Barco de tenerife a la gomera

exactly how to get desde Tenerife come La Gomera by ferry

there are typically at least 4 daily ferry crossings representar Tenerife come La Gomera y the trip lasts approximately 1 hr. Compare ferries from Tenerife to La Gomera and find ns latest update in our ferry guide.

Is there un ferry from Tenerife come La Gomera?

The ferry route representar Tenerife to La Gomera is usually offered several times per day throughout the year. Many ferries come at ns port of san Sebastián después La Gomera, but occasionally, there is also a connection to the port of Valle estupendo Rey. Los route is typically operated by dos ferry companies: Fred. Olsen Express and Naviera Armas.

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Please note that ferry timetables are subject come change representar season to season. Girlfriend can find real-time schedule for los Tenerife come La Gomera ferry route and book ferry tickets online on, with no adicional fees.

How largo is los ferry ride desde Tenerife come La Gomera?

Travel time representar Tenerife to san Sebastián ese La Gomerais about 1hr, when ferry duration desde Tenerife to ns port that Valle grande Rey is around uno hr cuarenta y cinco min.

Is there ns high-speed ferry desde Tenerifeto La Gomera?

Yes, there room high-speed ferries traveling from Tenerife come La Gomera. Los fastest ferry reaches the island in 50 min.

How lot is the ferry desde Tenerife to La Gomera?

Ferry pricesfrom Tenerife to La Gomera comienzo at around€35. The finalmente ticket price can be greater or lower depending on ns vehicle y seat selection, as well as the available discounts. For example, you deserve to apply the resident discount on the Tenerife —apoyándose La Gomera ferry crossing.

What’s los ferry schedule from Tenerife to La Gomera?

There are usually at the very least 4daily ferry crossings from the port ofLos cristianos​ in Tenerife to the port of san Sebastián deLa Gomera. The earliest ferry typically departs in ~ 08:45 and arrives in La Gomera at approximately 09:45. Los latest departure is usuallyat 22:00, with ns ferry getting to La Gomera in ~ 22:50.

Occasionally, over there is also a ferry connection desde Tenerife toValle grande Rey, ns small city onthe east coastline of La Gomera. Los route is generally served 2 times término week.

What’s the distance between Tenerife y La Gomera?

The distance between Tenerife and La Gomera is roughly 25 nautical miles (about 47km).

Am identificación allowed to travel from Tenerife come La Gomera?

Yes, traveling by ferry between los Canary archipelago is allowed.Βear in mind, however, that travel guidelines might change. For more detailed y up-to-date information, please visit ns official Canary archipelago tourism website.

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Where can identificación book cheap ferry tickets representar Tenerife to La Gomera?

You can publication cheap ferry tickets representar Tenerife to La Gomera ~ above con just un few clicks. View all available ferry relationships on our map of ferries, compare schedules, companies and prices, and plan her tripto La Gomera en línea at no extra cost.


The so-called lock of the Seanext to ns beautiful hermoso valle beachin La Gomera

Useful consejos for her ferry trip desde Tenerife to La Gomera

Here are some travel consejos for your trip from Tenerife to La Gomera:

The harbor of Los cristián in Tenerife can acquire quite busy during ns summer. Us recommend arriving at least 1.5 hrbefore departure, especially if you space traveling with un vehicle.Since La Gomera is one of ns smallest archipelago inthe Canaries,it is uno great location for un short trip.From La Gomera, you deserve to travel come other neighboring islands of ns Canaries, such together La Palma and El Hierro. Uncover all available ferry itineraries ~ above y plan your island hopping hassle-free.

Where come take ns ferry representar Tenerife come La Gomera

You can travel by ferry to smo Sebastián del La Gomera from the harbor of Los Cristianos in Tenerife. The city is situated on the south coast of the island, about 14km desde Tenerife sur Airport y 79km from Tenerife phia băc Airport. There are several everyday bus services running representar both airports to ese Cristianos.

Can i travel on the ferry representar Tenerife come La Gomera with uno car?

Yes, ns ferry come La Gomera from Tenerife have the right to transport vehicles. Soportar in mind that the garage seats for vehicles might run el fin fast, therefore we imply that you publication your automóvil or motorbike ticket fine in advance! the average price that a coche ticket for ns trip is around €40, while motorcycle fares cost around €30.

Follow to discover all accessible ferry ticket discounts and offers because that vehicles and travel quickly by ferry desde Tenerife to La Gomera.

Luggage on ns ferry to La Gomera

Each ferry la empresa has its own baggage allowance policy. Specifically:

Fred. Olsen Express: The sociedad allows 20kg of luggage término person. It likewise offers trolleys to transfer your bags and lockers because that €1. Save in mind that you have the right to only have uno piece that luggage in ns lounge in enhancement to her handbags, provided that that doesn't obstruct passageways or occupy uno seat.Naveria Armas: The empresa allows 60kg or 4 items the luggage término person. It also offers trolleys to deliver them.

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The ferry expedition to with La Gomera representar Tenerife is fairly short. So, over there are no cabins on los ferries serving ns route, yet there room numbered seats.

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