Autobus Bilbao San Juan De Gaztelugatxe

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Before that was known as “Dragonstone,” identificación got ns chance to hike ns one and only san Juan después Gaztelugatxe. The game of Thrones (GOT) location was the talk the Season 7 and for un good reason. Located in Bermeo, un small beach city in los Basque country region that Spain, me gustaría can attest to its beauty and help you prepare for her hike! you’ll need lots of water, energy, y patience to reach her dream television location.

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Of food Gaztelugatxe provides for cool Instagram photos and Snapchat stories, but it’s always far better to know much more about whereby you’re visiting 보다 which filter looks ns best. Historically, Gaztelugatxe has been around since about the 9th century; it has been attacked y used as ns confrontation website for lords y kings. Ns church, which to be CGI’d to it is in Daenerys Targaryen’s lock in game of Thrones, has actually served as uno refuge because that shipwrecked sailors. You deserve to read an ext about the history y why it’s necessary here.



Hiking = hunger and thirst! Eat a hearty breakfast before you trek and pack ns meal too. Delaware hiking the trail to acquire to Gaztelugatxe then hiking ns site itself, you’ll be wishing for a sandwich at the top. Also hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! If you go on un sunny trabaja like me gustaría did over there is minimal shade and breeze to regroup. Friend don’t want to pass out so bring un backup water bottle y extra snacks just in case.



A hike is no time for an elaborate foto shoot! Wear hiking shoes, sneakers, or any sturdy pair of shoes you own. The stairs you have to climb to acquire to the basen of Gaztelugatxe deserve to be slippery con dirt or rocks y many tourists who can also lose your balance. Even though i wore proper shoes, i opted because that workout-type clothes y they were every black. I regretted this decision later due to the fact that it was ochenta degrees. Check los weather beforehand y dress appropriately.


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Additionally, lug an umbrella! Basque nación is recognized for raining throughout ns year, specifically in Spring. The an open up area y you will get poured on. Uno soaking wet hike is alguno fun because that anyone.



Bilbao is los closest big ciudad to Bermeo y your ideal option to gain hiking. I was life in Logroño, ns neighboring city about 1.5 hours away, identificación left in ~ 8:30am y didn’t regresar until 9:30pm. The most absolutely a día trip and since you don’t desire to be stranded me gustaría recommend obtaining started early.


The bus ticket price to Bilbao counts on your starting location. Friend may take into consideration staying overnight if you traveling from a additional distance and don’t desire to rush ns experience. Usar websites such as ALSA, Rome dos Rio, y Go Euroto find los best prices and availability.


Speaking of buses, transportation in Spain is uno fickle thing specifically when going to un village. Make sure you check the bus schedule online then walk to the station for a paper schedule or speak to the día before to confirm. Get to the bus station at an early stage too! they are typically punctual, but there can be uno lot of buses depending on ns station. It’s better to it is in safe than sorry.

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Once in Bilbao, caminar to Plaza Moyua Square and wait for the A3518 environment-friendly Bizkaia bus come Bakio. The buses run every treinta minutes, but los bus ride chin is about 40 to 45 minutes. That costs 6 euros for ns round trip y you acquire off at the final stop. Mine bus driver was los best y let me understand when the was tiempo to go! signs are likewise your best friend when hiking therefore make certain to follow los signed trail once you get off ns bus. Identificación almost go on los empty road and got lost. Don’t do it.


Two resources for the Bizkaia bus incorporate their websiteand the Bilbao tourism website. Both are helpful, especially because they have actually direct contact info with ns bus if you have actually questions. Alternatively, you can publication accommodation in Bakio so you are close to los hike, making it even less complicated to obtain to game of Thrones’ “Dragonstone.”



If you’re not right into buses, you can rent a car. I personally provided public transportation, however if friend really desire to walk at your very own pace identificación suggest using uno car. That not necessary by any means, hundreds of tourists have not rented coche due to needing an international Driver license or Spain only having actually stick-shift cars. If you choose being in complete control of ns hike it’s un viable option. You need to be at least 21, but many automóvil rental solutions charge adicional if you under ns age of 25.



You can catch a taxi up los hilly hike, but identificación recommend ns trail because los views space mesmerizing. You’re walking on ns cement road with trees on your right and the only of Biscay on her left. There room cliffs because that days y even a beach along the Bay. Depending upon your stamina it can take 45 minutes to an hour. Observe ns greenery, sneak peeks the Gaztelugatxe between the trees and the cottages on division to catch your breath!



The doscientos treinta y uno steps increase Gaztelugatxe nothing count the dirt stair to obtain there. Be careful y don’t correr because there are rocks everywhere y you don’t desire to acquire injured. Take division (and photos) when you want, then when you get to los top ring los bell 3 times for good luck! the tradition. This also ns perfect tiempo to eat the lunch girlfriend packed with all your new tourist-friends.



As you may imagine, there aren’t many traditional bathrooms on the hike. Prior to hiking ns steps to Gaztelugatxe, or also after, over there is ns cute restaurant where you deserve to use los bathroom y eat if you chose to not pack uno lunch. The gestión was very long, but after a few hours that hiking and rehydrating un bathroom is an idealistas pit stop. Yes sir also ns water fractional at ns steps that Gaztelugatxe friend can usar on your means up y down.



You’ll be tired, but prior to getting on ns bus espalda to Bilbao get some gelato! that is uno beach town delaware all y you did just hike ns Wonder that Spain. Ns gelato is just what you need before you nap on the ride espalda to the city. Law yourself. You deserve it!


All that’s left is congratulations! You have actually trekked 10 miles y can officially check “Hike a game of Thrones Location” off your bucket list. Currently you’re off to your next adventure: uno hot shower head or bath, probably another meal y patiently awaiting juego of Thrones to return.

We hope that this write-up has helped inspire you come visit los famous game of Thrones location san Juan de Gaztelugatxe. If girlfriend have any questions about the destination or have actually your very own travel tips to re-publishing please leave these in ns comments below.

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