Barco de tenerife a la palma

There are dos ferry paths operating between Tenerife and La Palma giving you combined enteramente of 18 sailings per week. Trasmediterranea operates uno route, Santa cruz de Tenerife come Santa superar de La Palma which runs uno time weekly. Naviera armamento operates 1 route, Los cristianos to Santa superar de La Palma which runs 5 times weekly. Fred Olsen refer operates uno route, Los cristianos to Santa la cruz de La Palma which runs 12 times weekly.As los frequency and duration of crossings on some paths varies we would advise the you do a live find for crossings representar Tenerife to La Palma to get ns most up to date information.

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About Tenerife:

Tenerife is the largest y most populous isla of los seven Canary islands with 43 percent the the total population of ns Canary Islands, and is also los most populous isla of Spain.Tenerife is also the most visited island in the Canary island group, welcoming over ten million visitors per year con its lover weather, beautiful coastlines, spectacular beaches, lush forests, mountains, volcanoes, also as two world heritage sites, one nacional Park, and cuarenta y dos natural protected spaces.The weather is one of the main reasons for ns influx of tourists to Tenerife’s shores with almost guaranteed sunshine year round. As a result, this family friendly island is consistently among Europe’s peak winter sol destinations.Though the island has 2 airports, inter isla travel is ideal by ferry. As the largest isla in ns group, Tenerife acts as a hub for plenty of of los other Canary Islands con frequent crossings offered by Spain’s ideal known ferry operators. There room also regularmente crossings connecting Tenerife to ns mainland for those who reap spending their travel hora at sea.

About La Palma:

La Palma is ns greenest y most north-westerly of los Spanish Canary Islands, discovered directly phia băc of los Hierro.Worthy the its nickname, ns ‘Pretty Island’ has actually been classified a World Biosphere reserve by UNESCO, boasting ns most immaculate landscapes of ns archipelago. La Palma attracts mostly walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, con tourist-filled beaches practically non-existent. Rather it uses imposing volcanic craters, peaceful forests y a vast national Park filled with fascinating wildlife. As soon as the sun sets, La Palma retains its beauty; the island’s strict brillante pollution laws have earned that Starlight reserve status, leading to truly mesmerising night cielo views. From almost every isla in ns Canaries, you deserve to sail come La Palma’s port in papá noel Cruz, with ns number that ferry operator offering regular sailings. Over there are likewise weekly, long-haul ferry crossings desde Cadiz, on ns Spanish mainland.