device (usually)Blankets (usually)Wi-fi

If you rather stay in uno private room than in uno dormitory there space many hotels y guest homes or pensions along ns Camino. It’s an ext expensive however definitely much more comfortable. Once we walk the la carretera we shot to mix albergues y hotels and stay as soon as or twice ns week in private, It could be not uno big worry if you andar for less than a week yet when friend walk ns longer path that takes uno month you obtain pretty exhausted of staying in dormitories.

My advice if you’re plan to caminar the camino in top season from may to September publication private accommodation at least un couple of days in advance. In my endure of walking in September, occasionally it was an overwhelming to find un private soltero room top top arrival everything was totally booked.

What to fill for the pilgrimage

A really important point to remember is no to pack a lot of stuff if you’re planning to lug your backpack yourself. The lighter it is ns easier ns walk is. Take it only the necessary points that you’re definitely going come need. If you’re plan on using luggage transfer service you can pack as lot as you wish (note that normally your luggage is limitado to 20-25kg período person). You have the right to find more details top top what to load for the sendero in our la carretera de Santiago packing guide.

Luggage delivery servicio on the route

It’s possible to kinds luggage transfer from door come door every day. Over there are uno couple of carriers that deliver luggage on the camino from Sarria e.g. Correos, Xacotrans, Pilbeo, and others. It’s a very simple system in the morning you placed your backpack/suitcase at the reception area with an envelope the contains the address that your next place, your name, call number, y 4-5 Euro because that delivery. Courier comes in the morning to choose up los backpacks. Normally by los time you come at the siguiente place your luggage is currently there. Note! Usually, you have to phone or ask at los reception to phone the night prior to to arrange los delivery.

Sarria, los beginning of the route

How to gain to Sarria?

Madrid is probably ns best city to paris into, there are countless transport options from there. If you’re beginning the sendero in Sarria los best option will it is in to paris to Santiago. Un return flight from la capital de españa with Ryanair will certainly cost treinta Euro (if you publication in advancement especially in season), this fare doesn’t encompass check-in luggage. There are flights from barcelona as well because that about 50 Euro return.

A train ride desde Madrid to Sarria is 30-40 Euro one way, it can be booked online. Over there are alguna direct trains from barcelona to Sarria. In order to gain there from barna by train you’ll have to take uno train barna – Santiago first and then take uno bus from Santiago to Sarria. Ns train journey from barcelona to Santiago is one exhausting journey, it takes in between 10-12 hours, we’ve excellent it once.

From Santiago you have the right to take uno bus come Sarria, that takes 2h45min. Y costs 12 Euro occasionally they have actually special discounts if girlfriend buy on-line (6 Euro). Over there are plenty of flights come Santiago representar different cities in Spain y Europe. If you have an international vuelo you can fly to la villa de madrid or barcelona first and then atrapalo a local vuelo to Santiago.

The camino de Santiago from Sarria

Where to continue to be in Sarria?

If you’re walking to caminar the camino in los peak season (May-September) y going to arrive in Sarria after lunchtime I’d introduce booking ns place to remain beforehand. There are plenty of albergues, hostels and guest dwellings in los town yet I’m certain you’ll have the ability to find uno bed to sleep however if you want to stay in exclusive booking in advancement is very recommended.

Albergues y hotels in Sarria

Where come get the Pilgrim’s Passport (Credential) in Sarria?

Every pilgrim needs the Credential with stamps (two stamps per día for los last cien km) from albergues, hotels, restaurants, or churches to get ns Compostela in Santiago. You’ll require it also as ns proof if you’re planning to continue to be in municipal albergues together they’re solely for pilgrims. Private albergues y hotels don’t require it. You have the right to get uno Credential in Sarria in Church of papa noel Mariña de Sarria, Monastery La Magdalena, some private albergues market Credentials as well.

My Credential with stamps from different albergues y the Compostela that me gustaría got in Santiago delaware completing the Camino

Walking stages on the camino Francés from Sarria

Camino Frances from Sarriawalking stages
Day 1Sarria – Portomarin22 kmDay 2Portomarin – Palas después Rei25 kmDay 3Palas ese Rei – Arzua29 km
Day 4Arzua – O Pedrouzo20 kmDay 5O Pedrouzo – Santiago20 km
Walking stages of the camino Frances representar Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Day 1. Sarria come Portomarín

Distance – 22kmTime – 4h20min.*Walking ~ above asphalt – 13kmWalking on the road – 500mAscent – 496mDescent – 570mDifficulty level – 2 out that 5

*All given tiempo don’t include stops on ns way, it’s pure go time. Me gustaría walk quite rápido I’d suggest adding 1-2 hours to my tiempo (depending on your fitness level).

Camino de santiago from Sarria. Elevation profile día 1. Sarria – Portomarín

If you empezar in Sarria y it’s ns first walking trabaja for you me gustaría strongly introduce to take it easy, stop for remainder on the way, drink sufficient water y don’t try to chase after other walkers. There will certainly be part pilgrims who have actually been walking for weeks and they are absolutely in far better walking shape because they are currently used to it.

On ns way, there will be uno couple of areas (farms) selling local home-made products like jams, bread, cheese etc. Whatever is an extremely fresh y tasty.


A nice and peaceful landscape scenery; chestnut and oak forest, small farms and villages, wheat fields.A beautiful town of Portomarín con its warm streets, inviting restaurants, an exciting church and stunning views gastos generales the lake Embalse del Belesar. Uno very exciting thing about ns town is the in mil novecientos sesenta y tres it was totally flooded, part historical structures like san Nicolás Church or Chapel de la Nieves were moved higher uphill whereby you can find them nowadays.


An easy walking día with several brief ascents and descents mainly in the first half.A rocky y steep descent just prior to Portomarín.

Pension Perez in Portomarín

I continued to be in a private room in ~ Pension Perez after being for cuatro weeks on ns Camino y mostly remaining in albergues me gustaría really wanted to have actually some privacy. Los pension is uno bit away representar the center, around 3min. Walking. Los room to be nice, clean y comfortable with ns great view over the river and the town.

More accommodation choices in Portomarín*

*The complete list of accommodations along the route friend can find in our totally free PDF file.

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Portomarin the second protect against on the la carretera de Santiago representar Sarria

Day 2. Portomarín to Palas después Rei

Distance – 25kmTime – 4h30min.Walking on asphalt – 3kmWalking on los road – no really wade on the road however quite un lot of walking on los gravel path próximo to the roadAscent – 580mDescent – 431mDifficulty level – 3 out that 5
Camino Francés representar Sarria. Elevation profile day 2. Portomarín – Palas ese Rei

It was a nice walking trabaja a little bit tougher y longer than Day uno with numerous places on ns way to prevent for lunch or coffee. Many of the route walk through the forest y fields sometimes siguiente to ns road con very couple of cars.


Beautiful Galician forest.A couple of stalls with fruit, snacks y cool drink for ns donation.


350m climb during los first fifty percent of los day.A pair of stretches of walking siguiente to the road on los gravel path.

Albergue Zendoira in Palas de Rei

I stayed in Albergue Zendoira, it’s ns private albergue with good facilities. The bunk beds here are yes, really big, each bed has curtains (which gives you privacy), emplea light and power sockets. Your bed is nearly like uno small private room. They have actually private rooms as well. The albergue is around 400m away from the camino but close to los supermarket y a couple of restaurants.

More accommodation choices in Palas de Rei

The scenery on los way from Portomarín come Palas ese Rei, second trabaja on the la carretera from Sarria

Day 3. Palas después Rei come Arzua

Distance – 29kmTime – 5h30min.Walking top top asphalt – 11kmWalking on the road – 0kmAscent – 588mDescent – 724mDifficulty level – tres out of 5
Camino Francés desde Sarria. Elevation profile día 3. Palas de Rei to Arzúa

It’s the longest day on the camino from Sarria to Santiago if girlfriend don’t feel strong enough friend can break-up it into dos days, caminar 15km come Melide, stay there, eat pulpo, rest and the next trabaja walk the rest 14km to Arzúa. The Northern la carretera de Santiago merges with los French path in Arzúa.


Melide uno pretty big town compared to ns other locations on the way. It’s famous for that pulpo a la Feira (cooked octopus’ tentacles served in olive oil y spices). It’s uno must-try here, over there are un couple that pulperias (restaurants that specialization in preparing pulpo) best on the sendero you won’t miss them. The camino Primitivo merges with ns French way in Melide.Ribadiso de Baixo – uno tiny town about 2km prior to Arzúa, could be un good choice to end up the trabaja if girlfriend don’t want to remain in a bigger y busier Arzúa. Over there are ns couple the albergues below including one municipal.


Many shorts ups and downs throughout los day.Quite ns lot of wade on asphalt, around 11km.

Albergue Ultreia in Arzúa

I continued to be in Albergue Ultreia, los albergue chin was great but ns Menu ese Dia here was the hit, it to be one of los best Menus identificación had ~ above the la carretera in los whole month. Ns facilities were good, the place to be clean y quite comfortable, it’s located right on ns Camino.

More accommodation alternatives in Arzúa

Day 4. Arzúa come O Pedrouzo

Distance – 20kmTime – 4h.Walking ~ above asphalt – 7kmWalking on the road – 2km next to ns roadAscent – 341mDescent – 468mDifficulty level – dos out that 5

To be moral we’ve to walk this part representar Arzúa 3 times (the end of three la carretera routes is the same) and never to walk this final part in dos days. We usually caminar in one día from Arzúa come Santiago but me gustaría know it’s very far and not many people want to torture themselves choose this. So identificación split this día into two.

Right at ns exit representar Arzúa, over there is ns split the right route proceeds along ns road, ns left walk into los forest, we´ve always taken the left one to it is in away desde the busy road. A couple the kilometers after Arzúa ns distance marking disappears you´ll see los word cosas complementarias instead, don’t worry about it you’re still on the right method you’ll start seeing ranges again after 2km or 3km.

Most component of the trabaja you andar through los forest representar time to tiempo the sendero goes siguiente to los road however not because that long. There are numerous restaurants and cafes on ns way come stop.

Some pilgrims in order to do their last trabaja shorter walk all los way come Monto perform Gozo which is just 5km exterior of Santiago y stay over there for ns night. We’ve never stayed over there but desde what I’ve heard representar my friends who stopped there for ns night it wasn’t nice, there were cockroaches and mice y it was type of dirty. Ns place doesn’t look great from the outside either we’ve never ever felt choose staying there.

If you desire to caminar an extra distance I’d suggest walking to Lavacollas which is 9km desde O Pedrouzo, the totalmente distance from Arzúa will be 29km y your last trabaja will be just 11km to los cathedral.


Beautiful forest, little villages, fields.


Several ups y downs on ns way despite nothing steep nor long.

Places to remain in O Pedrouzo

Day 5. O Pedrouzo come Santiago de Compostela

Distance – 20kmTime – 3h50min.Walking ~ above asphalt – 11kmWalking on ns road – 3km along a very quiet roadway with alguna carsAscent – 368mDescent – 394mDifficulty level – 2 out the 5

Many people start the last day very early to do it to 12pm Pilgrim’s massive if you start desde O Pedrouzo at around 7.00-7.30am you’ll do it in time. Los very beginning of los walk is beautiful; green thick forest, alguno cars, alguna houses, very quiet.

The second half representar the airport and delaware Lavacollas is not my favorite component on the sendero there is one largo stretch in between Lavacollas and Monte do Gozo along ns road that feels like it takes periods to caminar 4-5km. When you’re at monte do Gozo the último 5km go an extremely fast, you start walking through los city and don’t really notice how you reach ns cathedral.


Forest at ns beginning of ns day.Arriving at los Cathedral with los sounds of ns Galician bagpipe (from morning till so late evening over there is always uno musician play at ns Palace Arch (El inclinarse de Palacio) a small tunnel that leads to the Obradoiro Square y the cathedral, keep some readjust ready to tip ns bagpipe player.


There are a couple of ascents y descents in ~ the end of the walk, several of them are quite steep but not long.A large between diez and 15km a bit monotonous, it constantly feels long but after Monte execute Gozo friend enter los city and the final 5km are an extremely fast.

Santiago del Compostela, the fin of ns pilgrimage

Arriving in Santiago

The camino finishes at ns Cathedral ese Santiago on ns Plaza Obradoiro.

You’re not permitted inside ns cathedral with ns backpack you can go to your hotel and leave it over there or go to los luggage warehouse which is 5min. Away desde the cuadrado in front of los Pilgrim’s Office, there you deserve to leave her backpack for veinticuatro hours for tres Euro.

Pilgrim’s fixed takes ar every day at doce pm in los Cathedral. Note! together for October 2019, los cathedral is debajo renovation y the fixed takes place in Iglesia del San Francisco at 12 pm.

To get the Compostela you need to go come the Pilgrim’s agree Office situated on Rúa das Carretas street, 5min. Walk from the cathedral. You go there first y take a number depending on the season you can wait for 30min. To un couple the hours. You don’t need to sit y wait there you have the right to follow los queue online.

You’ll need your Credential y passport or ID (for EU citizens), it’s free. Los Compostela consists of your name and the day it to be issued. If girlfriend want much more personalized document you can acquire the Certificate of distance (both deserve to be obtained at los same time) which has actually more emplea details e.g. How much you walked, whereby you began etc. It costs 3 Euro.

Places to stay in Santiago después Compostela

There are numerous places to continue to be in the ciudad but plenty of of ns cheaper places are situated outside ns historic center. When you book uno place, make certain it’s not also far from the cathedral if you’re planning to do some sightseeing or go fuera de at night. We’ve to be to Santiago siete times y every hora we continued to be in different places (we like trying nuevo things).

Our favorite places to stay in Santiago de Compostela

Hospedaria Seminario mayor

A symbolic ar for pilgrims in Santiago, it has actually special rooms for pilgrims for veinticinco Euro for a soltero room and treinta y cinco Euro for a double. Los rooms are rather modest and old fashion; un bed, uno table, y a bathroom yet it’s an suffer on the own y you won’t have the ability to find uno cheaper exclusive accommodation for this reason close to los cathedral.

Buffet breakfast is consisted of in the price and it’s quite good. It’s better to publication it at least dos weeks beforehand as it’s usually totally booked. In top season (September, May) I’d suggest booking it even earlier. I booked mine room tres weeks ahead in September. The easiest way to publication it is via email reservas castle reply an extremely quickly (in uno couple that hours).

Albergue Santiago KM0

The place of this ar is great, próximo to ns cathedral, on the same calle as ns Pilgrim’s Office (3 residences away), and the starting señalar of the la carretera Finisterre. Los albergue is an extremely comfortable; numerous rooms with uno couple that bunk beds and an attached bathroom, un lounge area, y a little kitchenette. Every bed has its very own light, strength socket, USB charger, y a locker. The staff right here is an extremely helpful and friendly. Book here.

Pensión casa Fonseca

If you desire to stay in un private cozy y budget-friendly place right next to ns cathedral this is ns perfect option. The location is great, los place is small, only seis rooms, an extremely clean and comfortable. There are two shared bathrooms, a small lounge area with uno microwave. Me gustaría stayed below for tres nights delaware the la carretera Francés y absolutely liked it. Pay attention to their check-in hours, it’s somewhere between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm. Book here.

More locations to continue to be in Santiago

Praza carry out Obradoiro (Obradoiro Square) the fin of the sendero de Santiago y the happiest place in ns city

Things to carry out in Santiago after finishing the Camino

There are many good things to execute in Santiago del Compostela to save you busy for a couple that days. Ns number one, of course, to celebrate the end of los Camino. If you desire to go fuera de to celebrate, Rua do frank is one of los best roadways in the ciudad for it. Over there are number of tapas bars with uno huge selection of tapas y drinks. For those who love seafood and fish me gustaría can recommend caps bars Petiscos do Cardeal and Taberna do Bispo they have some delicious tapas. It’s no expensive i usually paid between 6 and siete Euro for tres amazing tapas y a glass of wine.

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Do a day trip come Finisterre & Muxía from Santiago. If friend still have uno couple of days in Santiago, uno trip to “the fin of los world” is extremely recommended specifically on un nice sunny day. Both locations Finisterre and Muxía are located on los Atlantic coast and offer some an excellent views over the rugged cliffs y sandy beaches.

Visit ns cathedral y its museum with un guide and get come know more about los history of Santiago ese Compostela. Ns tour bring away about 2 hours and includes entrance tickets to the museum.

Go top top a day trip along the River Arousa y Rias Baixas. Visit los charming communities of Pontevedra, Combarro, a Lanzada y try localidades wines and mussels. Visit of a local wine farm y wine tasting is included. Los entire trip takes about diez hours, it’s uno great method to invest a day enjoying los best of Galicia.