Barranco De Los Azulejos Gran Canaria

In this artículo we are going come talk around an awesome plan: hiking in ese Azulejos y Inagua. On the road which web links Puerto del Mogán con La Aldea ese San Nicolás, we will find ns natural y touristic source Fuente después Los Azulejos.

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It is a set of mountains where we can appreciate part colored stripes created in a natural way. This is thanks to the mix that different escribe of rocks whereby it predominates the green clay.

Colorful mountains: long walking in ese Azulejos

As girlfriend may currently know, los Canary Islands space of volcanic origin. Thus it won’t be strange the you will uncover some samples like this. However, in this part from the islands is where we have the right to see it better, therefore that wherein we have the right to find los biggest sample the colors.Though it is not very common, when it rain in this part of the island there room some cascades falling from the mountains and they room visible desde the road. therefore that los landscape it s okay better. We dando you listed below some clues of uno waterfall delaware the rain.

Fall firmar in ns mountain

Hiking in los Azulejos & Inagua

If you choose hiking, over there is uno circular course of about 16 kilometers con spectacular landscapes of estupendo Canaria. The see of ese Azulejos, ns nature of ns route, los water y the absence of civilization make this walk one of ns most beautiful in gran Canaria. Us leave you con some película of ns route us made with our dogs.

Water próximo to Fuente después Los Azulejos

In ns route that us propose, girlfriend will pass through los Integral Nature make reservation of Inagua.Its Canarian jaw forest is gorgeous together you have the right to see.

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Reserva natural Integral de Inagua

Depending on ns season of the year you visit this area, you will certainly find an ext or much less water pool like los ones we donar you.

Hiking in der Azulejos and Inagua – water

We started los route around 9 in ns morning to end up at having lunch time and that’s exactly how it was. For this reason that, we left página de inicio very early. Together you can see below, to complete the dieciséis kilometers it took almost 6 hours con some pauses. Girlfriend can additionally do it together a trabaja plan and finish that in ocho hours. Anyway, please lug enough water y food, there is nothing to buy on los trail. Likewise, if you choose to run, that is ns fairly flat road except ns first hour of the climb and the último hour that descent.

How to get to Fuente de Los Azulejos?

Finding los Azulejos has alguno loss, together it is perfectly visible from the road that associate Puerto del Mogán con Agaete. By automóvil it takes almost uno hour and a half desde Las Palmas del Gran Canaria and about 45 minutes from Maspalomas. If you carry out not destinado a to do any trekking in los area, the idealistas is come visit los Fuente ese los Azulejos as un stop on los route you take to los west of grande Canaria.

Hiking track der Azulejos & Inagua

If you are going to do the walk, friend must park past ns juice stand we mention below in the direction the Agaete. There is ns wooden authorize that marks ns beginning of los trail up the mountain. In any type of case, if you want to do ns same monitor of the circulo route that us did, we give you all the details below.

Distance16,5 Km
Estimated duration6 h
Picnic areaNo

This hiking path passes through ese Azulejos and Inagua and is of an advanced level, due to the fact that it is more than 16 km. If you want to know how to download los track and follow it representar your general practitioners or smartphone, us will define it come you here. If you desire to support us so the we continue to develop content for you about grande Canaria, we will certainly appreciate if friend purchase one of our tracks, either to reap incredible routes or as a donation. Oh, and don’t miss the video we have prepared for you below!

If you just want come see los views and the feasible water, con going up and down los same means you will have actually enough, it takes about cuarenta minutes to walk up. Please think about that you have to be equipped con shoes and clothing, since los climb is not easy. We invite you come take un look at our artículo on los basic long kit, friend can use some tips if girlfriend are beginning to hike.

A naturaleza juice, the best recovery

Just in former of the colorful mountains you will find ns nice fruit y local commodities stall. Here you can order one à la carte juice and buy other delicacies as pastries.

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We introduce you los papaya, orange and prickly pear juice. Behind ns stall there are additionally some seats wherein you can enjoy it con mountain view. Gorgeous.

Video: long in der Azulejos & Inagua

Do no miss the video around hiking in los Azulejos and Inagua! You can activate los English subtitles and subscribe come our YouTube channel to reap more vídeos of gran Canaria